December 13, 2018

Lynnderella 2018 Advent Polishes, Part 1!

*Sent for review*

Hi all! Hope you are having a great holiday season so far. I have some of the 2018 Lynnderella Advent polishes for you today and will have a few more in a second post. Lynnderella 12-1-18 HopeBeast is made with "shifting chameleon glitter and flakes as well as subtle holographic accents". It is a very shifty polish, I saw dark blue, teal, purple, pink, and green. Lots of fun to stare at and I think it will layer beautifully over a dark base as well. This is two coats over bare nails.

Lynnderella 12-2-18 Mommy's Little Elfster is the perfect warm red shimmer for Christmas. The hints of orange are really great on my skin tone. This was two perfect and easy coats.

Lynnderella 12-7-18 Christmas Cardi is a shocking pink shimmer. This neon pink is on the warmer side, so it looks coral at times. I think this is my new favorite neon and I love that it's unconventional for Christmas. Two coats!

Now this is a festive mani! One coat of Lynnderella 12-9-18 Holoday Houseguests over Christmas Cardi. Lynnderella's glitter toppers are still my favorite thing that she does and this one doesn't disappoint. This is a holiday party in a bottle complete with "holographic multiglitter with a shifty blue-pink and lavender multishimmer as well as holographic nanoglitter accents".

Lynnderella 12-14-18 Pinkerdoodle reminds me of pink and green peppermint candies. It is a pink holo microglitter with red, green, and pink accents. This is giving me a craving for peppermint stick ice cream with hot fudge on top! Two coats!

All of the 2018 Lynnderella Advent polishes are available now on the Lynnderella eBay store and Amazon store. I will be posting more soon!

December 12, 2018

Zoya Winter Holos Preview!

Are you a HOLO fan!? You may recognize one of these gorgeous shades (Zoya in Brighton), but the other two are brand new! If you’ve had holographic nail polish on your mind, then our Winter Holos are everything you’ve wished for.
Three must-have holos in the popular long-wearing Zoya Nail Polish formula. Multidimensional, micro holographic glitter adds complexity and depth to each hue. Right in time for the HOLO-days! 
Winter Holo details:
Brighton (ZP883) Can best be described as a full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude. 
Everly (ZP884) Can best be described as a full coverage, diamond holographic fuchsia red. 
Cadence (ZP885) Can best be described as a full coverage, diamond holographic classic pink. 

November 23, 2018

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October 12, 2018

Sally Hansen Color Whirl in Marble-ous

*Sent for review*
I have the new Sally Hansen Color Whirl in the shade "Marble-ous" for you today. Marble-ous is one of two Color Whirl polishes that are to be used on top of any of the regular Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes to create a spotted, marbled effect. Here's what Sally Hansen says about the Color Whirl polishes-
"Miracle Gel Color Whirl is a polish “overcoat” that creates a marble effect over any Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, so you’ll still get the great chip resistant gel-like wear you expect, but now with an eye-catching design! Miracle Gel Color Whirl is available in two color-transforming shades, Steam Punk and Marble-ous, that work with the Miracle Gel 2-step system giving you a new salon-inspired look in just one swipe, right in the comfort of your own home!"

I tried Sally Hansen Marble-ous over two different Miracle Gel shades. The first is a classic black creme, Sally Hansen Blacky-O. I think this is such a perfect spooky Halloween mani! It looks aged and kind of decrepit, like a haunted house. I'm not sure if this would be an every day kind of mani for me, but it's definitely something I will rock at this time of year when ghouls and goblins abound!

I also tried Marble-ous over Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Good Cheer-y, a shimmering cherry red. This also makes a really interesting Halloween nail look, kind of gory looking, right?

The key to getting some good marbling with this polish is to use a really really thin coat. You must wipe the brush off on both sides and try to cover the whole nail in just one or two swipes. If you go back over any part a second time, it sort of closes up the spots and smooshes them together. I finished both of these looks with one layer of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat. Sally Hansen made a video tutorial for using the Color Whirl shades that I found to be helpful. You can check that out here.

After trying Marble-ous, I am planning on picking up the black Color Whirl shade, Steam Punk. I think it would look so cool over orange for Halloween! If you're looking for something fun and different to add to your collection, definitely check out these new Color Whirl toppers.

Sally Hansen Color Whirl and Miracle Gel polishes are available at a CVS, Walgreens, or Ulta store near you!

September 22, 2018

Zoya Element Fall 2018 Swatches and Review!

