September 13, 2020

Zoya Luscious Fall 2020 Swatches & Review!

The first day of fall is fast approaching, meteorological fall is already here, and I have the Zoya Luscious Fall collection for your viewing enjoyment today! First up we have Zoya Lisa, a rich cranberry red creme.  I've already claimed this as my first fall pedicure when I'm done with summer colors. It just screams "fall" to me. This will look amazing on a wide variety of skin tones and is a really classic color. Lisa has me feeling festive and autumnal over here!

This is two super easy coats. I barely needed to do any clean-up, it was so easy to work with. All swatches in this post have one layer of quick dry top coat and most are two coats, unless noted otherwise.

Zoya Soleil is described as a "warm sparkling cider metallic". That description makes me feel so cozy, like I'm sipping hot apple cider after a hayride. Soleil is really beautiful, a burnished mix of gold and copper. Zoya always does great shimmers, this one is no exception.

Two coats and it was nicely opaque! This one didn't have a tendency towards leaving visible brushstrokes, always a plus with metallic shimmers.

Zoya Tasha is SUCH an interesting shade! Tasha is a rich chocolate shimmer, but it has such complex undertones of bronze, pewter, and almost some silvery sparkles. This could be one of my favorites in this collection, although I seem to have a lot of favorites here!

Two coats again, effortless application. No brushstrokes here either.


Zoya Mel is a forest green creme with olive tones. This kind of green seems like it's going to be a big trend this fall and Zoya really nailed the shade here. It's a little dusty feeling, but also kind of fresh for fall.  I think it would make a beautiful back drop for some fall nail art.

Two easy coats again. I think the formula of this whole collection was just stellar. Zoya is really perfecting their formula with every new collection.

Next up is Zoya Lou, a blue spruce creme. This is a great rich blue with a little hint of green undertones. It's like one of my favorite summery teal cremes was made into a fall color, love it! For some reason, this was a little hard to photograph correctly, it's a bit darker than this in real life. In some lighting it appeared more green and at other times, the blue popped more. Great fall color and if you love blue polish, you will be excited about this one (like me!).

Two coats again, and not to sound repetitive, but it had a fantastic formula!

Zoya Tommy is a pale blue-grey creme. Zoya always does great grey cremes and I like this one because it's a little different than some of their past grays, thanks to the blue tones. It's like a nearly pastel slate grey, very cool. 

This was two coats as well. The formula was a tad thicker than some of the others in this collection, but still great to apply and it didn't caused any issues for me.

Up until I got to Zoya Wanda, I was really feeling the fall vibes in this collection. Not that Wanda isn't an enjoyable color, but it seems more spring-y or summery to me. If you're someone who doesn't like to wear seasonal shades, Wanda might be perfect for you. It's a gorgeous bubble gum pink with tons of golden micro shimmer. Zoya just does these polishes with golden shimmer so beautifully. 

This was three coats. Wanda was pretty opaque in two coats, but I felt the third really amped up the shimmer. Good formula and great to apply!

Now here's a pink with shimmer that still keeps me in the fall mood. Zoya Patrice is a dusty beige-pink packed with the same stunning golden shimmer. It feels cozy and leans neutral, but still packs an interesting punch. I rarely ending up wearing pinks, but I will make an exception for Patrice here.

This was also three coats. It still had some VNL after two coats and again, the third coat just really made the shimmer pop so much more. It's definitely worth it to add that third coat with this one. Check out that shimmer in this blurry shot below 😍.

Zoya Teresa is such an amazing polish! Remember when Chanel polish was the height of cool with it's "secret shimmer"? The shimmer in Teresa reminds me of that, it's so smooth and luscious (maybe that's where the collection name came from?). It almost looks like the shimmer is hidden below the surface of the polish. I also love this shade of purple. Not too dark or bright, and a little bit red/pink based. The pinky shimmer adds to the warm tones here.

Two coats here as well. I found this to be nicely pigmented and so smooth to apply.

I am SO excited to see Zoya do a really great duochrome! Zoya Andrea is a purple metallic with a blue/green shift. The shift is pretty strong and shows up in a variety of lighting. I even see little hints of pink in there and the blue can lean almost as dark as navy at times.

This is three coats. It was pretty opaque in just two but the third just amplified the duochrome effect. It has a few visible brushstrokes here and there, but not too bad and really gorgeous overall!

Here's another one that I can't wait to wear for fall pedicures, Zoya Bentley. Bentley is a dark grape creme. Love these red-toned purples and it's nice to have a deep, moody one for fall.

Two easy coats! Barely even had to do clean up, which is nice for such a dark shade.

