August 31, 2012

Smitten Polish Confection

I try to avoid Etsy. I really do. Browsing around Etsy normally results in me ordering indie polish and that is bad for my budget. Unfortunately for my bank account, I was perusing a couple of indie polish Etsy stores and came across a few gems that I obviously NEEDED, including Smitten Polish Confection. Smitten Polish is made by Noelie, of the blog Noelie's Nails

Confection is a lovely sheer white jelly base with blue, purple, green, pink and yellow glitter. I used three coats for these pictures. Confection applied relatively easily. Occasionally, it was hard to balance getting a good amount of glitter on the nail with making sure the base didn't streak, but I found a successful method. I applied the first coat normally (three brushstrokes), then I dabbed on the second coat (to get maximum glitter), then applied the third coat normally after the second coat had dried for a few minutes. The final look is worth the extra effort.

There are a lot of white jelly polishes with glitter, but this is the first I have tried. I wasn't into this look before, but I love Confection so much I think I need a lot more like this. Confection is the perfect name too, this reminded me of cake!!

Smitten Polish Confection will be available at Smitten Polish's Etsy store when it is restocked next. For updates, check Noelie's Nails.

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August 29, 2012

Back-up Worthy: Lynnderella When the Moon Was a Star!!

*Gasp* Is it weird that I took these pictures, and wore this mani for 5 days, and looking at it still make me drool all over the place?? I am going to require a second bottle of Lynnderella When the Moon Was a Star. I know this because using it makes my heart hurt a little bit. Like I'm afraid I'm going to use it all up in two uses. This was the most fascinating mani I've worn in ages, possibly ever. This is two coats of Lynnderella When the Moon Was a Star over two coats of Nicole by OPI If the Blue Fits.

The picture above is a bit blurry, but I wanted you to see that the moons and stars are holo!!! You can see this best on my ring finger. Some of the small glitter is holo too (look at my pinkie). It wasn't very difficult to get all of these moons and stars onto my nails either. I applied one coat normally. For the second coat, I fished the brush around until I got some stars or moons on there, then wiped them on to the neck of the bottle. From there, I picked them up again with the brush and applied them to my nail. The extra step of putting them on the neck of the bottle helped them come off easily on the nail.

You know I've been trying to show you two different base colors with these Lynnderellas, but the first look was so perfect I had a hard time figuring out what second base to show you. I ended up with two coats of Zoya Kristen, a pale blue gray creme. This base color makes the blue glitter really pop, but the moons and stars don't stand out as much.

This was two coats of When the Moon Was a Star over Kristen. It looks really beautiful of course, but I definitely like the darker base to make the moons and stars really shine!!

Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay store.

August 27, 2012

My Kind of Party: Lynnderella A Neutral Party

I have to hand it to Lynnderella. If anyone can get me excited about wearing a neutral, it's her. Lynnderella A Neutral Party is chock full of glitters in all of the neutral shades you can think of, like a neutral glitter bomb went off. The base of this polish is clear, but is packed with very fine gold shimmer. I spotted copper square glitter, gold square glitter, large copper and black hex glitter, small silver hex glitter, black bar glitter, and some small glitter pieces in gold and black. This is just a small sampling of the various neutral glitters in A Neutral Party.

For this first look, I dabbed two layers of A Neutral Party over two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons (my new favorite nude!). I did find that A Neutral Party is one of those glitters that applies best with the dabbing method, as opposed to regular long brush strokes to apply. As you can see, I had no trouble getting tons of glitter on my nails by dabbing the brush on them though!

For a more similar base color, I tried dabbing two layers of A Neutral Party over Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake. I loved this look too! This might be a really good way to wear secret glitter to the office. If I held my hand far away, the glitter blended in to the base color. My mom loved this one a lot and she doesn't really wear glitter at all, so that's saying something!!

I'm pretty excited to have a neutral glitter in my collection! I think it'll come in handy for those occasions when I'm dying to wear glitter, but maybe I don't want a bright color or anything too flashy. I always want to wear glitter, so having this option makes me happy.

Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay store! If you're wondering how easy it is to obtain Lynnderellas these days, it's definitely gotten easier. Sets of her Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice are staying up for several hours, allowing a more leisurely eBay checkout. She's also been offering "You Pick 3" or "You Pick 6" sets, where you get to pick 3 or 6 polishes out of a bunch listed. If you're not looking for a whole collection, this might help you!

