January 30, 2010

Chanel Summer 2010 Makeup Collection: Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips and Drugstore Beauty Finds


Chanel Summer 2010 Makeup Collection: Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips and Drugstore Beauty Finds

By the way, if you don't read Make-up and Beauty Blog, start reading it NOW. It's my favorite blog, Karen and her cat Tabs are the best!

China Glaze Up and Away Part Two

Part Two of my three-part review of China Glaze's Up and Away collection features Lemon Fizz, Something Sweet, and Peachy Keen. I'm not going in any particular order this time, because I liked all of these about the same. I couldn't pick a real definitive winner. All polishes are shown with three coats, plus one coat of Seche Vite top coat. All pictures were taken with flash again, as Connecticut's weather is still wonderful (*heavy on the sarcasm*).

Lemon Fizz, three coats, with flash

First up is Lemon Fizz. I have a serious love-hate relationship with pale yellow polish because I LOVE the color, but they are ALWAYS a hot streaky mess. I read one blogger claim that China Glaze must have really worked on their formula because Lemon Fizz was a streak-free pale yellow, so I had great hopes for this one.
Alas, it was streaky, but good thick coat of Seche Vite helped even this one out quite a bit though. I'll definitely wear Lemon Fizz, because I truly do love the color. The only thing I had to compare this to was Chanel LA Sunrise from the LE Robertson Boulevard collection. They are similar in color, but LA Sunrise is darker, more golden, and has shimmer, whereas Lemon Fizz is a creme.

left to right: Lemon Fizz, LA Sunrise, Lemon Fizz, LA Sunrise

Something Sweet, three coats, with flash

Next up is Something Sweet. For me, this is like the sleeper hit of the collection. Something Sweet is a pale, yet bright, pink. It has the same creamy bold look as white polish, but the pink makes it even more flattering. This was surprisingly not as streaky as some other polishes in this collection. I was expecting the worst from this (this kind of color is SO not my usual), but I actually really like it! When I first received these polishes, I thought I had a good dupe for this, but I don't have anything close at all. That's not to say there isn't a good dupe, I just don't have one. Overall, Something Sweet really is pretty sweet! This picture makes it look matte for some reason, but it was nice and shiny in real life. I'll try to take another picture of it without flash, as the flash washes it out a bit.

Peachy Keen, three coats, no flash

Last, but not least, we have Peachy Keen. Peachy Keen is a true peach-colored polish. Before I tried this, I thought I owned peach polish. As it turns out, all my peaches were too orange and dark. This is a gorgeous color, a beautiful light, but pigmented peach. Peachy Keen is also EXTRAORDINARILY flattering on my pale skin, though you can't really tell in this picture (I like natural light pics so much better!). I imagine it would flatter many skin tones though.
Sounds all peachy keen, right? Not really. Peachy Keen, like many of the Up and Away polishes, is streaky. At first, the streakiness made me so mad that I didn't even really like this polish. But later I got a glimpse of my hands in the mirror and it was so flattering that I fell in love. Overall, I am going to wear this color all the time this spring, but it would be better without the streaks.

I still have a couple polishes left in my Up and Away review. So far, I love most of the colors, but honestly I'm not impressed with the formula at all. A thick coat of Seche makes streaks less obvious, but if you're a nail perfectionist, they will still annoy you.

The China Glaze Up and Away collection is available online at 8ty8Beauty.

Preview Picture- Sephora by OPI Spring!

Just got this drool-worthy picture of Leaf Him at the Altar from the Sephora by OPI Spring collection!

I should be getting this polish in sometime next week. I can't wait to test it out and post more pictures! But here's a promo pic to hold you over til then!

Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Altar

Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Altar is available now at Sephora stores and online at Sephora.

January 29, 2010

Spring Nude Nails with Sally Hansen

For the second post in my Spring Nude Nails series, I picked a polish that isn't quite a nude for most people, but I consider it to be my nude nails staple. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Glazed Sand Frost is almost exactly what the name suggests- a sand-colored frost polish. Most frosts aren't flattering, but this one isn't too frost, so it is quite attractive, even on my skeletor hands LOL. These pictures are a little blurry, but I was trying to capture the color and shimmer for you, plus it was snowing and cloudy today LOL.

