October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

I've been super busy with work, so sorry about the late post. And I did this mani at 1 AM, so sorry about the bad gradient! Nothing makes me wish I were a kid again more than Halloween and this Halloween it seems more so than usual. I hate working on Halloween, I think we should have it off!!

Polishes used- old Color Club black creme, OPI Angel with a Lead Foot (white), Sally Hansen Tribal Sun (orange), Sally Hansen Lightening (yellow). Tools used- dotting tools and sponge.

 Hope your Halloween was spookier than mine!

October 30, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 17!

*Sent for review*

As always, I have a gorgeous Lynnderella Friday post for you today! Lynnderella Foudre For Thought features holographic lightening bolt glitter!! I haven't seen lightening bolt glitters before, so this was exciting to me! Foudre For Thought is a lilac pink holo microglitter with larger glitter accents, including lavender pink circle glitter, bright pink stars and of course, lightening bolts. 

This is two coats of Foudre For Thought. It's nicely opaque and applied well. The lightening bolts came out of the bottle on their own, I didn't have to fish for them and they lay nice and flat on the nail.

Lynnderella A Fine Romance is an older LE that I'm just trying now. It reminds me of delicate lace! This has an assortment of matte white glitter, translucent red glitter, hot pink glitters and metallic fuchsia microglitter in a shimmery clear base.

This is just one coat over OPI Mod About You (my go to pale pink!). I love this combo and A Fine Romance was easy to work with.

*Sent for review*

I will have a Halloween post tomorrow, so never fear if you're all about Halloween right now!!

These limited edition Lynnderellas are available now on lynnderella.com and lynnderella.storenvy.com.
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As always, if you're looking for a specific Lynnderella and can't seem to find it for sale, definitely email lynnderellalacquer@gmail.com and Paul can help you!

October 27, 2015

New Zoya Winter/Holiday MatteVelvet Swatches!!

*Sent for review*

I am so excited to show you these swatches today!! I have the new Zoya MatteVelvets for Winter/Holiday, and I am feeling like the holiday season is coming soon! The MatteVelvet finish is a personal favorite of mine, matte with beautiful shimmer flecks. This collection has shades that are sure to become holiday staples for me. First up is Zoya Sue, a soft shimmering matte pale champagne. This is like your favorite cozy winter white sweater turned into a nail polish. It has a light touch of gold to warm it up and the shimmer is really beautiful.

This is three thin coats of Sue. It was easy to apply and dried quickly (yay!). I had a little VNL after two thin coats, so I added a third and it was nicely opaque. I love these MatteVelvets when I am in a rush and just need to slap something on, so it's nice to see that the formula still allows me to do that!

Zoya Iris is a spectacular red-based purple shimmering matte. Zoya says it's a "deep amethyst with fuchsia pearl flecks". It is like a juicy red-grape juice purple, my favorite kind of purple.

This is two easy coats of Iris. It applied really well and was nicely opaque.

I didn't really see the "fuchsia pearl flecks" until I decided to top coat this one. OH MY GAWD this is gorgeous!!!!! I think I will be wearing this one with top coat sometimes!!

Zoya Honor is so quintessentially "holiday" to me, I can practically hear the jingle bells. Honor is a real emerald green matte with emerald green shimmer flecks. The color is just so perfect! If you are a green lover like me, you will need this one!

This is two coats of Honor. It applied well and was opaque, but I kind of forgot to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second. This is important with these MatteVelvets to get the smoothest finish.

Zoya Aspen makes me long for the first time I look out the window and see a blanket of sparkling snow covering the world. If you have any plans for a snow-themed mani this holiday season, you need Aspen. It is snow as a nail polish. It's crisp, super white, bright, and sparkling. Zoya aptly describes it as an "arctic" white.

This is three thin coats of Aspen. You could probably do two and have it be opaque, it is pretty well pigmented. It was easy to apply and not streaky. I bet this one would look great top coated too!

In the category of polishes that will live on my nails this holiday season, we have Zoya Amal. Amal is a classic bright true red with red pearl flecks and maybe a hint of gold pearl (you can kind of see that in the pic below, on the right). I am already imagining holiday manis with this, Honor and Aspen.  This is going to be a really flattering color on a wide variety of skin tones.

This is two easy coats of Amal. It's nice and pigmented and was very easy to apply. I barely did any clean up with this one.

Last but definitely not least is Zoya Yves. Zoya describes Yves as a "deep sapphire that's midway in between indigo and royal blue with a blue pearl fleck". Midway between indigo and royal blue sounds about right to me. It's a really rich and deep blue, but it also looks almost bright sometimes. You will never confuse this one with black, just a nice jewel-toned, but dark blue.

This is two coats of Yves. It was easy to apply, dried quickly, and required very little clean up. Really perfect for those last minute holiday get-togethers.

*Sent for review*

This collection is so perfect as a holiday collection. I just want it to be snowing and to listen to Christmas music after swatching these! I love them all, but I think Iris, Yves and Honor are my top 3. I am already a huge fan of MatteVelvets, but even if you don't like them, these have a lot of potential with shiny top coat.

