I thought it might be helpful to have a FAQ page here! Please feel free to email me any more questions you might have.

Where are you from?
I live in Connecticut. Sometimes we don't have the greatest weather, but I do love it here!!

How old are you?
I am currently 30.

When and how did you get into nail polish?
I got my love of nail polish from my mom. For as long as I can remember, we've had lots of polish around the house. I started painting my own nails at the age of 6, with Barbie peel off polish! My mom now loves my large collection and we have fun planning our next manis together!

What kind of lighting do you use for your photos?
I always use natural light for my photos, as I believe it sometimes provides a more realistic picture of how the polish will look when you wear it. I take 99% of my photos outside, but will occasionally show a photo taken indoors if it gives you a better idea of the color or finish of a polish. There are a few old pictures on the blog that were taken with flash, but I do not use flash for photos now.

Email me at neverenoughnails@gmail.com if you'd like any other questions answered here!