Glazed Sand Frost, three coats, no flash

This is a great polish wardrobe staple. My mom and I are on our third bottle of this polish. It's not my kind of color really, but there are always occasions when green and glitter are not acceptable (funerals, anyone?), and for those occasions, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Glazed Sand Frost is a good choice. This is three coats and the camera made it look more sheer than it actually is.

Glazed Sand Frost, three coats, no flash, awesomely blurry, yet color accurate!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polishes are available in drugstores.

January 28, 2010

China Glaze Up and Away Part One

Round two... FIGHT! LOL I love me some Mortal Kombat, but seriously, in my second attempt (battle) to swatch these colors, I had my boyfriend take these pictures. He's a part-time wedding photographer with a pricey camera set-up, so I figured he could do a better job capturing these polishes. I can honestly tell you that I think this collection has been overly hyped-up. There are some stand-outs, as you will see, but I have almost perfect dupes for a bunch of these. Plus, in some cases, the formula, to be dead honest, sucks. China Glaze doesn't send me anything, so I'm going to tell it like it is where other bloggers might not.

Anyway, let's start off with a winner- Four Leaf Clover.
Four Leaf Clover, two coats, with flash

Ahhhh my nemesis, Four Leaf Clover. This is an impossible color to capture. I have not seen an accurate picture on ANY blog. Let me tell you, this baby is GREEN! It turns blue-ish teal in most pictures, but it is straight up, beautiful, shamrock green. I have read some bloggers talking about the blue base in this polish. I guess it must have some blue in it if it keeps turning blue in pictures, but it definitely has a yellow component to it as well. When removing this polish, there's some yellow left behind that would surely stain your nails, so definitely wear a base coat. The formula on this one was great- nice and even, no streaks, in just two coats. I think this is my favorite from this collection, even better than Grape Pop.

Four Leaf Clover, two coats, with flash

Grape Pop, two coats, no flash

I'm including my previous pictures and comments on Grape Pop, my second place winner, just for consistency. Grape Pop is a gorgeous dark purple creme. It's dark enough that it can definitely be called grape, but it's light enough that it never looks black. I don't own anything like this, so no comparisons. I feel like the polish world has been missing this kind of purple. This is NOT blurple. It is straight up purple and I love it! The color of my pictures is pretty close. It's maybe a little darker in person, I guess the clouds washed it out a tiny bit. Application was nice and even, I did two coats. The first coat wasn't even streaky either! I'll be wearing this one a lot!

Grape Pop, two coats, no flash

Sugar High, three coats, with flash

Next up is Sugar High, a deep carnation pink creme. This is a very pretty color, not so much my usual style, but I did like it. It's quite bright, definitely not a pastel. I did three coats and the first two were a little bit streaky looking. Once I put the third coat and a layer of Seche Vite top coat, everything evened out nicely. In the bottle, this reminded me a lot of OPI ElePhantastic Pink, from the India collection. On the nail, there's no denying their similarites. They are very close in color. Sugar High is deeper and brighter. Sugar High is also a very thick creme, whereas ElePhantastic Pink is more like a jelly. I prefer the formula of ElePhantastic Pink. If these are too close in color for you to own both, get ElePhantastic Pink- it's not streaky at all.

left to right: Sugar High, ElePhantastic Pink, Sugar High, ElePhantastic Pink

Happy Go Lucky, three coats, with flash

Happy Go Lucky is my kind of color. I am a sucker for yellows of any kind, and this super bright medium yellow just screams SPRING!!!! However, this is not my kind of formula. It was very streaky and not that fun to apply. I did three coats, plus Seche, and could still see streaks on a few nails. Boo. I compared this to Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening and OPI The "It" Color. Clearly, The "It" Color is much too dark, mustardy, and orange to be a dupe for this (this is even more obvious in real life). However, Lightening was a seriously good match. Happy Go Lucky looks a bit lighter in the bottle, but on the nail they are so close, it's very hard to see a difference. Except for the fact that Lightening only took two coats and lacks the streaks of Happy Go Lucky. If you already own Lightening, I'd say Happy Go Lucky is a pass.

