January 31, 2016

OPI Hello Kitty Collection, Part 2!

 *Sent for review*

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! I'm just having a chill weekend and getting a lot of cleaning done, so nothing exciting. I have a couple more polishes from the OPI Hello Kitty collection for you today, starting with OPI 5 Apples Tall. 5 Apples Tall is a juicy warm red creme, the shade of the red portion of a gala apple. This is so shiny and luxurious, it's definitely a new favorite red for me. 

5 Apples Tall is kind of like a crelly-ish creme. It's very shiny and the first coat has a nice translucence to it. But it builds up nicely to full opacity in just two coats. It has that great gel-like consistency that I love because it makes it so easy to apply.

OPI My Pal Joey is a stunning vivid bright blue creme. Not too long ago, I was thinking to myself that OPI typically does really dark blues, rather than light or medium ones, so it's nice to see them prove me wrong. I think we've seen this shade before, but it's gorgeous and has a flawless formula, so I don't mind at all! I actually am wearing it right now as a full mani, with some glitter on top!

This is two effortless coats of My Pal Joey. It has the same gel-like formula that just glides on. I am not sure if this is a new or tweaked creme formula for OPI, but it just seems all the ones in the collection are spectacular.

OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends is a great black creme. If you are looking for a new one, this is definitely a winner in my book. Very shiny and black black, not wimpy black.

This is two coats of Never Have Too Mani Friends. It was easy to apply and nicely opaque, although it would be even nicer if it was opaque in one coat.

 *Sent for review*

I have to tell you- I have already worn 3 of the Hello Kitty polishes as full manis. I am really hooked on this collection. The colors are cute on their own or with glitter toppers, the formulas are fantastic and... HELLO KITTY!! I see myself wearing these a lot.

The OPI Hello Kitty collection is available now at Ulta and ulta.com.

**I will have the remaining three posted tomorrow. I was originally going to include them here, but I swatched them on a different day than the ones in this post, and wouldn't you know it? The night after swatching these three, I broke a nail on my swatch hand so badly!! So the remaining three are on super short nails and I felt like I couldn't put them in the same post!

January 29, 2016

Lynnderella Friday Vol. 29!!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday! It seemed like a fast week to me and I can't believe January is almost over already. January is my least favorite month, but it really flew by this year for a change. For this last Friday of my least favorite month, I have some Lynnderellas that breathe some spring air into this post! Lynnderella Amusemint is a cool shimmering whitened mint. It is described as a "pearly mint creme with mint and pink shimmers". The pink shimmers stand out more in person and in the sunshine and they really like pretty in the pale frosty mint! 

This is three coats of Amusemint by itself. It was a little sheer on the first coat, but was easy to build up to full opacity. It applied well and has a nice consistency.

Ooooof, oh man I love this combo! My heart just sighs a little when I look at this! Lynnderella Lovely SentiMint is a glitter topper with mint, white and pale lilac-pink glitters, including hearts, stars and my favorite circle glitters!  The base is a sheer mint with tiny pink holo glitter and pink shimmer.

I used two coats of Lovely SentiMint over Amusemint for this mani. I think these two are just perfect together!! One coat of Lovely SentiMint was good, but I wanted more minty hearts, so I went back for more. It was easy to apply with the dabbing method.

Introducing my new favorite polish- Lynnderella Sea the Love! This is so so beautiful and has such great depth to it. I know we have seen teal and green glitters together before, but the color combinations and specific glitters Lynn used here just make for such a complex, stunning polish. Sea the Love is described as "multiglitter valentine for mermaids and mermen of all ages. It features cyan holographic hearts and flowers, diatoms, a few renegade pointy starfish and green bubbles. Clear aqua- and cyan-shimmered base.". Drool.

This is one easy coat of Sea the Love over OPI Fly. Application was fantastic, even with all of the bigger glitters.

*Sent for review*

I love all three of these so much... I guess I really am a big sucker for greens and blues! 