August 26, 2012

A Fun Summer Mani with Lynnderella Connect The Dots!

I'm still in my mode of desperately clinging to every last bit of the fading summer season, so I'm rocking neons on both my toes and fingers! I have been wanting to try Lynnderella Connect the Dots (the new version) over a neon, and decided to wear it over China Glaze Sunkissed. This is a FANTASTIC combo!! CtD looks perfect over yellow!!

This is three coats of China Glaze Sunkissed with two coats of Lynnderella Connect the Dots. It was super easy to get loads of glitter on to my nails with CtD. I got a couple of huge giant white squares and on my (not pictured) right hand, I managed to get two extra large black hex glitters too! I don't own the first version of Connect the Dots, but I hear this version has more dense glitter.

I'm super happy to finally own Connect the Dots and I'm loving wearing this mani right now. It's so happy and cheerful.

What are you wearing on your nails at the moment? Have you embraced the impending fall season? Or are you hanging on to summer?

Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay store.

August 24, 2012

Win My Favorite China Glaze Polishes, Thanks To Beauty Stop Online!!

It's time for another giveaway!!! Thanks to the great people at, one lucky U.S. resident will win THREE of my personal favorite China Glaze polishes! One reader will win one bottle each of China Glaze Watermelon Rind, China Glaze Frostbite, and China Glaze Reggae to Riches. (*bottles pictured are my own personal bottles. The winner will receive brand new bottles*).

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This giveaway will end at midnight NYC time on Saturday, September 1, 2012. Thank you to for sponsoring this great giveaway! Good Luck!!!!

Nicole by OPI Fall 2012 Target Exclusives!

Nicole by OPI has definitely stepped up their game in the last year, and these fall Target exclusives are no exception. There are some sparkly treats and some mirror chrome-type polishes, so definitely check out these pictures! I'll start off with one of the mirror chromes, Nicole by OPI Mer-maid For Each Other. Mer-maid For Each Other is a blue/green/gold duochrome-ish polish. I wouldn't call it a straight up duochrome, as the colors do not flash as strongly as in a standard duochrome. It's more like all three colors are there all at the same time (I don't know if that makes sense).

In case you were wondering, this is NOT at all a Chanel Peridot dupe. Peridot is much much greener, this is definitely more blue. This is two coats in the pictures. The formula was easy to control, but did leave a brushstroke or two visible. This never bothers me personally, but I know some of you mind visible brushstrokes.

Nicole by OPI For Gold Times Sake was hard to capture on camera. It has what looks like billions of teeny multi-colored sparkles in a primarily golden bronze base. The picture above shows some of the multi-colored sparkles on my pointer nail. That nail is blurry, so I guess the sparkles only like being photographed in blurry pictures!

I used three coats of For Gold Times Sake in these pictures. Nice formula again, very easy to use. I'm going to elaborate on that "easy to use statement" at the end of the post.

Nicole by OPI Iris My Case is a SUPER pretty purple duochrome-ish polish with a pink flash. I adore this color purple. I realize there a few versions of this color out right now, but I actually don't own any of them. If you don't own them either, I advise you to get this one. Lovely color!! My last picture of this shows the pink flash best.

I did three coats of Iris My Case for these pictures. It was good with two, but I wanted to make sure it didn't look at all sheer in my pictures, with my fussy camera lens.  The picture below is a good representation of this color, but terribly not in focus (why is it that nail polish colors occasionally can only be accurately depicted in blurry pictures??). With the pink flash, it looks like this most of the time.

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve is the sleeper hit of the collection. You'll want to click on these pictures and drool view them in full size. I never thought I'd love a color with "mauve" in the name, but whatever!! Just Busta Mauve is a plummy pink bronze-y color FILLED with those multi-colored sparkles that were in For Gold Times Sake. These sparkles are even more apparent in Just Busta Mauve. There are pink, lots of blue, orange, purple and many other colors in those sparkles. So cool!!

The sparkles are all congregating at the top of this picture ^, but you can definitely see them in their glory! Now.... the downside... for these pictures, I did five coats of Just Busta Mauve. I do not know why, since Scrangie said she did three coats for her fantastic swatches. I wasn't doing thin coats either. I am going to chalk it up to just being a bad bottle though, because I have not seen anyone else say that this needed five coats. Don't let this interfere with your love for Just Busta Mauve, it is still gorgeous! 