left to right: Happy Go Lucky, Lighterning, Happy Go Lucky, The "It" Color

Light as Air, three coats, with flash

Light as Air reminds me why I hate pastel cremes. I really like pastel colors for make-up and nails in the spring, but the formula for most pastel creme nail polishes is just awful. Light as Air is a pale pinky-grey lavender. It's very pretty in the bottle and I was really looking forward to it. On the nail, STREAK city! I did three coats and could still see streaks. I tried applying very thin coats, one thin coat and a thick coat, and any combination of different polish application, but it still came out streaky. This is also a really thick, goopy polish, so application wasn't easy. Maybe it should be renamed "Thick as Mud". I compared this to China Glaze Agent Lavender (sorry about sticking my finger in it before it was dry LOL) and Essie Looking for Love. Agent Lavender is much too blue to be a match. Essie Looking for Love is very close in color, but it is a very sheer polish. I did five coats. To be honest, I think I'd rather do five coats of the nice and thin, non-streaky Essie than three coats of Thick as Mud... I mean, Light as Air.

left to right: Light as Air, Agent Lavender, Light as Air, Looking for Love

Overall, Grape Pop and Four Leaf Clover are must haves! They are really unique and gorgeous spring colors. Sugar High is also very pretty, just be aware of possible streakiness. Happy Go Lucky and Light as Air get a fail for formula. I wish some polsih company could do a pastel like Light as Air without it being thick and streaky.

Part Two of the China Glaze Up and Away collection will include Lemon Fizz, Something Sweet and Peachy Keen, along with any comparisons I can find.

The China Glaze Up and Away collection can be purchased online at 8ty8 Beauty.

New Sally Hansen Salon Polishes

I picked up this brochure showing the new Sally Hansen Salon colors and thought I'd scan it in for you. Not all of these colors are new, but these are all in the new bottle shape. Ulta didn't have a whole lot of these, maybe the stores are still getting them in. Some of the Metallics/Stones look interesting, like Gilty Pleasure, but Ulta didn't have any of those! Please click on the pictures for a nice large image.

Sheers, Nudes, and Metallics/Stones

Brights and Vibrants, Classics, and Deeps

Which ones are you interested in?

Just an update on the China Glaze Up and Away Fail Festival- I will have Part One of the Up and Away posts (including comparisons!!) up later tonight. I had to have my boyfriend take the pictures with his $4000 camera set-up because I couldn't capture the colors properly. Even he had trouble with Four Leaf Clover! I guess it's just a very tricky color to photograph! So, later tonight I'll have a post with Four Leaf Clover, Happy Go Lucky, Light as Air, and Sugar High, including comparisons/dupes of the last three.

January 24, 2010

Polish of the Week: China Glaze Frostbite

It's pouring rain and even cloudier than yesterday, so obviously, Up and Away swatches are not happening today. Boo!!! It's hard for me to get in a springtime color mood when the weather is like this, so when I did my nails last night, I reached for China Glaze Frostbite. EK and I both picked up bottles of Frostbite at Sally Beauty Supply this weekend and we're pretty much obsessed with it. I'm really not sure how we didn't have this one before. Frostbite is from the China Glaze Winter 2007 Ski collection. We think it's a total must-have for any blue polish lover!! Click on these pics to really see the shimmer.

China Glaze Frostbite, three coats, with flash

Frostbite is a pearly finish almost neon blue. It must have some neon pigments in it, as it dries a little bit matte. No problem there though, just add a layer of Seche Vite and it becomes super shiny! The finish is great, not quite metallic, but with all the sheen of a metallic. It's also super bright and really eye-catching. I did three very thin coats, but you could easily do two.

