January 21, 2010

Nail Trends Calming Down?

I wanted to share this article that arrived in my email today. WhoWhatWear is a great blog featuring daily style tips. I look for their emails to inspire me to try new looks.
I'd like to know how the nail polish addicts feel about today's post. Do you feel that green and dark nails "remind you of your adolescence"? Will you be glad to see the trends in nail polish "calm down"? Read the article on WhoWhatWear and let me know!


jaljen said...

I'm going to try taupe but greens of all kinds are a huge favourite. Who wants to grow up anyway and wear boring pinks and nudes?

Never Enough Nails said...

Well said jaljen!! I'm going to try taupe myself, but I certainly won't be sporting it every day, nor will I ditch my greens!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I love taupes but it's not exactly new or a very revolutionary idea by Chanel. In fact, most polish companies had their first taupes in their collection last year, some even as early as spring 2009.

Chanel is really behind on this one and it irritates me that fashion magazines act like Chanel is sooo cutting edge and they did it first when in fact, they are really really late in hopping on board. I have at least six taupes here, all from earlier collections by other companies.

The same thing happened with Jade. Jade was NOT the first mint green coming out. Sure it is a stunning polish but cutting edge? Nah.

I have no intention of buying their outdated polish.

Never Enough Nails said...

I know exactly what you mean Kirsten, Chanel has done this several times. Even with Vamp, there were other vampy darks out first.
I think magazines consider that Chanel releasing a polish means that it's "couture" enough to wear that polish, KWIM? Like Jade made it OK for super high fashion mag editors and models to be wearing green nail polish.

Unknown said...

Polish absolutely reminds me of my adolescence - in the best way possible! Granted, I'm always a kid at heart - love Disney, legos, halloween and christmas...and also love jewelry. :) I may be an "adult" (and older than I wish I was ;)) but I still love going to concerts, and get (too many, probably ;) cds each month/week. :)

Polish colors take me back to my hs/college days, when I was "alternative" (before "goth" was a thing - yes, I know I'm aging myself). :) Black shiny hair, veronica (archie comics) bangs, pale skin, liquid black eyeliner in a cat eye shape, and red lipstick...sigh - those were the days. I refuse to get rid of my leather jacket, even though my husband wishes I would. (I don't wear it anymore - but maybe I should! :))

Nail polish - and its fabulous colors - fits w/all of the facets of my personality - I have some very sophisticated colors (like mushroomy taupe and classic red) and awesome unusual colors (scrangie, glitters and duos come to mind) but my favorite will always be vampy reds, no matter the trend.

I love the whole spectrum, even some "safe" colors - but there's no way the pendulum will stay in the taupe range - it will get crazy again, guaranteed. And I for one can't wait to see the fantastic new colors they come up with. :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Haha Teresa, we sound alike! I myself was the alternative type in high school, although I was more the dye my hair magenta, wear huge pants, tiny Hello Kitty t-shirt, and a spike necklace type LOL.

I agree that the trend will definitely NOT stay in the taupe arena for very long. I mean how many taupes can they make that look different from one another? I do plan to buy OPI Over the Taupe though, I've been eyeing it for awhile.

Nicki said...

Bravo ladies! This is why I love nail polish! The community at large is so spirited and we share such a great love for such a great thing, which I feel, transcends age. I'm finally embracing the green trend and having been digging the taupes since I got Metro Chic and You Don't Know Jacques. I'm also going to get Over the Taupe because I think each of those shades represent the 'best of' taupe - one dark, one purply and one true taupe. Chanel, IMHO, is too over priced and too far behind the trends. Jade is a poor substitute for MAC Peppermint Patti and even OPI Hey Get in Lime which was released way before Jade and PP. The new Chanel taupe I find to be quite meh. There are far superior ones out there.
As for polish trends 'calming down'. I think it has been too calm for too long. I mean how many reds, pinks and nudes are out there, and how many more do we need? I want to see Green and Grey explored as far as they can be and every shade of blue and purple visited and embraced.
Viva Varnish!!

Never Enough Nails said...

Nicki, girl, you said it all!! I get sick of seeing companies release "new" collections and half of the collection are red cremes. SNORE!!!!!!!! I think it's really exciting that companies are starting to pay attention to the fact that we love greens and other crazy colors! Let's not let that calm down too soon! (or ever LOL)