March 30, 2018

A Spring-y Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 84!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday! This post today is filled with spring Lynnderellas, perfect for Easter weekend and the start of warm weather (hopefully). First up we have the lovely Lynnderella Bunny Bird, a baby blue with multicolored pastel shimmer. The shimmer is what really sets this one apart from other blues you may own. It has little bits of pink, green, purple, maybe even some yellow shimmer bits. Just gorgeous!

This is two coats of Bunny Bird. Application was perfect, no issues at all and I didn't even have to do any clean up. I did use one layer of top coat, but it was fairly shiny on it's own.

Lynnderella The Magenta Project is a stunning magenta pink almost jelly-like base with large pink and red shimmer particles. I love how the shimmer looks like glowing embers in the pink base. Although the shimmer is very visible, it's not glitter, so the polish is very smooth.

This is two coats and great application here too! One layer of top coat for extra shine, but this was perfectly smooth without.

Lynnderella Chantilly Violet just screams spring! This is a lavender crelly base with purple, green, turquoise, and yellow-green circle glitters, as well as a smattering of silver shimmer. I love the mix of purple and green glitters!

This is three thin coats and one layer of top coat. I found it best to do two coats without too much glitter on the brush and then kind of add the glitter in the final coat. Otherwise the glitters get covered up and look a little lumpy.

Lynnderella Princess Cloud Blossom is a dainty pink shimmer with scattered heart and four-pointed star accents. There is a good amount of holo silver microgltter so you catch a glimpse of a holo rainbow here and there and the heart and star glitters are holographic as well. You all know by now I'm not a huge fan of pink polish, but I unexpectedly fell in love with this one.

Two super easy coats! I used one layer of top coat and it was smooth and shiny.

😍😍 I'll wait while you grab your drool napkin.... Lynnderella Royal Violet is a deep blue violet jelly with silver, blue, and purple microglitter. The glitter just floats in the base and looks amazing. This is one of my favorite polishes in 2018 so far, just gorgeous!

Two easy coats, no fuss! One layer of top coat provides a glossy smooth surface.

Lynnderella Candy Planet is a light pink with lots of silver shimmer and fun bright multicolored accent glitter. This definitely reminds me of a candy store, with lots of different brightly colored goodies, and maybe a cotton candy machine too! After all the dark days in the winter, this is what we all need for spring.

This is two coats. I can still see a bit of VNL, but I don't mind it too much. I'm sure a third coat would  hide that completely. I used one layer of top coat, but a second would smooth out the larger glitters.

Another delicate spring flower, Lynnderella Satin Blossom is a perfect pale pink with contrasting magenta pink shimmer. In some lighting, you just see a pearly pale pink, but in others, you catch the pop of brighter pink shimmer. Very pretty! I love how smooth the shimmer is in this one, reminds me of Chanel shimmers.

Two easy coats! I thought I would need a third with a color this pale, but I didn't! It is shiny on it's own, but I did use top coat for extra shine and to speed dry time.

Lynnderella Petal to the Metal is a very unique shade of purple. It has a lot of pink, so it's almost equal measures of purple and magenta. The color is really saturated and my camera actually would not capture the color. I had to use my iPhone to better represent the color for you. I always love a red/pink-toned purple, so I am a fan of this one.

Two coats again and one layer of top coat. Nice to apply!

Some of these Lynnderellas are available at, but some were exclusive to the Glitter Fairies group on Facebook. As always, if you would like to join, please just email me at so I may nominate you for membership.

March 27, 2018

Zoya Sunshine Summer 2018 Preview!

Say hello to SUNSHINE! Zoya’s newest assortment of bright and easy to wear shades ranging from creams to 
holographic toppers, sure to put a smile on your face any Summer’s Day. Also included within the Sunshine Collection are two “Unicorn Kisses” shades that are stunning sparkling toppers! The Sunshine Collection includes: 
• SALDANA (ZP940): a buildable, cotton-candy blue holographic topper with hints 
of pink and blue colored glitter - wear it alone or layer over other colors 
• DELIA (ZP941): a full coverage muted amethyst cream 
• MISSY (ZP942): the perfect summer pink in a full coverage cream formula 
• SANDY (ZP943): a full coverage blue toned flamingo pink cream 
• ELLIE (ZP944): a full coverage raspberry sorbet cream 
• KAREN (ZP945): a full coverage poppy red cream 
• MARIGOLD (ZP946): a bright and dazzling micro-shimmer red in a full coverage formula 
• VIRGINIA (ZP947): a full coverage juicy coral red cream 
• MINNIE (ZP948): a full coverage pink toned coral cream 
• CLEMENTINE (ZP949): a full coverage salmon toned coral with a pink and orange micro-shimmer 
• JACK (ZP950): a full coverage nude cream, perfect to match your morning latte 
• NAHLA (ZP951): a buildable, golden glitter

March 8, 2018

First St. Patrick's Day Mani of 2018!