Nothing like a good berry creme in the fall! Zoya Sharon is a stunning red berry creme that has just instantly popped up to my #1 berry polish spot. I love that it's sort of bright, but still feels like fall. It has a great combo of red and purple, creating such a lovely shade. This is super flattering on me and I think it would look amazing on everyone!

Two buttery coats! Excellent application and I will be wearing this soon!

As I was swatching this collection, I kept saying "I love this one!" "Ooooh look at this one!". I really was just loving the fall feel of these and the overall color palette. It's hard for me to pick favorites, but I would say Tasha, Teresa, Andrea, and Sharon are possibly my favorites. And Patrice. And Soleil..... you get the idea! Great fall collection and not a bad formula in the batch.

The Zoya Luscious Fall 2020 collection is available now at

August 28, 2020

My Picks from Essie Bustling Bazaar Summer 2020!

I have one more batch summer polishes for you today before we get into fall! These three polishes from Essie Bustling Bazaar Summer 2020 just had to be mine, so I picked them up on First up, we have Essie Bustling Bazaar, the most perfect turquoise creme. This is a stunning blue-green, with emphasis on the green. It's one of those colors that reminds me of tropical waters. This is my favorite mainstream brand polish of summer 2020!

This is two flawless coats. The formula was great and if your nails are shorter, it may even be a one-coater for you. I did not have any staining with this when I wore it on my toes for 2 weeks, but I did use a good base coat. 

I always like Essie purples, I do tend to buy them a lot. Play Date is one of my favorites and I loved Spring in Your Step from this spring, so I had to get Essie Worth the Tassel. This is kind of like a more saturated, brighter Play Date. It has the same balanced undertones, not too blue, not too red/pink, but packs a colorful punch for summer. 

This is also two easy coats. Worth the Tassel was nicely pigmented and lovely to apply. As I said in my spring Essie post, I really love the Essie brush now!

I had to get Essie Kaf-tan because it's such an unusual shade! Kaf-tan reminds me of butterscotch candies and fall more so than summer. This is a warm earthy ochre with a good mix of brown and yellow. I thinks this would make a great base for some fall nail art.

Two coats for this one too. These all have an excellent formula. 

Did you grab anything from the Essie Bustling Bazaar collection? I have my eye on a few from the fall collection too! 

August 8, 2020

My Picks from OPI Mexico City Spring/Summer 2020!

Today I have my picks from the OPI Mexico City collection for you! My OPI purchases have definitely dwindled in the last few years. The collections seem repetitive sometimes when you have a very large polish collection. However, they are still my favorite mainstream brand and as the brand that got me into nail polish, I always check out their latest releases and grab any I am interested in. I picked up three polishes from Mexico City and I really love them! First up we have OPI Don't Tell a Sol, a bright canary yellow creme. I love this one, it packs a bright punch, but also has a touch of softness to it. It somehow reminds me of banana pudding, or maybe lemon creme pie. Something delicious for sure! Bright yellow is always a perfect cheery color for spring and summer, so this was a must have for me.
This was three coats of Don't Tell a Sol. I don't think it's OPI's best formula in a yellow creme, but it wasn't bad. It was a bit streaky, so definitely wait in between coats to avoid that. I did need the third coat to cover any VNL, but if you do thicker coats or have shorter nails, you may be fine with two carefully applied coats. All swatches in this post have one layer of quick drying top coat for shine.
I'll be honest with you, I really only bought OPI My Chihuahua Doesn't Bite Anymore because I thought the name was cute. I like how they took the old name (My Chihuahua Bites) and gave it a twist for a new collection. OPI calls this an orange, but it's a bright coral orange-y red creme. It has a lot of red in it, not a straight orange at all. I love corals- any variety of coral. Orange corals, pink corals, red corals, you name it, I love it. I'm really happy I picked this up and it makes the most perfect summer pedicure color (it's on my toes right now!).
This is two easy coats. The formula was great, perfect to apply and nicely opaque. The formula is that perfect OPI consistency that has made the brand a favorite of mine for SO many years.
OPI Verde Nice to Meet You is probably the star of the collection for me personally. This is a beautiful sea green creme that just screams summer. It reminds me of tropical turquoise waters, the kind I won't be seeing this summer, thank you Coronavirus.

This is two coats and the formula was very nice. Good pigmentation, no issues with application. If I had to recommend one polish from Mexico City, it would be this one.

Did you pick up any polishes from the Mexico City collection or do you plan on getting any? I am really happy with these three. I have my eye on about 5 or 6 from the fall Milan collection as well. I'm not quite ready for fall yet, but I'll be ordering them soon! 

OPI Mexico City is available now on and wherever OPI is sold near you.