China Glaze Frostbite, three coats, with flash

China Glaze Frostbite is available at your local Sally Beauty Supply, or online at Transdesign.


So I just wanted to mention, we're going to have ads on the blog sometime in the next few days. This is only to (hopefully) help us buy more polish to show you. Any money we receive from ads will go right back into the blog. The blog only makes money if people click on the ads, so if you see ads for any websites you would be going to anyway, feel free to click away LOL. If you want to know more about our decision to put ads on Never Enough Nails or just want to express your opinions about ads on blogs, please feel free to email us at neverenoughnails@gmail.com.

Up and Away Fail Festival

Dear Connecticut,

You are ruining my blog.

love always,

I got the China Glaze Up and Away collection late in the day yesterday and have been dying to start swatching it ever since then. So I wake this morning and starting swatching right away first thing. I did Grape Pop first, and got semi-decent (a.k.a. still not great) pictures of that. Then, I moved on to Four Leaf Clover.
Here's where the Fail Festival began.

The weather here is super cloudy (again, thanks Connecticut), and the clouds are making the light really weird. My pictures of Four Leaf Clover were either so blurry that they looked like an ad for buzzed driving, or the color looked like a light mint green. The color is not a light mint green at all whatsoever. So, I have no pics of Four Leaf Clover to show you today.
Next, I moved on to Light as Air. I had a few comparisons planned for this one too, so I thought it would be a good one. I proceeded to paint tiny pieces of the brush onto my nails along with the color. Very attractive. Then, I waited an appropriate amount of time for my nails to be dry before taking pictures, and promptly ruined two nails because the polish was apparently not dry at all! To top it all off, the color in these pictures didn't come out right either!
So, needless to say, I quit. I can't take good pictures of Up and Away with these clouds. I do have two pictures of Grape Pop for you though!!

Grape Pop, two coats, no flash

Grape Pop is a gorgeous dark purple creme. It's dark enough that it can definitely be called grape, but it's light enough that it never looks black. I don't own anything like this, so no comparisons. I feel like the polish world has been missing this kind of purple. This is NOT blurple. It is straight up purple and I love it! The color of my pictures is pretty close. It's maybe a little darker in person, I guess the clouds washed it out a tiny bit. Application was nice and even, I did two coats. The first coat wasn't even streaky either! I'll be wearing this one a lot!

Grape Pop, two coats, no flash

LOL and now you know that I don't do my thumb nails when I swatch!
I'm going to try some of these again a little later, but it's not looking good for these today. Boooooooooo!
Grape Pop is available on 8ty8Beauty.

January 23, 2010

Coming Soon!! and Sale!!

So because the Lady Gaga concert that EC and I were so excited to go to was cancelled, we decided it would be a good idea to have Retail Therapy day and spend all our money at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. Good addition to our make up boxes, BIG subtraction from our bank accounts! But we have TONS of new things to show you all, so keep looking out for new swatches of:

China Glaze's Up and Away Collection! It came in the mail today!!!
Our many China Glaze and OPI polishes we picked up on our beauty adventure today!

EC wants to add: Sally Beauty Supply has some good polishes on sale!! We went there because I saw on Getcha Nails Did that the Fingerpaints Holiday collection was on sale for $1.99 each. The Sally we went to didn't have those polishes, but I got Orly Enchanted Forest for $1.99 and EK got China Glaze EMERALD SPARKLE and Medallion (see swatches here) for $1.99. So take a trip to your local Sally Beauty Supply soon!

CHANTAL! Missing Giveaway Winner!!

We had our very first giveaway a few weeks back and the winner was Google follower Chantal. Chantal, girl, I've sent you several messages and haven't heard back! Sadly I can't send you your prize (Essie Mint Candy Apple) if I don't have your address!!

So if you're reading this Chantal, please email me at neverenoughnails@gmail.com. I'll wait another week from today, but after that, I think I will choose a new winner. And next contest, I'll be needing valid email addys for all!!