January 27, 2016

Barielle Naturale Eye Shadow Palette Swatches and Review

*Gift from Barielle*

Happy hump day!! The lighting hasn't been good for polish swatching the last few days, so I figured I'd show you a little something different for today. Did you know that Barielle has eye shadow palettes?? I didn't know until they sent me one as a gift over the holidays! I have been wearing this a bunch of times lately, so I thought it was time to tell you about it. The Barielle Naturale palette is a nice selection of six gorgeous neutral eye shadows. There is a matte medium brown, a shimmering pale rose gold, a shimmering gray-taupe, a shimmering champagne, light copper with glitter flecks, and a dark shimmery brown. 

I like the finish on these shadows a lot. The shimmers are soft, glowing shimmers, rather than super metallic ones. I also like that they did include a matte brown, because I always think you need to use at least one matte in your shimmery shadow looks, and this is a perfect crease shade.

These swatches were done with the included foam applicator over bare skin- no primer! I have been wearing them with a Maybelline Color Tattoo or MAC Paint Pot as a base. They last for at least 8 hours with no creasing or fading for me!

This palette is relatively small in size and the packaging is a light cardboard. I like both of those features, because it makes this the PERFECT palette to throw in your purse for touch-ups or taking your work makeup into the evening. As much as I love my UD Naked palettes, they are not exactly purse friendly, unless you like to tote your whole life around. This takes up only a few inches of space and weighs next to nothing!

I am impressed with this eye shadow palette and am happy I got to try it. The Barielle Naturale shadow palette is available now on Barielle.com.

Barielle also has some great deals and events coming up in February. Here's a list for you so you can get in on these offers!

February 2nd - February 29th: Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day Contest
Sign up on our Facebook for a chance to win the grand prize:
  • 3 Barielle Purple Shades
  • Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein
  • Barielle No Chip Speed Dry
  • 1-800-Flowers $25 Gift Card
  • Purple Coach Tote ($395 value)
February 5th - National Wear Red Day
Bundle Price: $15 | Total Value: $40
  • 5 Barielle Red Nail Shades for $15 + Free Shipping
February 9th: Mardis Gras
Bundle Price: $15 | Total Value: $40
  • 5 Barielle Mardis Gras Shades for $15 + Free Shipping
February 10th - National Umbrella Day
  • Free Barielle Shade "Pink Parasol" with Every Purchase
February 12th - 14th - Valentine's Day Sale
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February 18th - National Drink Wine Day (one of our favorites!)
Bundle Price: $15 | Total Value: $40
  • 5 Barielle Vintage Wine Nail Shades for $15 + Free Shipping
February 22nd - National Margarita Day
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  • 5 Barielle Tiki Bar Nail Shades for $15 + Free Shipping
February 26th - 29th - Site Wide Sale
30% Off + Free Shipping on Every Order

January 25, 2016

OPI Hello Kitty Swatches, Part 1!!

*Sent for review*

Hi everyone!! I have some pretty OPI Hello Kitty swatches to brighten up your Monday! I have been super excited for this collection for awhile now, since I love Hello Kitty! But even if you are not a rabid HK fan, I think you will find some polishes to love in this collection. I am showing you my favorite of this half first, OPI Spoken from the Heart. Spoken from the Heart is a bright and beautiful pink coral crelly. This is a nice blend of hot pink with a touch of orange and the finish is so juicy and squishy! The crelly finish sets it apart from other corals I own for sure!

This is three thin coats, but I did the third just for the camera, it looks perfect with two coats. The application was excellent. The formula has that gel feeling to it and really stays where you apply it without any puddling or pooling. If you like the jelly look, this is perfectly smooth and streak-free in just one coat, so you can sport it that way as well!

This candy pink treat is OPI Look at My Bow!. Look at My Bow! is a baby pink creme with a healthy dose of lavender to make it more interesting. It reminds me of a pinker version of my fave OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender. I am a big fan of Look at My Bow!, it's super pretty and spring-y!

This is two coats and application was very good. It has a very smooth formula and it is nicely opaque.

*for some reason, when I type the name of this polish out, Blogger thinks it is HTML. So I am going to spell it out.*
I have been searching for something just like OPI Small plus Cute equals Heart for ages! If you've been looking for something soft pink and squishy, but more opaque than OPI Bubble Bath, this one is for you. This is a great pale pink crelly that is still juicy looking without being too sheer. It reminds me of strawberry milk with only a little bit of strawberry sauce.

