September 30, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 56!

 *Sent for review*

It's witching season over on and I have two of the new Halloween polishes to show you today, as well as two minty fresh cuties. Lynnderella Wild Life is one of the five polishes released in the Season of the Witches collection. It contains silver holographic glitter in a menagerie of shapes- bats, starfish, fish, penguins, butterflies, and Mickey glitters with smaller silver holo accents like circles and squares. I love the bats, they are SO cool!!!

This is one dabbed coat over Dr.'s Remedy Timeless Teal. It was pretty easy to apply, I did have to angle the bats a bit to stay flat on my small nails. But it wasn't hard and I love having holo bats on my nails!!

Lynnderella Witchy's Blushing! is a stunning bright acid green shimmer with chartreuse microglitter accents. It's my new favorite green and will be perfect for Halloween-themed manis. Because it's shimmer based, it looks nice and smooth, never lumpy. The holo microglitter really pops against the acid green.

This is two flawless coats. I didn't even do any clean-up, it was perfect. I used one layer of top coat and it had a nice glossy finish. A++++!

Lynnderella Minstagram is a new LE with lots of small matte mint green glitters, iridescent and mint accents in an aqua shimmered base. The shimmer is super reflective and pretty!!

This was three thin coats. It was still a bit sheer after two coats. I didn't want to do two thinkers coats, because the glitter is so plentiful, it could end up looking textured or bumpy. But three thin coats hit the spot!

Lynnderella Minterest is a shimmery mint with aqua, green, turquoise, cyan and mint shimmers. The shimmer is beautifully complex in this one and can make the polish look a bit more green or more blue depending on lighting. Beautiful!!

This is also three thin coats. Two had a touch of VNL, but it built up nicely with the third. The formula was lovely, a great consistency.

The Season of the Witches polishes are available now on I purchased two more of those myself, so I will have swatches of those next Friday. Minstagram and Minterest are available now at

September 27, 2016

Vapid Spellcaster!!

*Purchased by me*

I am finally wearing the coveted Vapid Lacquer Spellcaster! Vapid had a fall/Halloween restock on Sunday, so I thought I'd break out Spellcaster for a bit of luck to help me get everything I wanted in the restock. Spellcaster has a deep burgundy linear holo base with green shimmer and shifting flakie accents. Mine is from the second release and I think the original was more purple-based. Mine also seems to lack some of the intense green shimmer I've seen in photographs, but I could still catch glimpses of it in certain lighting. It's beautiful nonetheless and I am enjoying wearing it.

This is two easy coats. The formula is great, very easy to apply and little to no clean-up needed for me.

Here you can see the green shift-

Spellcaster is a Hella Holo Customs exclusive and is no longer available, although if you join HHC on Facebook, you may be able to buy one from someone.

So what did I get from the Vapid restock?? The Boo-tacular Box (a collab with The Holo Pineapple featuring two polishes, magnets made with polishes and a squishy slime toy), Apparition, a new color from the fall collection called Weaponized Guilt, Drunken Pun'kin Nail Sauce, and some soaps! Some things are still around on the site, check it out at

September 23, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 55!

*Sent for review*

Hi all! Hope you are having a great Friday so far! I have a new Lynnderella glitter topper for you today that is perfect for a Friday. Lynnderella Shoe Shopping contains different colored shoe and wine glass (!) glitters, as well as stars, large hex glitter, small hex glitter, squares, triangles and many more. The base has a lovely strong pink shimmer ( I think you can see it very well below). I've said before that Lynnderella glitter toppers are still my favorites, and this one is definitely a winner for me. It feels like a party! 

This is one dabbed coat over OPI I saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw. It was pretty easy to apply, though I did place the shoes and wine glasses. My nails are too short and curved for them to lay flat by themselves, so I have to coax them along!

Lynnderella Shoe Shopping is available now at Use the code "LoveLynnderella" at checkout to save!

September 21, 2016

MAC Skin of Evil

*Purchased by me*

Some of you may already know that my makeup collection and passion for makeup is equal to my love of nail polish. So I was super excited when MAC announced their Star Trek collection! I ordered a couple of items from the collection, including MAC Skin of Evil nail polish! Skin of Evil is really unique yellow-green shimmer with large black glitter. In some lighting the shimmer looks more golden, and more green in others. The shimmer is gorgeous, it glows! This polish is probably not for everyone, but I'm glad I got it. It's very unique and it will be perfect around Halloween!

 This is two coats. It built up pretty nicely. In person, I could not see any VNL, but my camera picked up on a bit. To the naked eye, the shimmer makes this look more opaque and also it makes the black glitter look smoother, so the overall effect in person is nicer. It was fairly easy to apply. Sometimes the black glitters clumped up a bit, but they were easy enough to separate.

MAC Skin of Evil is available now at MAC counters and stores, as well as There are also two other nail polishes in the Star Trek collection, a silver and a gold sparkle. I might want to grab the gold sparkle too!!

September 16, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 54!

