April 1, 2020

Zoya Calm Spring 2020 Swatches & Review!

*Sent for review*

Zoya couldn't have picked a better name for their Spring 2020 collection. I'd say the entire world could use more than a little bit of Calm right now. If binging Tiger King isn't helping you stay calm, check out these polishes in various soothing spring colors. Let's start off with Zoya Colleen, a beautiful warm peachy pink creme. I have been hunting for a polish just like this that isn't sheer and I'm pleased to say this hits the spot! Colleen is a completely opaque pale peach that doesn't look chalky, just creamy. This is a perfect spring polish alone or with some beautiful floral nail art added on top.

I did three thin coats of Colleen, but two medium coats would also be full coverage, depending on your polishing style. It's nice and smooth with no streaks and was easy to apply. All swatches in this post are shown with one layer of glossy top coat.

You already know that Zoya Emerson is my favorite of the collection. Blue polish forever 💙. This pastel blue creme has hints of periwinkle and maybe even a tinge of gray too, making it more complex than a standard baby blue creme. I own three Helmer drawers full of blue polish and I can't find one exactly like this and I'm loving it! It's pale but also bright if that makes sense. An instant spring classic.

This was two coats of Emerson. Even though I would typically do a third coat out of habit, I finished the second coat and there was no need for a third. Lovely formula, fully opaque and nary a streak in sight, despite being a pastel creme.

Zoya Leif is a lovely light green creme with some slate gray tones. It comes across as more neutral than a mint green creme would be and more wearable I think for many people. This was the base color for my St. Patrick's Day mani. This is a very soothing color for me and I think I'll be wearing this again sometime soon. 

I did three thin coats of Leif. It's very opaque, not a hint of sheerness or patchiness. The formula is lovely and easy to apply.

Zoya AJ is a really interesting color. It's a pale blush base with copper shimmer flecks. It has a great sheen to it and up close you can really see the copper flecks sparkling. I really like the contrast between the smooth pink base color and the gleaming bits of golden coppery sparkle.

This was two coats of AJ. Excellent formula. Colors like this tend to have very visible brushstrokes and I mostly managed to avoid having them here!

Zoya Laura is described as a "soft, pink-toned ivory cream". I see a lot of the ivory tones on myself and a bit less of the pink, although they are definitely there. This could be a really stunning neutral polish for someone, just not sure it's the best on my skin tone. If you've been looking for a more yellow toned neutral with a slight hint of pink, Laura's your girl.

Three thin coats and so smooth! Zoya has really perfected the art of having very opaque pale/pastel cremes that aren't streaky and uneven. Many brands still struggle with this, so hats off to you Zoya.

Zoya Vee is a very pretty muted purple creme. This is a sophisticated work-friendly purple, not a flashy, loud purple. It feels like a classic neutral, but the dusty warm lilac shade is more interesting and feels fresh for spring.

This was two easy coats and great formula. Vee was very opaque, so if you do thick coats, you may have a one-coater on your hands.

As an aside, the box this collection came in is SO pretty! I love the white and the bottles dripping with polish! I also LOVE that Zoya personalized it with my Instagram name! Thanks Zoya, I feel so special!

My top favorites from this collection are Emerson and Leif, but I really enjoyed the whole collection. Very wearable, pretty spring colors and easy to apply formulas all around!

The Zoya Calm collection is available now on Zoya.com.