This is three thin coats of Small plus Cute equals Heart. It is sheer on the first coat, but builds to full opacity in three coats, so you have options if you like some VNL. It was easy to apply and had that nice gel-like consistency.

OPI Kitty White is a super sparkly silvery white. It looks like the snow sparkling on my lawn right now!

This is three coats of Kitty White alone, so you can definitely build it up to wear by itself. I also think it would be a great topper with just one coat over one of the cremes in this collection because one coat of this is pretty sheer.

OPI Charmmy & Sugar has a frosty pinky silver metallic base with pops of teal, silver and pink metallic glitters. The base of this is kind of shifty, when you move your nails around you catch glimpses of gold and magenta shimmer. I think this is actually way prettier in real life!!

This is three coats of Charmmy & Sugar. It was easy to work with and the glitters are quite smooth with one layer of top coat. It looks a little bumpy in pictures I think, but it wasn't at all rough in real life. It is also more opaque looking in person.

I have to hand it to OPI. They just made me like soft-colored crellies by putting little kitties on the tops of the bottles and making them slightly more opaque than other variations. OPI Let's Be Friends is another dreamboat soft white pink crelly. I can't decide whether to call this one "white with a hint of pink" or "pink with a lot of white in the base". I think I'm going with white with a hint of pink.

Like I said about Small plus Cute, this one is so great if you like soft crellies with the option for full opacity. You can wear it sheer at one or two coats, and it builds up to full coverage in three. The formula was very good, no streaking despite the pale color and the consistency is sort of gel-like.

*Sent for review*

I am completely in love with this half of the Hello Kitty collection! I can't wait to try the other half. I am not sure I can even pick a favorite here... maybe Spoken from the Heart, but I love the others too. 

The OPI Hello Kitty collection is available now at Ulta, Ulta.com and other fine salons.

January 23, 2016

New Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Shades and Rimmel Lipsticks!

No matter what your style, from broadband-beautifully on-the-go with the Digital Overload collection to urban beats with an edge in the case of the Glam Rock range, the award-winning Sally Hansen Miracle GelTM franchise has you covered. New and improved Miracle Gel is the next best thing to a salon gel manicure at home. The new collections feature the following new hues.
The Digital Overload collection is plugged in and always on! The range adds seven new wildly addictive and electrifying shades that are social media share-worthy:
Pink-terest:  pixel-pretty bubblegum pink
 World Wide Red:  disruptively hot red-orange
Gigabryte:  bright yellow that’s bound to go viral

Digi-Teal:  buzzworthy take on teal
Byte Blue : LED-light bold blue

Electric Pop:  wonderfully web-ready animated pink
Let’s Get Digital: futuristically iridescent robin’s egg blue with pink shimmer

Glam Rock is the intersection of pretty and punk blending the deep hues of yesteryear with the spirit of rock and roll. This collection also features seven new shades:

 V-Amplified: mega-moody maroon
Scarlet Starlet: a Brit-rock favorite flavor cherry red

Head Bang: a rad, rave-worthy chestnut brown
Stilettos & Studs: psychedelic charcoal shimmer
Motley Hue: manic magenta crème
Rock On Silver:  heavy metal textured silver
Punkish Purple:  groupie-gorgeous royal purple

When layered over the Miracle GelTM shades, the new 2X Volume Top Coat increases the volume of your manicure, creating dramatically fuller-looking nails with a high-gloss finish. The result: The look of a gel manicure at home, without the trip to a salon! Miracle Gel's two-step application is super-simple. First, apply two thin coats of Miracle GelTM color to clean, bare nails. Then, apply one coat of the new Miracle GelTM 2X Volume Top Coat. Natural light cures the polish, yielding a manicure that resembles a UV / LED cured gel polish. It removes easily with regular nail polish remover. 


THINK: A new era of incredible lip colour!

