January 6, 2010

Your Opinion!!!

So readers.... EK and I supply all of the material seen on this blog with our own hard-earned money at the moment. We'd love to show you every collection ever, but sadly, we can't afford that. So we want to know:

What spring collections are you most interested in? (China Glaze Up and Away?, Zoya Reverie?, Barielle Wildflowers?, OPI Alice in Wonderland?)

What do you want to see on this blog?

Since we are not currently being sent products by any companies, this is one blog that you can pick what is reviewed! Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at neverenoughnails@gmail.com

(p.s. If you are a company looking to find willing and honest testers for your products, we are more than willing to accept products for consideration. Just send us an email!)


Unknown said...

Please do China Glaze's Up and Away! I can't buy all the shades so I'd love to hear your opinions :)


Trine said...

I would love to see Up & Away.

And please, if you start recieving product, let us readers know.

Never Enough Nails said...

2 votes for Up and Away! I keep looking online waiting for it come out, so stay tuned for those shades!
And Trine, we will absolutely let you know, but we will never be those bloggers who get paid to feature products or ramp up the hype for a collection. It would good to get some free polish though, just because then we could show you more than we can now!

Jamie (the amazing) said...

i think that trine and colleen are right,
i would love to see China Glaze, Up up
and Away..... Keep us posted

Hyzenthlay said...

I'm also eager to see Up & Away, but the other collection I am lemming is Nubar Holos.

Never Enough Nails said...

Hyzenthlay - We just ordered a few polishes from the Nubar Prisms collection and we cannot WAIT to get them in the mail! They'll be posted right away...if we can stop staring at them!

Unknown said...

I guess I'm odd man out wanting to see the Zoyas. :) But really, I love to see comparison shots. Ones that show dupes, ones that show how different some colors (shades) actually are, etc. Sometimes I get so excited to get some new polishes only to discover they are not so different from ones I already have...or the formulation is frustrating, etc. So maybe you could do a series of comparison skittles? Pretty-please? :) With your impressions of the formulations - that helps so much!

Thanks either way, because I'm really enjoying your blog.

Never Enough Nails said...

We're definintely going to get at least some of the Zoyas- I need Gwin, Adina, Reece and maybe Happi LOL.
I am planning on comparison shots with China Glaze Up and Away, I think I have some polishes that will be very close.
And Teresa, someday I could do a whole post on vampy reds for you!

Unknown said...

Yay!! I'd LOVE to see that comparison of vampy reds! :) And those are the Zoyas I'm currently lemming for, so I'm one happy addict right now! ;)

Never Enough Nails said...

I actually might just get all the Zoyas LOL. So you can see if you like any others!!