August 30, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2015 Swatches & Review, Part 1!

*Sent for review*

Summer's not over yet folks! It's supposed to be really hot here this week and I have the OPI Summer Infinite Shine collection for your viewing enjoyment! First up is a great true purple creme, OPI Purpletual Emotion. Purpletual Emotion is a very classic medium purple, not too dark, but not pale either, and it doesn't lean too blue, nor too red. It's just right in the middle and I think it will flatter almost everyone.

This is two easy coats. The formula was great and effortless to control. All swatches in this post were finished with one coat of OPI Infinite Shine Gloss top coat.

OPI Lavendurable is the palest lavender creme, almost white tinged with lavender. This is pale and soft enough to be work appropriate for some people. It's just a soft hint of lilac in a creamy cool white. 

This is three thin coats of Lavendurable. Despite it's paleness, it wasn't streaky and it was pretty easy to work with. You could probably do two regular coats, as it was pretty pigmented.

OPI Follow Your Bliss is a classic pink creme. I've actually been looking for a classy pink like this. It's a light pink, but not too pastel or washed out. Follow Your Bliss is also not a candy pink, it has more neutral tones to it. This is a great work option.

This is two easy coats. Follow Your Bliss is nicely pigmented and was great to work with.

OPI You're Blushing Again is a nude creme with blush pink undertones. If you're in the market for a  flattering neutral with hints of beige and pink, definitely check this one out.

This is three coats of You're Blushing Again. It was pretty easy to apply and covered well in three thin coats. I am not sure why I had some bubbling with this one. I didn't experience that with the other polishes in this collection, so maybe there was just a breeze when I applied this or something.

OPI Patience Pays Off is a pale milky white pink creme. It has some grey and putty tones. Like Lavendurable, it's so pale it's almost like a white creme with drops of pinkish nude added.

This is three thin coats. I found Patience Pays Off to be streaky, despite waiting in between coats. It was also thinner than the other polishes in the collection. It wanted to pool in my cuticles. The others all had that nice gel-like consistency, but Patience Pays Off was lacking in that department.

OPI Silver on Ice is a great bright silver shimmer. I am always a fan of silver shimmers and this is no exception! I like to use opaque silvers like this during the holiday season when I just need to slap something festive on quickly.

Silver on Ice could be a one-coater if you are careful. This is two coats. It is a bit brushstroke-y, although less so than these pictures make it appear. It was easy to apply.

*Sent for review*

Out of these six polishes, my two favorites are Silver on Ice and Follow Your Bliss. I really am growing to love the Infinite Shine formula, it's very easy to work with and the shine is just beautiful! I'll have the second half of the Infinite Shine Summer collection up soon!

The OPI Infinite Shine Summer shades are available now at Ulta, and professional salons.

August 28, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 8!

 *Sent for review*

Sorry for the super late post, but this car buying thing is killing me. I put a deposit on a car and somehow they accidentally sold it to someone else! Yikes! But, I do have really pretty sparkly polishes for you today and I am so excited that Lynnderella is starting to release fall goodies! Lynnderella ...And If You September is a super limited edition that is part of a set of three fall-themed polishes. This is a stunning greenish-tinged gold holo microglitter with fall colored larger accent glitters. There are rusty orange, green, yellow, gold, and blue glitter accents.

This is two easy coats of ...And If You September. It had good coverage and was pretty easy to work with. This will be available by itself on Monday on

Lynnderella Oh! SnapDragon Fly is a new limited edition with aqua/teal holo microglitter and pretty blue, teal, purple and pink larger glitter accents. There are blue triangles, pink and purple circles and more. This is such a gorgeous summer hue, it's like shimmering tropical waters. 

This is two coats of Oh! SnapDragon Fly. With all of the larger glitter accents, I found it easiest to apply one coat of mostly the microglitter, and then add the larger accents in the second coat.

Below, you can see how I wore Oh! SnapDragon Fly as a full mani over Essie In the Cab-ana. I love it this way too! This is just one coat of the Lynnderella over two coats of the Essie.

The latest in the Zodiac Lovers series, Lynnderella Almost as Perfect as You, Virgo is a really beautiful pale pink microglitter. It's a really fine microglitter, so it looks nice and smooth. It has holo microglitter in it and a lovely rosy color.

This is two coats. This was so perfectly easy to apply. The ultra fine microglitter is so smooth and covers very easily. This could almost be a one coater.

Lynnderella With Love from Your Virgo Fairy Godmother came along with Almost as Perfect as You, Virgo. It's a slightly more purple-toned pink and the microglitter is more of the normal-sized mircoglitter. It also has slightly larger holo accents. This sparkles so beautifully!

This is two coats again. It seems to me that Lynnderella is getting to be a pro at microglitters. They are getting easier and easier to apply!

*Sent for review*

To purchased these and other Lynnderellas, please go to and
For more Lynnderella news and swatches check out:

If you're looking for a specific Lynnderella and can't seem to find it for sale, definitely email and Paul can help you!