January 21, 2010

Polish of the Week: OPI Brand New Skates

OPI Brand New Skates, three coats, with flash

The Polish of the Week this week is one of my top ten favorite polishes- OPI Brand New Skates. Brand New Skates came out in the 2008 OPI Holiday collection. This is a totally unique polish in my collection and I just stare at it constantly every time I wear it. Brand New Skates is a medium smoky gray almost jelly finish polish with loads of very fine GOLD shimmer. It's the gold shimmer that makes this one different. You can see the gorgeous shimmer in my picture with flash above. In low lights (like the picture below), this polish has a stunning smoky look to it that I love. Even in low lights, you can see the gold shimmer particles, and sometimes the gold and gray together has a little greenish look to it as well. I just adore this polish so much!!!

OPI Brand New Skates, three coats, low light, no flash

I always take my no-flash pictures near the big sliding glass door in my house. This door leads out to our patio and my mom likes to throw birdseed and peanuts out that door for the wide variety of birds that live in the woods behind our house. But when you feed birds, you also get...

My new swatching buddy, Peanut the Squirrel!

That board that he's sitting on is supposed to be preventing him from leaping into the house when we open the door, but you can see it's probably just making it easier for him to come right on in LOL. He sat there the whole time I was taking pictures; I guess he likes OPI Brand New Skates too!

In other news, Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Altar is available on the website right now!!! Yay!!

SEPHORA by OPI Classic Shades

My 500-point perk!

I had a different post planned for today, but I just got an email from Sephora (a.k.a. heaven on earth) saying that they're having a sale!!!! Some of the Sephora by OPI nail colors are only $5! So, I'd thought I'd show you the three classic colors I have from the Sephora by OPI collection. I received these three colors as my 500-point gift in the Sephora Beauty Insider program. If you're not a Beauty Insider, read about it here.
The formula on these three polishes was great. Not streaky, easy to apply, and two were opaque in one coat!

Personal Shopper, two coats, no flash

Let's start with my favorite (we usually go least fave to most fave here, so I'll switch it up)- Personal Shopper. On the website, Personal Shopper is described as a "rich vixen red", but it's really a bright cherry red creme. I think this is gorgeous! It's the red creme I've been looking for! It was true red (and opaque!!) in only one coat, unlike other red cremes that start off pinkish and turn kind of red in 2 or 3 coats. I did two coats here, but you really could get away with one.

Personal Shopper, two coats, no flash

Dear Diary, three coats, with flash

Next up is Dear Diary, described as a "warm light pink". Dear Diary is very very light pink, like a seashell. Fortunately, this was streak-free and opaque in three coats, which is more than I can say about most super pale pink polishes. It's refreshing to see pale pink be opaque, I kinda like it! The flash was really reflecting on the CND Solar Oil I used in this pic LOL, sorry about the greasy fingers look.

I'm With Brad, two coats, no flash

Last, but not least, is I'm With Brad, described as a "shimmering wine over dark coffee". This one is a murky reddish brown, with hard-to-see shimmer. I'm With Brad is definitely brown-based, maybe even more brown than red. Again, this could easily have been opaque in one coat.

I'm With Brad, two coats, with flash

I thought this might be similar to OPI Black Cherry Chutney, but as you can see below, BCC is more purple and lacks the brown undertones.

left to right, I'm With Brad, Black Cherry Chutney, I'm With Brad, I'm With Brad

All three of these are available individually for $9 each on Sephora.com. These are not included in the sale. However, there is a gorgeous blue on sale, called Blue Grotto. I wish they still had Underwater Fantasy (a shimmering cornflower blue) available!
While we're looking at Sephora by OPI colors, check out the spring collection! It's not available for sale yet, but that green ("Leaf Him at the Altar" LOL) will be mine!! These polishes were my first experience with Sephora by OPI nail lacquer, and I really like the formula. I see more of these in my future!

Nail Trends Calming Down?

