October 28, 2010

Costume Party Nail Art Look!!

If you couldn't tell, I'm preparing for another huge dance competition. I apologize for the complete lack of posts. I really have been basically dancing and sleeping. My nails have been bare more often recently than they have been in the past two years.

I didn't want to do the typical black nail with the nail art spider web, so I do have a twist on that nail look for you today that is definitely not work/everyday appropriate. This is a Halloween costume party look! I am definitely rocking this Halloween night. It would go perfectly with a witch, vampire, or maybe a mummy costume. All you need is one polish color and a bag of those fake spider webs.

For this crazy spider web look, I did two coats of Color Club Dark Romance (a black creme from last year's Halloween set). After that dried, I applied a thick coat of top coat. While the top coat was still wet, I placed the spider webs on the nail. After the top coat dried, I trimmed the webs to my desired length. This would look cool with white polish or blood-red polish too!

For another version of this look, I think it would be cool if you attached the spider webs to your nails, but then brought them back over your hand and attached them to your wrist with some false eyelash glue. This would be the perfect nail look for a witch costume.

So tell me- what are you being for Halloween???

October 21, 2010

Nail of the Day: China Glaze Medallion

China Glaze Medallion, with flash

Wow... I have been so busy that I have completely been neglecting this blog! Blahhh!!! Sadly, I don't even have time for a super long post today. But I promise, I have a really cool idea for a Halloween mani that will be posted Saturday night, so don't leave me!

China Glaze Medallion, no flash

Today I have some new pictures of a polish that has been discussed here on Never Enough Nails multiple times. But I thought it needed better pictures, so here's two coats of China Glaze Medallion! It looks best with three coats, but really I just didn't have the time today.

China Glaze Medallion, no flash

Honestly that China Glaze 50 Specialty Colors glitter collection was ahead of the trend. It's a great collection and still fits right in with nail trends now. Check it out on 8ty8 Beauty.

October 16, 2010

First Halloween Mani!

I've mentioned my love of Halloween before on this blog, but just in case you missed the message- I seriously love Halloween. I love decorating the outside of the house with ghosts and witches and all of that, I love costumes, I love cheesy Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?). So I plan to show you a few looks that I'm considering wearing on my nails for Halloween.

This is two coats of OPI Tangerine Scene with KO Flatte Black. I really wanted to use my favorite matte black, Knockout Cosmetics Flatte Black in this look, but a different black would have probably worked better. The KO brush is long and just too large for precise nail art lines, so my lines here are kind wobbly. However, I really like the look of the matte black with the shiny orange. And from a slight distance, you really don't notice the fuzzy lines.

This was a really easy look to do, but I actually like it a lot!! I am planning on wearing it again this month, maybe even on Halloween!

KO Cosmetics Flatte Black is available online at Knockout Cosmetics. OPI Tangerine Scene is hard to track down, but it's similar to the more recent release, OPI Flit A Bit.

October 12, 2010

Polish of the Week: OPI You Don't Know Jacques

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, two coats, no flash

OK so we've all seen this one before. However, it's still very much on trend with all the other greige-y, purple-y taupes that are popular right now. OPI You Don't Know Jacques is a great staple to have in your collection.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, two coats, no flash

YDKJ is a taupe creme, in case you haven't heard. It was opaque in two coats and the formula was pure OPI greatness. Some people report seeing some purple tint to the taupe, but on me it looked like milk chocolate. I really don't own many polishes this calm and not bright/glittery/neon/vampy, etc. YDKJ is definitely a good addition to your polish wardrobe if you don't already own it.

OPI You Don't Know Jacques, two coats, no flash

On another note, a follower (thanks girl) let me know that some of my pictures and posts have been copied and posted on another website. I don't mind any readers sharing my posts with others, but please credit me for my own work! If you re-post anything from this blog, please add that it came from Never Enough Nails and link back to this site. I am going to start watermarking my pictures as well. Blah!

I have some good Halloween manis coming up soon, so stay tuned for those!

October 7, 2010

Nail of the Day: Wet&Wild Sparked and Essie Demure Vixen

Wet and Wild Sparked over Essie Demure Vixen, with flash

I've found another $0.89 winner for you!! Wet and Wild Sparked is a seriously packed pink glitter. It only takes one coat of this baby to bling out your nails. Unlike many other glitters out there, you can wear this polish alone in just two coats! Below is a picture of Sparked all by itself.

Wet and Wild Sparked alone, one coat, no flash

I tried one coat of Wet and Wild Sparked over two coats of Essie Demure Vixen. I absolutely love the end result. It's been cloudy and rainy here for about a week, so I felt like I needed some glitter to brighten my day. This worked like a charm!

Wet and Wild Sparked over Essie Demure Vixen, no flash

Application on this was smooth and easy. The glitter went on so evenly with no patchy spots. I could hardly believe this was a glitter. Because I only had to use one coat over the Essie polish, removal wasn't that bad. Overall, for the 89 cents I paid for this, it is AWESOME! It would even be awesome at OPI's price point.

