April 26, 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 Preview!

It’s time to embark on a new adventure in Summer color with Zoya Wanderlust. Featuring an exciting assortment of full-coverage classic creams and hip accent shades to really rev up your Summer nail polish wardrobe. Plus, three new stunning lipsticks.

·      Esty (ZP894): a muted fuchsia pink cream. 
·      Byrdie (ZP893): a rich bubble gum pink cream. 
·      Winnie (ZP895): a soft watermelon pink cream.
·      Mandy (ZP899): a shimmering berry pink.
·      Sonja (ZP892): a summery crimson red cream. 
·      Journey (ZP900): a shimmering strawberry red. 
·      Cora (ZP896): a muted coral cream. 
·      Sawyer (ZP897): a soft taffy orange cream. 
·      Scout (ZP901): a shimmering moss green. 
·      Arbor (ZP902): a rich olive green cream. 
AVAILABLE May 15, 2017. ZOYA.COM $10ea.(US) 

·      Kitty (ZLS16): a neutral pink. 
·      Kirby (ZLS17): A bright watermelon pink. 
·      Kay (ZLS18): a creamy sheer red.
AVAILABLE May 15, 2017. ZOYA.COM $12ea.(US) 


April 25, 2017

Ever After Purr-Fect

 *Purchased by me*

I'm still trying to get through a back log of polishes I didn't swatch over the winter and I really wanted to post this one. NYC Polish Con is this Saturday and one of the vendors I am most excited about seeing is Ever After Polish. This beauty is Ever After Purr-Fect, from the Tonic Polish/Ever After Sweetheart Quartet for Valentine's Day. Purr-Fect is a shifting magician, with colors ranging from gray-toned purple, to gunmetal, to a strong green glow. It's also got tons of linear holo rainbow-y goodness. This is one of those polishes that is super distracting to look at and should come with a warning- Do Not Drive and Stare At Your Nails. 

This was two coats and the formula was just perfect. Buttery goodness, nice and opaque, just excellent all around. I only have a few Ever Afters right now, but I am loving all of them and quite looking forward to expanding my collection this weekend!

Purr-Fect is no longer available on the Ever After site, but I have seen it for sale a few times in various Facebook groups. You can find more Ever After nail polish on http://everafterpolish.bigcartel.com.

If you are going to Polish Con, let me know!! Would love to meet you! I will post photos of the con on Instagram during the day Saturday and do a little recap post on Monday.

April 17, 2017

My Picks from China Glaze Spring Fling 2017!

 *Purchased by me*
Happy Monday 😐. I had a three day weekend and now am not into starting this week! Today I have my two picks from the China Glaze Spring Fling collection. Spring is not my favorite polish season, so the collection as a whole wasn't too exciting to me. However, I really like the two I picked up! China Glaze Too Much of a Good Fling is a mint green creme. I think it's a little more green leaning than my pictures show, the top picture is the most accurate. It does have some blue tones to it though, it's not like a spearmint green. I have a burning need to purchase every mint green creme ever, so I love this, of course, but it's not really a ground-breaking polish color.

This is two coats and it was nice and easy to apply. Some mint cremes can need three coats, or be streaky or patchy. If you are in need of a mint green creme with a better formula, I would definitely recommend this one!

My second pick from this collection is China Glaze Don't Teal My Vibe. Don't Teal My Vibe is a glowing teal shimmer. It's nicely balanced between blue and green, so really deserving of it's teal moniker. Again, I am not really sure that this is a totally unique shade, but I do like it and it's lovely for spring.

This was also two coats. It is a little brushstroke-y, but I think that is more obvious in the pictures than in person. In person, the glow-y shimmer sort of blinds you to the brushstrokes.

I may also pick up Crushin' on Blue from this collection. It looks like a relative of my beloved China Glaze Frostbite, so I may cave on that. Other than that, I think the other shades are a skip. Did you pick up any Spring Fling shades yet or do you have any you are eyeing?

The China Glaze Spring Fling collection is available now at Ulta online.

April 14, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 76!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday!! It's Good Friday and I have the day off today, so excited! It's a long time since I've had a day off, so I am in need of some extra rest! Today I have a stunning new polish for you, Lynnderella Diamond Fluorite. Lynnderella describes this one as "silver holographic microglitter with shifty violet-to-green chameleon accents and matching green and violet shimmer". It is a really extra holographic silver and the green and violet accents are so beautiful. They really pop out of the silver. This isn't particularly Easter-y, but I might wear it this weekend anyway because it's so beautiful!

Aside from being gorgeous, this was also super easy to apply and opaque in two coats! Yay!!!

Lynnderella Diamond Fluorite is available now at the Lynnderella eBay store. More beautiful Lynnderella nail polish is available at lynnderella.com and on Amazon.

April 10, 2017

Tonic Polish Sweet Pea

*Purchased by me*

Ugh, Monday! Hopefully my post today will brighten up your Monday a bit. We're finally getting some spring weather, so I am breaking out all of the spring polish shades. Tonic Polish Sweet Pea is from the Ever After and Tonic Polish Sweetheart Quartet that came out for Valentine's Day. Sweet Pea is a gorgeous minty jade green with pink to gold contrasting shimmer and scattered holo particles. This shade of green is pretty unique, it's not mint, it's not quite pastel. It's perfect for spring and I'm in love with the strong pink gold shimmer!

This was three thin coats of Sweet Pea, but if you do slightly thicker coats, you could easily just do two. Application was great, no troubles at all. I find that the Tonic Polish formula is a little on the thick side, I believe she has said this is on purpose. I never find the slight thickness to be a problem during application, but it's worth a mention.

This is no longer available through the Ever After site where it was originally sold, but I have seen it for sale in various polish groups on Facebook, including Nearly No Rules and the Tonic group. I highly recommend snagging it if you can!

April 7, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 75!

 *Sent for review*

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the silence around here lately... the whole month of March was crazy, then I was kind of sick, then my dance school hosted our spring competition... it's just been non-stop. I ended up with no extra blogging energy. But I should be pretty much back in action now and I have some glittery treats for you to start with. Lynnderella Pretty Lilac a Peach is a lovely pale lavender pink holo nano glitter with lavender and darker pink accent glitters. Lynnderella describes it as "multishimmered peach holographic nanoglitter with small accents as well as lilac and peach shimmer". On me it leans more to more of a cool pink, rather than a peach, but it has some peachiness in it depending on the light.

This is two coats. It's pretty smooth since it's nano glitter, so this is just one layer of top coat. Application was great!

My new favorite Lynnderella is Lynnderella Mintspiration. I am pretty obsessed with wearing mint polish in the spring and what is better than mint glitter?! Mintspiration is a mint holographic microglitter with lots of pink shimmer and iridescent green flakes. I love those tiny green flakes, they are so pretty!! The pink shimmer is pretty obvious, it adds a pink glow to the polish that is really beautiful.

This is two coats and application was a breeze. I used one layer of top coat, but you might want a second since it is microglitter, a little more textured than nano glitter. I love this one and put it on immediately for a full mani!

Mintspiration and Pretty Lilac a Peach are both available at the Lynnderella eBay store. Lynnderella nail polish is also available at lynnderella.com and Amazon.