Having a snow day yesterday gave me some extra time to do my nails! Of course I had to go with a green with a little shamrock accent for St. Patrick's Day! This nice spearmint green creme is OPI Infinite Shine S-ageless Beauty. I haven't worn it since it came out and I had forgotten what a nice pastel yellow-toned green it is.

I used Zoya Chita and What's Up Nails Shamrock Stencils for an easy shamrock accent. Have you done any St. Patrick's Day manis yet? Let me know in the comments!

March 3, 2018

WIN the Entire Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection!!!

If you have been eyeing the Zoya Bridal Bliss collection and thinking it would be the perfect set of soft neutrals, I have the perfect giveaway for you! One lucky reader will win the entire set of 12 Zoya Bridal Bliss polishes! This is a serious neutral and soft polish wardrobe right here, perfect for all occasions, not just weddings. 

This giveaway is only open to US readers (international readers, stay tuned for a giveaway for you!). There are two ways to enter-
1. Fill out the Rafflecopter widget below
2. Head over to my Instagram account, follow @nvrenoughnails, and repost the picture below with #nvrenoughnailsZoyaBridalBliss 

This giveaway will end at midnight EST on March 17 (Happy St. Patrick's Day!!).

March 2, 2018

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 83!

*Sent for review*

Happy March everyone! Meteorological spring has begun and I am so ready for it. I have some gorgeous Lynns for you today, some very spring-y colors and some great for year round. Some of these polishes are not available in the eBay store, so make sure to join The Glitter Fairies group on Facebook for special exclusives, like Lynnderella Candy Buffet. Candy Buffet is a gorgeous shimmery red with hints of maraschino cherry pink and red holo microglitter accents. This is a really glowy red, almost with a blue shine to it.

This is two coats, very easy to apply. It's nice and smooth since it's mostly shimmer-based.

Lynnderella Well Red has red metallic flakes mixed with new red nanoglitter. This is a very interesting finish, the combo of flakes and nanoglitter gives a lot of depth to the polish. If you are a red fan, this is a must have for sure.

Two coats, but you could almost get away with one coat, and you only need one layer of top coat. This is a great formula, very effortless to use.

Lynnderella Aqua Bella is a special polish in memory of a Glitter Fairy, Christina Joy Marsden. She was very active in the Glitter Fairies group, as well as in several other polish groups, but very sadly passed away from cancer recently. Lynnderella describes Aqua Bella as an "aqua holographic microoglitter accented with silver holographic four-pointed stars and ice blue metallic mini hearts. Clear base with hot pink shimmer". All profits from this special polish will be donated to the American Cancer Society in the name of Christina Joy Marsden. This was a pretty limited edition polish and bottles were given to Christina's family and close friends first, but if you would like one, I would suggest contacting Lynnderella to see if there are any left.

This is two coats. I did use two layers of top coat, just to bring out the shine. It is a lot more holo than my photos show too, just a stunning polish!

Next up we have the gorgeous Lynnderella As Blue as Violet Could Be. This is a deep violet holographic microglitter accented with glowing blue iridescent accent glitter. It reminds me of a very deep night sky with sparkly stars.

Two easy coats and one layer of top coat. It was pretty smooth to the touch.

I think Lynnderella Matcha Mint is my favorite of this group of polishes. This is just a pretty mint holo microglitter, pretty simple, but refreshing after all of the dark winter polishes I've been wearing. This is exactly what I want to wear on my nails right now!

This is (again) two effortless coats! Maybe a possible one-coater depending on application. One layer of top coat is plenty.

Lynnderella Choco-Lovely is a "pink-shimmered brown holographic nanoglitter with assorted red and magenta accents". The pink shimmer is even stronger in person. This makes me think of a tasty dessert, maybe like a nice chocolate cupcake! I wore this with Matcha Mint and they made a really fun combo together, like a mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae.

Two coats and one layer of top coat!

Lynnderella Purriwinkle is GORGEOUS! It's SO crazy holographic and the shade of lavender/periwinkle is very unique. Lynnderella describes it as "blue-violet-shimmered periwinkle holographic microglitter with iridescent fire opal accents". Those fire opal accents are so cool and shift to many different colors. My first picture above is a little blown out, but I wanted to show off the holo. In the pictures below, you can see the fire opal accents a bit better.

Two coats and two layers of top coat. One layer of top coat was good, but I wanted the finish to be like glass to really highlight the holographic flare.

If these are not available at the eBay store, definitely feel free to email Lynnderella to ask about availability!