January 10, 2010

Nars Spring Polish

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Wanted to share this link quick- This is the Nars Spring 2010 collection and I was really happy to see that they are NOT going with the nude nails trend. Check this hot polish ouuuuttttt! It's called Purple Rain and it's available right now on Sephora.com!


Unknown said...

Oooo - pretty purple! I went home sick today and stopped off at walgreens to get some cold medicine...only to find (ahem) a dozen (eek!) polishes that needed a new home. :) Got some mermaid-like colors, some glitter top coats...a grayed out lavender...a grayed out pale teal...the vixen you discovered for me...and now I think I must have PURPLE! :) shhh...don't tell my husband. :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Ooooh sounds like a nice haul Teresa!! A dozen polishes is always a fun time LOL.
I keep thinking about this Nars purple, and the last thing I need is to order from Sephora, but I can see it happening very soon LOL.
Look for pictures here of course!
And I won't tell if you won't tell LOL!! We'll start a NPA. Nail Polish Anonymous.