 *Sent for review*

OK this time I'm actually going to do Lynnderella Friday on a Friday and get back on track here. This was my first full week back to our regular class schedule and I am exhausted!! It's quite an adjustment to get back on a schedule from the carefree summer days. But Lynnderella Orchid Child reminds me a bit of my carefree summer afternoons. It's a beautiful orchid "shimmerella" with some matching holo microglitter accents. It's a nice medium purple with some reddish undertones, but it's well balanced so it will flatter a variety of skin tones.

This is two coats and it was lovely to apply. The shimmerellas are very easy to work with and hardly need any clean-up, so it's a quick and simple mani.

Ahhhh look at the cute shoe glitters!!! Lynnderella Always a Bride has a mixture of soft white and pink satin shoe glitter, mini hearts and stars, and blue satin diamonds. It has a nicely shimmered base with hints of pink. I am just super excited about the shoe glitter, it's adorable!! Despite having small nails, I was able to angle these a little and have them lay perfectly flat, so that was great news too!

This is one dabbed coat over Lynnderella Orchid Child. Always a Bride was surprisingly easy to apply and I just had to nudge the shoes a bit to angle them.

For a nice soft look, I used one dabbed coat of Always a Bride over OPI It's a Boy!. Very Cinderella feeling!

Orchid Child and Always a Bride are available now at For more beautiful polishes, check out

September 14, 2016

Dr.'s Remedy Optimistic Orange and Timeless Teal Swatches!!

*Sent for review*

Today I have swatches of two Dr.'s Remedy polishes that are perfect for fall and Halloween. First up is Dr.'s Remedy Optimistic Orange, a bright pumpkin orange. It has red tones to it and is a nice pop, without being neon. I can see myself using this in a bunch of Halloween manis!

 This is three thin coats. It had a bit of VNL at two coats, but it looked nice and jelly-like, so you may want to keep it at two coats. It was easy to apply and had a nice consistency. Optimistic Orange was also really shiny by itself. I did use one layer of Dr.'s Remedy Calming Top Coat in these pictures, but you don't need it for shine.

Dr.'s Remedy Timeless Teal is a perfect moody blue-green creme. It's well-balanced between green and blue, a true teal. I always want to wear dark teals in the fall, so this is perfect for me.

This is three thin coats, it was mostly opaque in two. I did the third just for the camera really. Timeless Teal was also very shiny on it's own. I did use one layer of Calming Top Coat here.

Speaking of the Calming Top Coat- I also got that and the Basic Base Coat to review and have been wearing them with a few different manis now. I am very impressed with them both. I have been getting good wear time (3 days with no chips and minimal tip wear is good for me). The top coat, although not marketed as a QDTC, dried very quickly. My entire mani is dry to the touch in around 60 seconds with this top coat. Before trying this base coat, I was feeling like my nails looked very dry and vertical ridges seemed more prominent than usual. After using this base coat for 3 manis, I already see a bit of improvement. My nails definitely seem less dry and the vertical ridges might even be a tiny bit less visible.

All Dr.'s Remedy products are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, pthalates and DBP. They do contain a special blend of ingredients meant to help with the appearance and health of your nails. This blend includes: wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender. You can purchase any of the products in this post at Remedy Nails.

September 12, 2016

Lynnderella Friday on a Monday!

*Sent for review*

I'm going to do Lynnderella Friday a little differently and post it on Monday this week! I have three gorgeous polishes to show you and I was a little too busy on Friday and over the weekend to get it posted. I hope this makes your Monday feel more like a Friday! First up is the stunning Lynnderella Little Pink Drink. This beauty is a pink holographic microglitter with multicoloured holographic flake accents. Little Pink Drink looks crazy holo in person, so I think the combo of holo flakes and microglitter is pushing the rainbow quotient up a lot. This lovely nail polish also has a frosty pink sheen to it.

This was two coats and the coverage was fantastic. Quite nearly a one-coater. It was pretty easy to apply and smooth with one layer of top coat.

Lynnderella Pink Milky Way is my favorite fall polish so far. This is so incredibly beautiful, very much like outer space with pink stars! The base is a deep purple-y navy shimmer and it is jam packed with metallic pink accent glitter and pink holographic microglitter. In some lighting, you can also see a glimmer of pretty royal blue shimmer too.

This is two super easy coats. Pink Milky Way applied like butter and I didn't even need to do any clean-up. It was perfectly smooth and shiny with top coat.

If it's still 85 degrees or higher near you like it is here, you may not be finished wearing your summer nail polish. If that's the case, Lynnderella Pink M.E. Up! is so perfect for you! This is a bright neon magenta with blue-violet shimmer and purple sheen. I really like that this is a neon, but the shimmer is so strong. It's a beautiful effect to have that brightness with the contrasting pop of blue shimmer!

 This was a little less opaque than the other polishes in this post, but this is still two coats. I went a little heavier on the second coat, but that's probably a normal coat for most people. It was very easy to apply and has a great formula.

These are all available right now at For more gorgeous Lynnderellas, check out!