I wanted to share this article that arrived in my email today. WhoWhatWear is a great blog featuring daily style tips. I look for their emails to inspire me to try new looks.
I'd like to know how the nail polish addicts feel about today's post. Do you feel that green and dark nails "remind you of your adolescence"? Will you be glad to see the trends in nail polish "calm down"? Read the article on WhoWhatWear and let me know!

January 20, 2010

Spring Nude Nails with L'Oreal

I'm not sure if any true nail polish addicts actually care about the nude nail trend for Spring 2010, but here's a polish in case you plan to try this trend! The nude nail trend was seen all over the runways at Fashion Week in New York and is also showing up on celebrities hitting the red carpet. The goal of this trend is to try to make your polish match your skin tone. For reference, I am an NW15 in MAC foundation, Classic Ivory in Cover Girl products, and Light Ivory in Maybelline.
The nude polish in today's post is L'Oreal Sand Castle.

L'Oreal Sand Castle, three coats, no flash

As you can see, this is pretty close to my skin color. In real life it's a tad darker, but close enough. In the summer, I bet it would be almost perfect. This is a polish my mom bought for work and I can see it being very useful for someone who can't wear bright or too dark color polish to work. I tend not to wear colors like this because they do elongate the hands and fingers. I have super long bony fingers that look like skeleton hands with light polish colors LOL, so no elongating is needed for me.

L'Oreal Sand Castle, three coats, no flash, blurry due to lack of light, sorry!

I own very few nude polishes, so it would be easy for me to show you all of them, I'm thinking in a series called "Spring Nude Nails". But my question to you is- do you care? Are you going to try to find a nude polish close to your skin tone or will you keep rocking whatever color polish you feel like and not give a hoot about trends?

L'Oreal Sand Castle is available at drugstores and Stop and Shop!

January 19, 2010

Polish for a Cause: Haitian Earthquake Victims

BB Couture is releasing a special collection of six polishes to help the victims of the massive earthquake in Haiti. The Hands of Hope collection is available for purchase today on Overall Beauty. 25% of all sales of the Hands of Hope collection will go to women and children in Haiti.
The six polishes are:

~Tortuga Island - explore the exotic lush green island foliage
~Kyona Beach – gaze up at the cloudless baby blue sky while sunning on the beach
~Bassin’s Blue – experience subtle turquoise pools linked by spectacular waterfalls
~Labadie Beach – delight in the delicate pink hues of the setting sun
~Cape Haitian – mornings bring a mysterious pale violet haze over the mountains
~Paradise – savor the natural beauty of Haiti along the endless sandy beige beaches

The Hands of Hope collection is $54, but it looks like you can buy the polishes individually for $9 each. What do you think about buying nail polish to help earthquake victims?

January 17, 2010

Zoya Reverie Collection

Zoya's Spring 2010 collection, Reverie, features six metallic, duochrome-y polishes. Some of the six are true duochrome polishes, while others only have a very slight duochrome flash.
The six polishes are:
Laney - moonlit silver metallic
Adina - duochrome violet metallic
Reece - gilded rose metallic
Happi - pink blush metallic
Gwin - sunny melon metallic
Lana - rich red metallic

All of my swatches are three coats. Except for Happi and Laney, if I were wearing these out, I'd probably only do two coats. Three coats just looks better on camera. The formula on these was a dream- not streaky, good drying time, easy to work with. Just total excellence, as is usual for Zoya.

Zoya Laney, no flash
Laney is a light silver metallic with a tiny bit of a green flash in some lights. I didn't see much of the green, but I read one review where the author found Laney to be very unflattering to her skin because of the green. On me, this was a pretty straightforward, light and bright silver. I think it'll be a nice alternative to white in the spring. It's super crisp looking, but not quite as bold as white.

Zoya Happi, with flashHappi is a medium/light (I say medium/light because it's not super pale, but it's still light) pink with a very strong gold duochrome effect. This is the kind of pink polish that I just LOVE. The gold flash really makes it something special. The gold is noticeable in just about every light. Duochromes are really hard to capture on camera. The gold in this kept making it look much lighter than it really is.