Like I said when I reviewed Wet and Wild Glitz, this company needs to make more glitters ASAP! They are seriously pros at making glitter polish!

Wet and Wild nail polishes are available at drugstores or online at Harmon.

October 1, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Polishes

I got a seriously GIGANTIC amount of make-up from MAC's Venomous Villains collection. I am a huge MAC fan, but I also really love Disney movies and the villains in them. I wish this collection had included Jafar from Aladdin and Ursula from The Little Mermaid (my two favorite villains). However, the collection still rocked and it contains something for everyone.

Let's move on to what you want to see-- the nail polishes! FYI, I've read about the Orly dupes for MAC Formidable! and Mean and Green, but after my Orly Cosmix experience, I decided to go for the MAC versions.

MAC Mean and Green, three coats, sunlight

First up is Mean and Green. I LOVE this!!! This is what I wished Orly Space Cadet was, but for me, Space Cadet did not work out. I'm over it now though, thanks to Mean and Green. This is a gorgeous pink/green/gold-ish multichrome. It is a bit sheer, but three coats looked just beautiful. It looks more sheer in the sunlight pictures than it did in real life. This is one of those polishes you can't stop staring at.

MAC Mean and Green, three coats, shade

MAC Formidable!, three coats, no flash

Formidable! is another winner in my opinion. This is the one that has the other Orly dupe. Formidable! is a brown and blue duochrome that was really hard to capture in pictures. It kinda looks more like sparkly brown in my pictures, but look at the bottle-- it's blue! That's how this polish is in person, it's brown, then changes to blue-brown when you move your hand. If you own MAC blue-brown pigment, Club eye shadow or even Burmese Beauty eyeshadow, you have an idea of what this polish is like. Very cool for fall and super interesting to stare at.

MAC Formidable!, three coats, no flash

MAC Bad Fairy, three coats, shade

Bad Fairy is the polish in this collection that has no purported dupe. It was also very hard to take a good picture of. The weather was cloudy and starting to rain when I took these, so I might try to retake them in sunlight. If you look at the bottle, you can see the gold flashes in the polish. This is such a pretty red/pink/gold multichrome. I'm never a huge fan of reds and pinks, but the gold flash in this really makes it special.

MAC Bad Fairy, three coats, shade

MAC Bad Fairy, three coats, kind of sunlight

Overall, I love these three polishes together. I hated my bottle of Orly Space Cadet, so these satisfied my lemming for the Orly Cosmix. Bad Fairy definitely has no dupe, so grab that if you can find it! I think these are sold out online though, so check your MAC counter/store or websites like Macy's and Nordstrom.

China Glaze 'Tis the Season Preview

Ahhhh! Look at the adorable China Glaze Holiday collection!!! Cute little sets, glitter, peppermint cuticle oil! This has everything!
Read on for details from China Glaze:


Celebrate the Holiday Season with Sugar, Spice and Everything In Between

Los Angeles, CA – (September 2010): Ring in the holidays this year with 16 brand new colors from China Glaze that are sure to bring festive cheer to your hands and feet!

Naughty and Nice: Deeply rich wine crème.
Sugar Plums: Plum shimmer.
Mommy Kissing Santa: Deep cherry red shimmer.
Phat Santa: Red crème.
Ruby Deer: Bright red crème.
Mrs. Claus: Red glitter.
Party Hearty: Green, gold and red chunky glitter.
Mistletoe Kisses: Green glitter.
Jolly Holly: Forest green shimmer.
Peace on Earth: Olive green shimmer.
Little Drummer Boy: Navy blue shimmer.
Jingle Bells: Champagne shimmer.
Midnight Kiss: Gold shimmer.
Cheers to You: Silver shimmer.
Frosty: White frosty shimmer.
Snow: White crème.

Certain colors will also be available in the following gift sets:

Celebrate in Style Collection: Includes Little Drummer Boy, Peace on Earth, Mommy Kissing Santa, Jingle Bells and a holiday necklace.
Merry Mint Set: Includes Naughty and Nice, Mrs. Claus and a complimentary China Glaze Peppermint Oil.
Rejoice Set: Includes Mistletoe Kisses, Mrs. Claus and a special red holiday candle.
Cheers to You: Includes Midnight Kisses, Cheers to you and a China Glaze shot glass.
Dreamin’ of a Green Christmas: Includes Mistletoe Kisses, Midnight Kiss and Jolly Holly.
Oh, Ruby Deer: Includes Sugar Plums, Ruby Deer and a stuffed animal.
Peppermint Kisses with Holiday Wishes: Includes Mrs. Claus, Phat Santa, Snow and Frosty.

The 16 seasonal colors will be available for a limited time only, so catch them fast before the holidays are over. "