November 19, 2020

Zoya Naturel 4 Preview!




Introducing the newest line-up in beautiful neutral shades from Zoya, Naturel 4. This nail palette includes six (6) new colors which include a lovely range of mauve-toned neutral creams, plus an exciting duo-chrome topper in Marlowe which can be worn alone, or as a topper over your favorite shades for added sparkle. This collection embodies the transition from Winter to Spring with calming hues.

·         ZP1070 Evelyn – Zoya in Evelyn can best be described as a soft cool toned blush pink cream with smooth application. 

·         ZP1071 Cami – Zoya in Cami can best be described as a pale mauve taupe cream. 

·         ZP1072 Barrett – Zoya in Barrett can best be described as a taupe-violet cream. 

·         ZP1073 Vivian – Zoya in Vivian can best be described as a dusty grape cream. 

·         ZP1074 Adeline – Zoya in Adeline can best be described as a deep fig taupe cream. 

·         ZP1075 Marlowe – Zoya in Marlowe can best be described as a duo-chrome with a rose-gold shimmer and slate-blue base. This shade can be worn alone or layered with any other creams to create interest. 


 Available online December 7!

November 13, 2020

NEW- Zoya Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat



Love the shiny, rich finish of gel-like top coat, but are tired of the long wait times required to achieve it? How about unwanted denting and sheet marks? Are you happy about losing the beautiful gloss and shine on your nails just a day later? Of course not…and neither were we! 


Introducing Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal! A revolutionary twist on the classic top coat formula that delivers the highest shine, fastest dry time and longest wear never before possible from traditional top coats. This oxygen (Air) activated formula doesn’t require LED lamps or UV rays to work and can be used in any setting! Ultra Glossy includes a Z-Wide Brush!


...Dull is NOT an option! 


• Ultra Fast - 2x Faster Dry Time 

• Ultra Dense - Creates Dimension and Luster 

• Ultra Durable & Flexible - Strongest defense against chipping for up to 7 days 

• Ultra Shiny - Highest shine rating possible! 


What more can you ask for in a top coat?

November 2, 2020

50% OFF Zoya Polish, Today Only!!


How many reds, greens, blues or mauve nail polishes can you have? For us the answer is always; MORE. Yes we have over 500 shades but there are still so many more to make and we are making them every single day.  That's why once In a while we need to have a polish party so everyone can get their favorite shades and try something new as well. 

Zoya polishes are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, camphor and parabens.  Vegan friendly and cruelty free the Zoya formula is designed to be the longest wearing natural nail polish and the smart choice women worldwide looking for a healthier alternative without sacrificing quality and wear.  There are over 500 shades to choose from including one coat creams, holos and textured pixie dust shades.