January 16, 2010

Polish of the Week!

Polish of the Week is a regular segment here on Never Enough Nails. This post can feature a new polish or an oldie, but goodie. Just whatever EK and I are feelin' at that time.

The Polish of the Week for this gloomy January week isssssssss:
OPI Alpine Snow Matte!!
OPI Alpine Snow Matte, two coats, with flash

Seem like the wrong season for this? WELL, Lady Gaga wore OPI Alpine Snow Matte in her video for Bad Romance. EK and I are going to see Lady Gaga in concert on Sunday!!! EK and I LOOOOVE Gaga!
EDIT: The concert is cancelled!! Awwwwww we're soooooo saddddddddd!!!! Apparently Gaga collapsed at a concert the other day and can't do this one. So this is still the polish of the week, because we hope Gaga recovers soon.
This is a great white polish though, very crisp looking. This is one of my favorite matte polishes as well.


Michèle said...

Oh wow, i really hated this one but this is the best pic i've seen of it so far! It's now looking kinda cool i think!

Paige said...

That polish looks great! I am sorry that the concert was cancelled, that really stinks.

Never Enough Nails said...

Michele, I actually LOVE this polish. I own about 7 or 8 pure matte polishes from OPI and Knockout Cosmetics and this is by far my favorite! It's hot looking in the summer!

gildedangel, we're sad about the concert, but we're going to go shopping tomorrow with our refunded ticket money!! I'll be picking up a treat for the blog too LOL

Unknown said...

:( so sad you can't see Lady Gaga! I didn't like her music until I went to Italy on my honeymoon, and the only tv to play while we were chilling was a music channel that played a near constant Gaga loop, bbc news or cnn news. So we ended up hearing poker face a lot, and now I luuurrrvvvv her! :)

Turning to the polish, I never really liked white all that much, but I'm digging this. It's so much better than the white out I put on my nails when I was 10. :)

Never Enough Nails said...

I've always liked Gaga, but when Bad Romance came out, it became a full-on obsession! LOL.
And yes, this is an adult white, not like putting White-Out on your nails in high school LOL!

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

I didn't think I wanted this polish until I saw this pic of it on your nails. So hot! And of course now I haven't seen it in stores for ages, maybe I'll have to look into finding it online.

Actually, do you have any experience with matte top coats? I'm wondering if I could get the same hotness if I just got one of those.

And boo to missing Lady Gaga. I adore her.

Never Enough Nails said...

I believe 8ty8beauty and Transdesign both had this, if you want to buy this online.
In our experience, China Glaze Matte Magic is the best mattify top coat. It gets the polish the closest to actual matte. You might be able to find that online too!