Zoya Reece, no flash
Reece is a medium rasberry pink with strong gold duochrome. This was another one that was very difficult to capture. My pictures show you the amount of gold in this one, but the color is deeper than any of my pictures show. It really is more of a rasberry pink. I love duochrome polish, but man I hate taking pictures of it. This is another gorgeous polish that I can't wait to wear all spring and summer!

Zoya Lana, no flash
Lana is a stunning orange-y red with, you guessed it!, gold duochrome flash! LOL. I am really loving this one, and I'm not usually a big red fan. This one is very flattering to my skin though. My pictures came out pretty good for Lana. You can see the gold flash, but if you look at my pinkie in that first picture, you get a good idea of how red it actually is. Another winner from this collection!
Zoya Lana, no flash

Zoya Gwin, no flash
Gwin (my second favorite of this collection) is a reddish orange with gold flash. I own a lot of orange polish, I happen to really like it all year 'round. The combination of this shade of orange with the gold shimmer makes this one different than anything else I own. It is now officially my new favorite orange! SO HOT!!! My pictures for this one also came out pretty good. It might look a tad more copper than it really is, but otherwise the pictures are pretty close.

Zoya Adina, no flash
And my favorite favorite of Reverie is Adina! Adina is a medium purple with green-gold duochrome, named after a beauty blogger and fellow Specktra member (Specktra is the greatest blog/forum about MAC make-up. If you like MAC, you should join NOW. But beware- you will then go broke buying MAC make-up LOL). I definitely saw the green flash in this polish. I took a lot of pictures of this one and none of them quite capture the exact look of the polish. Adina does not look the same in any of these pictures either, but that just shows you how it changes with the light. This is a real must-have in any polish addict's collection!
Zoya Adina, no flash

Overall, I love this collection so much more than I thought I would. Every polish I put on became "my new favorite" only to have the next one be even better. There isn't a bad color in this bunch. If silver looks bad on you, Laney might not be your thing, but it's a very well-done silver for those of us who like silver polish. If you've never tried Zoya, these are a fabulous introduction into the company. Definitely order Adina and Gwin at the very least. If you are a big Zoya fan already, BUY THEM ALL!

The Zoya Reverie collection is available online at Zoya.

Coming Up on Never Enough Nails

Just wanted to let you know what will be coming up here in the next week or so!!

Tonight: The Zoya Reverie Collection review and photos!

Also coming up: Nars Purple Rain
China Glaze Up and Away Collection review and photos!
China Glaze Up and Away Giveaway!!!

By the way, the China Glaze Up and Away collection is now available online at Transdesign and 8ty8 Beauty!!!!

Stay tuned for these great posts and more!

January 16, 2010

Polish of the Week!

Polish of the Week is a regular segment here on Never Enough Nails. This post can feature a new polish or an oldie, but goodie. Just whatever EK and I are feelin' at that time.

The Polish of the Week for this gloomy January week isssssssss:
OPI Alpine Snow Matte!!
OPI Alpine Snow Matte, two coats, with flash

Seem like the wrong season for this? WELL, Lady Gaga wore OPI Alpine Snow Matte in her video for Bad Romance. EK and I are going to see Lady Gaga in concert on Sunday!!! EK and I LOOOOVE Gaga!
EDIT: The concert is cancelled!! Awwwwww we're soooooo saddddddddd!!!! Apparently Gaga collapsed at a concert the other day and can't do this one. So this is still the polish of the week, because we hope Gaga recovers soon.
This is a great white polish though, very crisp looking. This is one of my favorite matte polishes as well.

January 14, 2010

Preview Pictures of Nubar Sparkles Collection!!

OMG Just received these pictures from Nubar- they are releasing a GLITTER collection! Here is what they have to say about the Nubar Sparkles collection:

"Nubar, the healthy alternative for beautiful nails, adds some glamour and glitz to your nails with the Sparkles Collection.