Nicole by OPI If The Blue Fits surprised me! I have a ton of deep blue polishes, but this one stands out because of the same multi-colored sparkles that are in For Gold Times Sake and Just Busta Mauve!! Multi-colored sparkles + navy blue= SIGN ME UP PLEASE! I was glad that I swatched If The Blue Fits because I ended up wearing it for a few days and then using it as a base for a layering combo you will see soon!

Luckily, this lovely gem only needed two coats. Excellent formula, great application. Just a fantastic polish!

Now, I wanted to mention that these polishes had such an easy to use formula that I did not have to clean up a single bit for these swatches. Not even once. Go back and look at how close I was able to get to the cuticle with no clean up at all whatsoever. Impressive. I love when polishes are that easy to apply.

Overall, I thought these were some of the best Nicole by OPI polishes I have tried. All three of the multi-colored sparkle polishes are totally unique and awesome. The two mirror chromes have a beautiful formula, so I'd definitely recommend buying them if you're looking for those colors!

Nicole by OPI nail lacquers and Nail Treatments contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality. These new Target exclusive shades are available now for $7.04 each at select Target locations nationwide and online at
For more information, visit Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPI and become a Facebook fan!

Product sent for review. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

August 23, 2012

Sephora Punches Up Fall With Color!


A Million Shades of Inspiration
This fall, Sephora invites everyone to see, feel, learn, wear and love color offering a million shades and ways to truly ignite your own color vision. Open your eyes to the many ways Crimson Velvets, Nouveau Purples and Blackest Blacks can be incorporated into any look with the help from Sephora. Find our top product picks at and learn how to create a selection of looks with this season’s hottest colors and most coveted products at-home with the help from Sephora TV,, or at your nearest Sephora Beauty Studio where you can receive your complimentary Express Service.
Explore updated takes on the classic red lip, from a sheer wash of color to a deep painted satin.

“It is easy to add a pop of color to lips with a highly pigmented glaze,” saysSephora PRO Gilbert Soliz. “A laquered lip is the perfect way to start off the fall season.”
Crimson Velvets: Lacquered Lip How-To:
·                  Start by swiping a liquid lipstick, like the MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge in #9 ($24), onto your lower lip with the flat edge of the wand, starting in the center and working your way to the outer edges.
·                  Then, push your lips together with light pressure to spread the color onto the top lip within the lip line.
·                  Next, use the round side of the wand to trace around your cupid’s bow, giving it shape.
·                  To ensure your lip look has an all-around symmetry, tilt your head back to examine the shape and correct the edges where necessary.  Finally, set with the clear gloss.

Discover new ways to play up your eyes and go beyond neutral with rich sweeps of unexpected color.

“This fall, add depth to your look with shades of purple. Make sure to diffuse rich shades with neutral tones in order to create a subtle, soft eye,” says Sara Biria, Sephora PRO.
Nouveau Purples: Soft Eye How-To:
·                  Using a color-coordinating palette, like the SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Alchemy of Color Palette ($34), brush a light purple shadow over lids to create a base.
·                  Then blend a deeper shade of purple into crease and up toward the brow bones, sweeping from the outer to the inner corners.
·                  To enhance eye, wiggle a black liner between top lashes and then smudge a dark purple shadow along upper lash line for added definition. Now sweep a bronze shade along crease to help balance the look.

Embrace The Dark: Blackest Blacks
Transform black lines with sharp flicks, strong strokes, and smoky smudges.

“I love a defined liner for everyday,” says Sephora PRO Lead, Gilbert Soliz. “It is the perfect way to make a statement while also keeping things simple.”
Blackest Blacks: Flicked Liner How-To:
·                  Start by wiggling a black pencil liner like the Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner ($12), between upper lashes.
·                  Now that you have an outline, glide on a thin base of black liquid liner, like the Buxom Pen & Ink Long-Last Eyeliner ($20), from the center of lash lines to the outer corners.
·                  Connect the lines from the inner corners to the center using the very tip of the liquid liner for a clean stroke. Then draw the wing by laying the liner tip flush against the outer corners and dragging inward toward the lash lines.
·                  Finish this subtle look with two coats of mascara, like theSephora Collection Outrageous Mascara ($15).