Zoya Polish Exchange!


…because healthier is happier!
NOW THRU 9/12/15
Trade in your brands for the smart choice today! Not only was Zoya Nail Polish the pioneer of the BIG3FREE and the BIG5FREE movement, we're technically 8-Free since our formulas have never included ethyl tosylamide, xylene or parabens. As the trusted brand among professionals and women who want cutting edge color with the safest formula available,  we want to give you the opportunity to trade in your unwanted brands for a healthier alternative - especially since many of you are concerned about the current formulas that you are using. Let's make it the standard that #HealthierIsHappier!

This is timely if you happen to have any unsafe (*cough* Mentality *cough cough*) polishes around!

August 27, 2015

New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection!


This season is all about vibrant prints and casually cool colors that reigned on the runway. Taking its hue cues from the embellished fabrics and folkloric prints of the American west, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s new nail color collection combines beautifully boho shades with rich pigment pay-off and intense shine. The collection includes eight new stylish offerings that are perfect for free-spirits who play by their own rules.  

The collection includes:

Femme Feather: Deck your digits with this season’s indie-inspired shade of blush

Heritage Red: This bright, creamy red invokes a modern slant on the most classic manicure

Out for Oxblood: A dangerously dusky deep maroon, this rich shade compliments heavier fall fabrics

Fall Flare: Celebrate cooler climates with a glossy coat punched up with a fuchsia glitter fiesta

Strike Gold: Live it up — this leafy, glitter-infused shade takes gold to a new level of luxury

Hard Cider: Paint on this electric poppy polish to amp up your festival-fierce look

Boho Blue: Temper the Mojavi heat with a Pacific-Oceanesque cobalt blue

Gypsy Jade: This warm, deep sea-glass tone is a total gem

August 26, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine SoftShades Swatches and Review!!

*Sent for review*

The OPI Infinite Shine SoftShades actually came out in the spring, but the press samples seem to have been delayed a bit. These pretty pale shades are very spring-y feeling, but they are going to be very useful shades year round as well! OPI Pearl of Wisdom is a shimmering white. OPI calls it a "mother-of-pearl" shade. The light silvery shimmer in the soft white is very pretty!

This is three coats of Pearl of Wisdom and I did still have some streaks. It definitely helps to let it dry all the way in between coats though. It has some VNL still, but it is a softer shade, so that doesn't bother me. I used one coat of the OPI Infinite Shine Gloss top coat over this and the other five polishes in this post.

OPI Eternally Turquoise is a gorgeous pale sea glass blue-green. It's a nice delicate turquoise and even though it's opaque, it's so shiny it almost feels squishy and jelly-like. 

This is two coats of Eternally Turquoise and it's nicely pigmented. It was very easy to apply and the formula has that nice gel feel.

This pretty silver gray is OPI Go to Grayt Lengths. The shimmer in this is very cool, it's almost like a slightly darker silver shimmer in a light silver polish. It's not a super flashy or reflective shimmer either, more of a grown-up and refined glow. Just as a quick note- I did these swatches over about a 2 week period, so I do apologize for lighting and nail length inconsistencies. I typically do swatches all on the same day, but there are so many collections out right now, I am trying to squeeze more in!

This is two easy coats of Go to Grayt Lengths. It applied like a dream and was perfectly opaque. I know I'll wear this one a lot!

OPI Beyond the Pale Pink is a slightly pink-beige leaning off-white creme. OPI calls it a "scandalously nude, barely there pale pink". It's kind of like you mixed a drop of beige and a drop of pale pink into a white polish. If you like the idea of a white polish, but think it looks too stark, this one is perfect for you, not stark at all!

This was three thin coats. I let each coat dry completely in between layers and it was nice and even! I didn't have trouble with streaks and it was nicely opaque. I was pretty impressed with this one!

OPI Non-Stop White is the true, stark white creme of this collection. It's a very bold white creme. If you compare it to Beyond the Pale Pink, you can really see how much brighter of a white this is, perfect for summer!

The fantastic news about Non-Stop White is that this could be a one coater if you are super careful! I managed to do one coat on my pointer finger and it's even and opaque! I must have gotten overexcited though, because the other nails needed two coats. If you have great application skills though, this possibly is the one coat white you've been searching for. Great formula!

OPI The Beige of Reason is a sheer light beige. It adds a nice shine and healthy glow to nails. I'm never a fan of sheers, but if I had to pick one to wear tomorrow, it'd be this one.

This is two easy easy coats of The Beige of Reason. It was nice and even, with no streaks in sight. I am impressed, as I typically find sheers to be a pain to work with.

*Sent for review*

If you're looking for some nice soft, cozy shades, definitely check out this collection. Non-Stop White is my new favorite white creme for sure, and I also really love Eternally Turquoise and Go to Grayt Lengths!

The OPI Infinite Shine SoftShades collection is available now at professional salons,, and