The MatteVelvets are available now at zoya.com.

October 23, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 16!

*Sent for review*

We made it to Friday!! Here we are, just about a week away from Halloween, so I have some more Halloween Lynnderellas for you! First up is the new Halloween duo, Lynnderella Hexy Hexen-Beast and Druidella. This was my mani for the past five days and I just never wanted to take it off. Hexy Hexen-Beast is SO sparkly and Druidella is a warm reddish orange with holo microglitter accents. Hexy Hexen-Beast is the most fabulous silver holo microglitter with silver holo accents and small accent glitters in all the best Halloween colors (primarily purple, orange and green).

This is two coats of Druidella and two of Hexy Hexen-Beast. Both were very easy to work with and I can't wait to wear them again!!

I have been lusting after Lynnderella Druzy Bronze for awhile, but along came Lynnderella Pink Copper Druzy and I think it has temporarily satisfied my Druzy craving! Pink Copper Druzy is a complex polish, with color changing flakes, pink and green shimmer, copper bronze glitters, etc. Lynnderella says it contains "copper-bronze iridescent colour-shifting flakes, multiglitter accents and yellow micro flakes in a shifty pink- and green-shimmered clear base".

This is one coat of Pink Copper Druzy over Sephora Formula X Alchemy. This polish is also opaque on it's own in about 3 coats. It is easy to apply and has a great consistency.

OK, we all know that Lynn's glitter toppers are my absolute favorites. Several years ago there was a great Halloween LE called Tricky Little Treat that was my favorite polish at the time. Here we are in 2015 and Lynnderella has made a little sister for TLT, called Tricky Treat! Tricky Treat is even better than Tricky Little Treat, in my opinion! It has lots of blue-violet glitters, as well as a smattering got orange, red, green and holographic glitters.  The base is beautifully shimmering with a blue-violet sheen. It's like the perfect Halloween polish!

This is one coat of Tricky Treat over black. I used the dabbing method to apply it and it was easy to work with. Despite the amount of glitter in this one, it had a nice (not at all thick) consistency.

Tricky Treat can also be worn alone in three coats (see below)!

We have a winner in the "Best Name" category- Lynnderella Miss Kitty LaMeow. Miss Kitty LaMeow is a gray lavender holo microglitter with some small holo glitter accents. This is a gorgeous smoky shade of gray lavender. It's sort of a neutral, but with more impact. Very pretty!

This is three thin coats of Miss Kitty LaMeow. It applied really well and was nicely opaque. I think I'll reach for this one a lot.

*Sent for review*

These limited edition Lynnderellas are available now on lynnderella.com and lynnderella.storenvy.com.
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As always, if you're looking for a specific Lynnderella and can't seem to find it for sale, definitely email lynnderellalacquer@gmail.com and Paul can help you!

October 22, 2015

Zoya Fall BOGO!!

The leaves are changing, and so should your nails! Fall in love with the colors of the season with an awesome autumn BOGO. Now you can Buy One Get One FREE on select shades from the Fall Nail Polish Page HERE, for a limited time only.

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Fun with Halloween Decals!

*Sally Hansen polish sent for review*

I somehow lose track of October every year. I always think I have all this time to do Halloween manis and decorate the house for Halloween, but then all of a sudden, it's October 22nd and I haven't done anything!! So I decided I HAD to do a Halloween mani today. I ordered these decals from Born Pretty Store last October but got them after Halloween, so I hadn't tried them yet. I used Sally Hansen Tribal Sun as my base, it's a perfect pumpkin orange!

I love these decals. I know some people aren't crazy about them, but I think they're fun for holidays and quick festive manis. I used a witch glitter and some small glitters from a loose mix Lynnderella sent out with the Halloween duo (post coming tomorrow!!) on my middle nail. The end result is cute and great to get me in the Halloween spirit!

These water decals are available at Born Pretty Store. I hopefully will have some more Halloween manis coming up!

October 18, 2015

China Glaze Wood You Wanna? and Take a Hike Swatches!

*Purchased by me*

I picked up a few colors from the China Glaze Fall 2015 The Great Outdoors collection and I have two of them for you today. This chocolate-y shimmer is China Glaze Wood You Wanna?. This is the main polish I knew I wanted instantly after I saw this collection. It's a warm-toned almost reddish hued brown shimmer with silver flakes. It's really beautiful for fall, the shimmer is very complex.

Wood You Wanna? could easily be a one coater! I didn't realize how opaque it was, so I ended up doing two, but I'd probably wear just one next time. It applied like a dream!

China Glaze Take a Hike is a great dark forest green creme. It has some blue undertones, but it's definitely green in every light. You all know I love a good green and this is a little different from others in my collection. I have some dark forest greens, but they tend to look too dark, while this one stays a great murky green.

This is two coats, but again, it could be a one coater if you're careful. It's very pigmented and was great to apply. I am impressed with the formula of both of these!

Well if these two polishes are a representation of the China Glaze fall collection, I think I should have ordered more! I have two more coming up soon for you, so stay tuned for those. This collection is available now at Ulta.com and it's currently buy one get one free!