*Sent for review*

I can't believe we are just a few days away from fall- crunchy leaves, pumpkin everything, Halloween decorations, and Zoya's Element collection! The Element collection has some great vampy shades, two amazing metallic foil-like shades, and some cozy looking pinks and berries. Zoya Devin is a gorgeous purple-y blue foil with multi-colored shimmer. I love the contrast of the steel blue with gold, blue and orange shimmers. This is a really unique and interesting shade and Zoya does this kind of foil sparkly goodness better than anyone.

This is three thin coats. I did find the first coat to be a little sheer and patchy, but then it built up well. I used one layer of top coat for shine.

Zoya Rumor ended up being more exciting to me once it was on my nails. In the bottle, I thought it was just a standard light pink, but I found it to be a cool smoky gray-toned pink on my nails. A little more grungy than a typical pink polish. Zoya calls it "mauve taupe", kind of a cross between pink and a neutral. Definitely a fall version of a pale pink.

This was actually pretty opaque in one coat, but I did two and think it looks better with the second coat. The formula was good, but could have a tendency to streak, so make sure you let the first coat dry before applying the second.

Zoya Jenna is a pretty medium pink creme. Zoya calls it a "dusty rose pink". This isn't one of the most typical fall colors in the collection, but it's lovely for sure.

Jenna is almost a one-coater. I did two, really out of habit, but I'm sure many of you could do just one and be happy. It is very pigmented and nicely self-leveling. A+ formula!

Zoya Ruthie reminds me of a really soft fuzzy sweater. Zoya describes this as a "raspberry rose cream". If I were going to reach for a pink creme to wear in the fall, this is the one. 

The pigmentation was great with this one too. Another possible one-coater depending on your application. This one also self-leveled very nicely.

Ahhhhh, I love Zoya's shimmers. They are just always so perfect and pretty. They do soft shimmers like no one else. Zoya Maryann is a perfect example. This is a warm rosewood pink with ribbons of golden sheen. The shimmer is understated and just adds such a nice glow to the polish.

This is two coats of Maryann. The formula is very good, just make sure each coat dries before applying the next coat, or you may see a brushstroke or two.

Zoya Kendra is a wine colored creme, a red-toned purple. Zoya calls it a "marsala" creme and it's a really great option for fall. It's dark, but not too vampy, and I bet it will look amazing on all kinds of skin tones.

This is two coats of Kendra. It had perfect coverage and an excellent formula. I would highly recommend grabbing this one!

What fall collection would be complete without an oxblood creme? Zoya Alyssa is a rich burgundy with hints of purple and brown. This is my favorite kind of color for my toes this time of year, and you had better believe it's on my toes right now! 

The formula on this one was little on the thin side, so just don't load too much on to the brush. I did three thin coats. It would likely be opaque in two, but I wanted to avoid pooling at my cuticles.

Zoya Donnie is described as a "purple-toned sangria" creme. It's a nice mix of purple and pink, dark enough to feel like a fall color, but also a nice pop of brightness in this collection.

This is two coats of Donnie. It was thinner, but not as much as Alyssa, so no problems with pooling. Good formula overall.

Zoya Rachael is another classically fall color for me, a deep vampy cranberry color. As soon as I see a leaf on the ground and get a hint of a crisp breeze, I break out colors like this. This one has a nice dark purple-y base and doesn't lean too brown on me. I think that makes it more flattering for me personally. 

Rachael seemed like it would be perfect in two coats, but it had some patches that were a little more translucent looking, so I ended up doing a third coat. The formula was a nice consistency though, not too thick or runny.

Zoya Leighton is a gorgeous vampy blackberry creme. Zoya calls it a "deeply saturated blackened aubergine cream". I see more blue tones mixed in with the purple and I think it's actually a pretty unique shade. I have lots of super dark blues or super dark purples, but this is a real balance of the two.

Two easy coats, great formula! I love when super dark colors are easy to apply!

Zoya Maeve is a lovely grape creme, with both red and blue undertones. This is another kind of color I reach for a lot in the fall, I'm a big sucker for purples! My camera, however, hates capturing purples accurately, so I ended up taking these pictures on my phone. They're much more accurate than the camera photos for some reason.

This is two easy coats of Maeve. Fantastic formula here!

Ahhhhhh, last, but most certainly not least, is the gorgeous Zoya Gardner! Zoya describes this beauty as "deep periwinkle with a vibrant magenta shimmer in a dense foil finish". It's so vibrant and the pink shimmer really shows up in person. This is such a standout shade in this collection. Hands down my favorite!

And guess what? Two easy, perfect coats! It applied effortlessly and was the perfect consistency. This will be my new go to for fast fall manis.

Overall, I love the selection of classic fall colors in this collection, as well as the twists like Gardner. My personal favorite is Gardner, followed closely by Devin and Leighton. What are your favorites from this collection?

The Zoya Element collection is available now at Zoya.