January 13, 2010

Nubar Prisms!!!!

Wooo! I finally got the Nubar Prisms I ordered on January 1rst!! The Nubar Prisms collection consists of eight holographic glitter polishes. I ordered four- Treasure, Prize, Jewel, and Absolute. Nubar's website says "Each shade in the Prism Collection is filled with holographic glitter reflecting every color of the rainbow, with base colors just as varied, ranging from subtle neutrals to vivid pink to pale blue", so I was expecting all of the polishes to be the same level of holo-ness. I was thinking they'd all be like Nubar Reclaim (see our picture here), a green holo. However, each of the four polishes were slightly different, read on for my description of the individual polishes. The formula on all of these was very good. They were easy to apply, nice and thin, and drying time was pretty quick.

Nubar Absolute, four coats, no flash

Let's start out with my least favorite of the bunch, Absolute. I actually really like this color, but I was disappointed with the lack of holo effect in this one. Even in the picture with flash, this polish looks like a blue-green base with silver glitter. It's very pretty, but not what I would really call holographic. It's also more sheer than I would like. Shown is four coats and you can still see the white line of some of my nails. I think I'd like this better if it hadn't come out with a holo polish collection LOL. Don't get my hopes up for a blue-green holo only to have it not really be holo!

Nubar Absolute, four coats, with flash

Nubar Treasure, three coats, no flash

Still going in least favorite to most favorite order, next up is Treasure. Treasure is a lovely lavender purple polish with more holo effect than Absolute, but less than I might have wished for. In low lights, it appears to be a light purple base with silver glitter. In sunlight or bright lights, you can see the holo, rainbow-y effect of the glitter. Treasure was more opaque than Absolute. Shown is three coats, but you could easily get away with two coats.
Nubar Treasure, three coats, with flash

Nubar Jewel, two coats, no flash

There's a tie for the title of my favorite Nubar Prism between Jewel and Prize. Jewel is a chocolate brown holo! A brown holo! This is the most holographic of all four Nubar Prisms that I bought. I've seen other bloggers say it is the most holo of the whole collection. It is just gorgeous and it only needed two coats to be nice and opaque! My pictures are a good representation of the color and holo-ness, but it is even better in real life! I will be wearing this ALL the time.

Nubar Jewel, two coats, with flash

Nubar Prize, two coats, no flash

Prize is a reddish pink holo that I also REALLY love. It's a very bright, pigmented pink, again only needing two coats. This is a little less holo than Jewel, but holo enough to be HOTTTTT. I compared this to OPI Designer Series Divine, a lighter, blue-pink holo polish and China Glaze Carnival Lights. OPI DS Divine is lighter than it looks in the picture and the holo glitter is more fine and even than the holo glitter in Prize. CG Carnival Lights isn't even close to Prize. It's much lighter and the holo glitter pieces are huge compared to the ones in Prize. OPI DS Divine is pretty close to Prize, but I happen to like the brightness and tone of Prize better. DS Divine is cooler-toned and more muted.

Nubar Prize, two coats, with flash

left to right- Nubar Prize, China Glaze Carnival Lights (three coats), Nubar Prize, OPI Designer Series Divine (two coats), with flash

Overall, I like all four of the polishes. I love the color of Absolute, though I do wish it were a tad more holographic. Treasure, Prize, and Jewel will be getting regular mani rotation all year 'round. These are all really flattering colors too. If you're looking for office-friendly polish, there are some neutrals in the Prisms collection that could work for you. Check them out and purchase the Prisms collection online at Nubar.

China Glaze Carnival Lights is available at 8ty8Beauty. OPI DS Divine is also available at 8ty8Beauty.

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Paige said...

Those look stunning!!!

Michèle said...

Oooh Jewel looks nice!

Never Enough Nails said...

I really am loving these, Gilded Angel!
Michele, I'm wearing Jewel right now and just keep staring at it!!

jamie (the amazing) said...

OMG.... The Nuber Prize is AWESOME!!!!!!
I love it!!!!!

Never Enough Nails said...

It is pretty awesome! I can't wait to wear it in a full mani! But EK stole it for now LOL!

jaljen said...

These look glittery to me but not holo. Quite "thin" also. I don't do well with Nubar anyway. Raspberry Truffle was a big fat nothing on me and Reclaim (a true holo) is hard to apply - worth it as it is gorgeous but still not easy to work with.
So I'll pass. I'm totally into BB Couture now and lemming for their polishes so Nubar is very last year on my NailPlanet.

Never Enough Nails said...

jaljen, they're really holo glitter, not true holo polish like Reclaim. That's odd that you found Reclaim hard to apply, I thought it was lovely. Maybe you got a bad bottle!