The fine texture provides smooth, even coverage in two coats, and the variety of shades is dazzling. Like all nubar products, the Sparkles Nail Lacquers are free of formaldehyde, DBP(phthalate), and toluene, and are vegan and cruelty free."

I love glitter and I love Nubar. What could be better than this!!!?? And GREEN GLITTER!!!!!!! <3
The Nubar Sparkles collection comes out January 30th, on Nubar and will be sold for $7.49 each.

January 13, 2010

Nubar Prisms!!!!

Wooo! I finally got the Nubar Prisms I ordered on January 1rst!! The Nubar Prisms collection consists of eight holographic glitter polishes. I ordered four- Treasure, Prize, Jewel, and Absolute. Nubar's website says "Each shade in the Prism Collection is filled with holographic glitter reflecting every color of the rainbow, with base colors just as varied, ranging from subtle neutrals to vivid pink to pale blue", so I was expecting all of the polishes to be the same level of holo-ness. I was thinking they'd all be like Nubar Reclaim (see our picture here), a green holo. However, each of the four polishes were slightly different, read on for my description of the individual polishes. The formula on all of these was very good. They were easy to apply, nice and thin, and drying time was pretty quick.

Nubar Absolute, four coats, no flash

Let's start out with my least favorite of the bunch, Absolute. I actually really like this color, but I was disappointed with the lack of holo effect in this one. Even in the picture with flash, this polish looks like a blue-green base with silver glitter. It's very pretty, but not what I would really call holographic. It's also more sheer than I would like. Shown is four coats and you can still see the white line of some of my nails. I think I'd like this better if it hadn't come out with a holo polish collection LOL. Don't get my hopes up for a blue-green holo only to have it not really be holo!

Nubar Absolute, four coats, with flash

Nubar Treasure, three coats, no flash

Still going in least favorite to most favorite order, next up is Treasure. Treasure is a lovely lavender purple polish with more holo effect than Absolute, but less than I might have wished for. In low lights, it appears to be a light purple base with silver glitter. In sunlight or bright lights, you can see the holo, rainbow-y effect of the glitter. Treasure was more opaque than Absolute. Shown is three coats, but you could easily get away with two coats.
Nubar Treasure, three coats, with flash

Nubar Jewel, two coats, no flash

There's a tie for the title of my favorite Nubar Prism between Jewel and Prize. Jewel is a chocolate brown holo! A brown holo! This is the most holographic of all four Nubar Prisms that I bought. I've seen other bloggers say it is the most holo of the whole collection. It is just gorgeous and it only needed two coats to be nice and opaque! My pictures are a good representation of the color and holo-ness, but it is even better in real life! I will be wearing this ALL the time.

Nubar Jewel, two coats, with flash

Nubar Prize, two coats, no flash

Prize is a reddish pink holo that I also REALLY love. It's a very bright, pigmented pink, again only needing two coats. This is a little less holo than Jewel, but holo enough to be HOTTTTT. I compared this to OPI Designer Series Divine, a lighter, blue-pink holo polish and China Glaze Carnival Lights. OPI DS Divine is lighter than it looks in the picture and the holo glitter is more fine and even than the holo glitter in Prize. CG Carnival Lights isn't even close to Prize. It's much lighter and the holo glitter pieces are huge compared to the ones in Prize. OPI DS Divine is pretty close to Prize, but I happen to like the brightness and tone of Prize better. DS Divine is cooler-toned and more muted.

Nubar Prize, two coats, with flash

left to right- Nubar Prize, China Glaze Carnival Lights (three coats), Nubar Prize, OPI Designer Series Divine (two coats), with flash

Overall, I like all four of the polishes. I love the color of Absolute, though I do wish it were a tad more holographic. Treasure, Prize, and Jewel will be getting regular mani rotation all year 'round. These are all really flattering colors too. If you're looking for office-friendly polish, there are some neutrals in the Prisms collection that could work for you. Check them out and purchase the Prisms collection online at Nubar.

China Glaze Carnival Lights is available at 8ty8Beauty. OPI DS Divine is also available at 8ty8Beauty.

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