January 20, 2010

Spring Nude Nails with L'Oreal

I'm not sure if any true nail polish addicts actually care about the nude nail trend for Spring 2010, but here's a polish in case you plan to try this trend! The nude nail trend was seen all over the runways at Fashion Week in New York and is also showing up on celebrities hitting the red carpet. The goal of this trend is to try to make your polish match your skin tone. For reference, I am an NW15 in MAC foundation, Classic Ivory in Cover Girl products, and Light Ivory in Maybelline.
The nude polish in today's post is L'Oreal Sand Castle.

L'Oreal Sand Castle, three coats, no flash

As you can see, this is pretty close to my skin color. In real life it's a tad darker, but close enough. In the summer, I bet it would be almost perfect. This is a polish my mom bought for work and I can see it being very useful for someone who can't wear bright or too dark color polish to work. I tend not to wear colors like this because they do elongate the hands and fingers. I have super long bony fingers that look like skeleton hands with light polish colors LOL, so no elongating is needed for me.

L'Oreal Sand Castle, three coats, no flash, blurry due to lack of light, sorry!

I own very few nude polishes, so it would be easy for me to show you all of them, I'm thinking in a series called "Spring Nude Nails". But my question to you is- do you care? Are you going to try to find a nude polish close to your skin tone or will you keep rocking whatever color polish you feel like and not give a hoot about trends?

L'Oreal Sand Castle is available at drugstores and Stop and Shop!


Paige said...

You should totally do Spring Nude Nails! I am going to buy a nude polish and try out the trend for sure!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks for your input gildedangel! You'll be interested in the article I'm about to post about right now!