WHAT IT IS: The first lipstick of its kind, The Only 1 is set to challenge lipstick history. A unique multi-tasker, it excels in EVERYTHING you look for in a lippie. Discover intense, high-impact shades. Enjoy an ultra-comfortable, weightless feel and indulge lips in luscious moisture. A worry free experience is guaranteed because the gorgeous colour stays put for hours and hours. It’s the only 1 lipstick you need… and the only 1 that won’t let you down. Our hero!
This new lip legend has an innovative hybrid formula that marries the best of moisturising AND long-lasting lipsticks:
·       COLOR – Pre-coated pigments allow for fabulous full coverage in one easy stroke. The true-to-the-bullet colours are gloriously vibrant and luminous on application… and hours later.
·       COMFORT – The formula containing a blend of lightweight oils provides a gorgeous glide and a feather-light feel with an amazing cushioning sensation.
·       MOISTURE – Throughout wear, the formula with Rosa fruit oil leaves lips feeling moisturised. Mmmwah! For extra TLC, the formula contains Vitamin E.
·       WEAR – A fine blend of advanced polymers sets the formula and enhances skin-adhesion for outstanding staying power. Lips feel hugged by colour and moisture for hours.
Prepare to incite anarchy with your power pout. The Only 1 Lipstick comes in a riot of 12 shades that will create a frenzy of lust. Slick on powerful pinks, like You’re All Mine #120. Rock rich, ravishing reds with Best Of The Best #510. Create chaos with eye-catching corals, like Call Me Crazy #620. Be brave with beautiful browns, including Naughty Nude #700. And pack a punch with deep plum hues, One-Of-A-Kind #810.  Every vivid shade is worth fighting for!
game-changing lipstick demands a super-stylish new look. To signal the breakthrough formulaThe Only 1 has a unique twisted design that looks ultra-contemporary and high-end. The gorgeous glossy black pack is ringed with a colour band that’s matched to each lipstick shade.
The advertising campaign sees a valiant Georgia May Jagger starting a revolution with her lips! Dressed in military uniform and wearing shade Best of the Best #510, she rallies her beautiful army as they take to the streets of London to spread lip propaganda. News of The Only 1’s ground-breaking, no compromise formula hits the headlines and Georgia invites the nation to ‘Get the London look’. A new era of lipstick is here.

AVAILABLE SHADES: (to see images of all shades, here is link http://us.rimmellondon.com/products/the-only-1)
PINKS:  110 Pink A Punch, 120 You’re All Mine
MAUVE ROSE:  200 It’s A Keeper
FUCHSIA: 300 Listen Up!
RED:  510 Best of the Best
CORAL/ORANGE : 600 Peachy-Beachy, 610 Cheeky Coral, 620 Call Me Crazy
NUDE/BROWN:  700 Naughty Nude
BURGANDY/PLUM : 800 Under My Spell, 810 One-Of-A-Kind,  820 Oh-So Wicked
In honor of The Only 1, Rimmel London introduces new shades into its Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner range. This retractable slant-tipped lip pencil outlines and contours your lips with rich, long-wearing colour that empowers your lipstick by extending its wear. The 5 new shades were created to perfectly match the entire The Only 1 Lipstick palette.
PINK/ROSE: 101 You’re All Mine – NEW, 103 Pink A Punch – NEW , 063 Eastend Snob                              
RED: 024 Red Diva                         
CORAL/ORANGE: 102 Peachy-Beachy – NEW, 104 Call Me Crazy – NEW     
BERRY: 105 Under My Spell – NEW , 064 Obsession                      
NUDE/TRANSPARENT : 018 Addiction,  001 Moisture Renew Clear        
WHAT THEY COST: The Only 1 Lipstick, $7.25; Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner, $5.70
 WHERE TO FIND THEM: Mass market retailers and drugstores nationwide beginning January 2016.  Visit www.RimmelLondon.com for store locations.
 RIMMEL LONDON, a top-selling line of color cosmetics in the U.K., was created in 1834 and introduced to the U.S. market in March 2000.  Rimmel epitomizes the London spirit – energetic, fashion forward and individual.  A comprehensive beauty offering, Rimmel is always inspired by London’s trend-setting style.  Quality cosmetics at an accessible price that allows American women to get the London Look.