October 8, 2019

Zoya Sensual Collection Fall 2019, Swatches & Review!

*Sent for review*

Happy October! We are a little over a week into fall and the weather here has finally started to feel more autumnal. Leaves are falling and I am ready for cozy sweater weather and fall nail colors! Today I have swatches and a review of the Zoya Sensual Fall 2019 collection. First up we have Zoya Joss, a cozy looking warm pink creme. It's a neutral leaning pink with lots of beige. Very work appropriate and perfect for all seasons.

This is two easy coats of Joss. It was very pigmented and went on smoothly. Great formula all around.

Zoya Kinsley is a slightly pinky toned chocolate creme. It's a nice mix of brown and pink tones an should be flattering on a wide variety of skin tones.

Again, this is two highly pigmented and effortless coats. No streaking or any problems to note.

Zoya Foster is a warm chocolate brown creme. If you don't have a good warm brown creme, they are a must for fall and can be perfect in all sorts of fall nail art. This one has a little rosy undertone to it and looks very rich.

This is two coats again and fantastic formula! These really all have such a great consistency, making for very easy application.

Next up is Zoya Briar, a terra-cotta red/pink creme. It's hard to decide if this is red or pink, it's a bit of both with a hint of dustiness that makes it a unique shade all around. Beautiful fall color, I will be rocking this for my next pedicure.

Same great two-coater formula! Pretty effortless to apply.

Zoya Margaret is a bright rusty red creme. It has some brown undertones so it's not a straight fire engine red, more of an autumn leaf red. This one would also be great in some fall nail art! Adding this to my list of upcoming pedi shades as well. 

This was two coats and was nicely pigmented. I did find it to be a hair thinner than the other formulas, and it ran into my cuticles on a couple nails. So just don't load up your brush with too much of the polish and you'll be good to go!

Zoya Rashida is that glowing fiery red shimmer that everyone loves around this time of year. I don't wear a lot of red polish, but when we get to November and December, this is exactly what I want. It looks like it's lit from within. The shimmer is so smooth and pearly. The color is a true red, without leaning too orange or too blue.

This one was three thin coats. You could definitely do two and be fine, but I thought the third brought out this gorgeous shimmer a bit more. The formula was excellent, nice and easy to apply!

Zoya Etta is my favorite of the collection! What says fall and winter more than this shimmery deep cranberry? Zoya calls this one "vampy cabernet with a hint of violet micro pearl", I just love that description. The shimmer has that lit from within look and just glows on your nails. If you can only get one from this collection, I highly recommend Etta!

This was just two easy coats too!! I didn't even have to do any clean-up and I love that for such a vampy shade. The formula was the perfect consistency and very easy to control.

Zoya Ripley is a stunning and unique shade of deep plum. I can't think of another polish in my collection that is this exact hue. Zoya calls it a "rich boysenberry" creme. It has some hints of red in it, but also some blue tones somehow. It's a nicely balanced purple and really velvety-looking.  If boysenberries are as delicious as this looks, I guess I better try to find some in the store ASAP.

Two highly pigmented coats! Nice to apply, maybe a slight tendency to flood the cuticles if you load up the brush too much.

This smoky gray purple is Zoya Michaela. Another lovely winter color, this one feels nice and cozy. It's deep and sultry, but also has some neutral taupe tones, so it feels classy too. I think this is going to be one of those classic winter colors for years to come.

Two super easy coats again! Loving the flawless formulas in this collection.

I love purple polish and I'm finding it fascinating how totally different all of the purples in this collection are from each other. Zoya Vesper is a dusty blue-grey purple creme. Completely different in tone and warmth than the other purple cremes. This one is very cool and blue-toned, but still vampy. Vesper is another great shade for winter!

Yet another fabulous two-coater. A+ formula Zoya!

If you've been reading this blog for 5 minutes, you already know I am obsessed with any and every deep dark blue shades. So it's no surprise that I absolutely love Zoya Elliot! Zoya calls this one a "blackened peacock blue" and that is a perfect description. It's like almost a slightly teal leaning blue, but very very dark. Gorgeous and sultry, just my type for fall! 

This was two easy coats as well and no running into my cuticles. I always appreciate a dark polish that is easy to apply. Sometimes I find them to be messy, but not Elliot.

Last but definitely not least, Zoya Ashton is a sparkly charcoal with silver specks. This is a very cool polish, it looks like the silver sparkles are jumping right out of the deep charcoal base. I bet this would look amazing with a matte top coat, I think I'll have to try that soon.

I'm a broken record in this post, but this was two coats and it was a dream to apply. No problems to speak of and nice pigmentation. Overall, the formulas in this collection were stellar and there wasn't a truly bad one in the bunch.

Which of the Zoya Sensual polishes are you eyeing? My top two favorites are Etta and Elliot, but I honestly love all of the darker ones and the red ones! Neutrals, pinks, and browns are never my personal favorites, but if you love them, you can't go wrong with the formulas in this collection, so go for it!

The Zoya Sensual collection is available now on zoya.com.