May 29, 2015

Zoya Summer Island Fun 2015 Swatches and Review!

*Sent for review*

Today I had the pleasure of swatching the Zoya Island Fun Summer 2015 collection. It really was a pleasure- the colors are gorgeous and the formulas are some of Zoya's best ever. First up is my new favorite creme, Zoya Cecelia. Cecelia is the most beautiful teal creme, the perfect balance of green with hints of blue. This color is just everything I want in a summer polish. It makes me feel like I am about to go on a beach vacation. I can't think of a dupe for this. Other teals in my collection are more blue or darker/dustier. Cecelia is a Must Have for me, for sure!

This is three thin coats of Cecelia, although I think most people will be fine with two coats. It is very nicely pigmented and easy to apply. I found the consistency of most of the Island Fun polishes to be a little thicker than some other Zoyas, but in a good way. It makes them easier to control with little risk of flooding the cuticles.

Zoya Nana is a bright berry fuchsia creme. This is a classic vibrant summer pink. It has a great super glossy look to it all by itself (though I did use top coat in these pictures). Nana is a great bright pink alternative for those who maybe don't love neons.

This is two easy coats of Nana. Application was great, I am really impressed with the formula of these!

Zoya Serenity is a pretty medium purple with blue tones. Zoya says it is "reminiscent of beautiful, blooming irises, a harbinger of summer!". It definitely does remind me of purple irises and I do love those in the summer. Serenity is a great purple creme for year round, not just the summer.

This is two coats and application was nice and easy. Great opacity and nice consistency.

This lovely grassy green creme is Zoya Jace. Zoya calls this a "modern tropical green". I like that description because Jace definitely makes me think of being surrounded by plants, like in a greenhouse or maybe a tropical jungle! I love that this isn't a super bright or neon green, yet it still feels so summery and fresh. I also think it's a very wearable green, even for those who maybe don't wear much green on their nails.

This is three coats of Jace. The formula was a little less even than the other Island Fun polishes, maybe a little streak prone. I also thought it was slightly less pigmented than the others. It wasn't bad or a struggle at all, but it just wasn't as effortless as some of the others.

*Sigh*. Just looking at Zoya Talia makes me more relaxed. One look at this and I conjure up images of sitting poolside and sipping a pineapple coconut something-or-other. Talia is a beautiful blue turquoise creme. It's nice and bright, but not in your face or over the top. Now I just need to book a great  vacation so I can wear this while sitting poolside, haha!

This is two lovely coats. Easy to apply, great consistency and perfect opacity. A real winner!

Zoya Demetria is a bright red creme with hints of orange. It's definitely a summer red, like bright poppy flowers. You all know I'm not a huge fan of red, but I actually want to wear this sometime soon. It's really pretty and looks great with my skin tone. It seems like it will be flattering on a lot of people as well.

This is two coats of Demetria. One coat gives you sort of a jelly look, and you could really wear it at one coat if you like the squishy look with some VNL. Two coats provides full coverage. This was a little thinner in consistency, so don't load up your brush too much. I flooded my cuticles on the first nail I did, but then I got the hang of it and it was fine.

*Sent for review*

Overall, I love the Island Fun collection a LOT!! I think Zoya's formula here is just lovely, it has that slightly thicker gel-like consistency that is so easy to apply. The colors are so beautiful and summery, while also being flattering and totally wearable. My top favorites are Cecelia and Talia, but I really like them all!

The Zoya Island Fun collection is available now at

May 24, 2015

Binx's 2 Year Adoptaversary Mani!

*Sent for review*

Yesterday marked 2 years since the day I brought baby Binx home from the shelter. He was such a scrawny little kitten, with scruffy looking fur, spindly legs and chewed-off whiskers, courtesy of his brother. He's really grown into a gorgeous healthy cat and he's just the best companion you could ask for, so I had to celebrate this occasion! My mani for the weekend is OPI Grapely Admired Infinite Shine topped with (what else??) Zoya Binx! And of course I had to use some of my beloved black cat nail stickers from Born Pretty Store.

This is one coat of Zoya Binx over two coats of Grapely Admired. I love Binx, it's a really pretty topper, but is also great by itself. I might be biased because of the name, but I do like to wear it :)!

 I bought Binx a new toy for the party as well! He's not 100% sure about it yet, but he's definitely interested!

May 22, 2015

Lynnderella Jammy is My Jam

 *Sent for review*

Happy friday everyone!! To all of my US readers- who else is pumped for the long weekend?!? I can't wait! Tomorrow is Binx's 2 year Adopt-aversary, so I got him a new toy and plan to hang out with him for awhile and enjoy a day off! My mani of the last few days is the luscious Lynnderella Jammy is My Jam. Lynnderella says Jammy is My Jam is a "holographic-edged fuchsia microglitter with assorted red, pink and magenta accents in an intensely magenta- and blue-shimmered, magenta-tinted clear base". The holo fuchsia microglitter in the blue shimmery raspberry jam tinted base is really beautiful. It really has given me a craving for raspberry jam over the last few days!

Look at all the pretty holo rainbowness in the sunshine! Love!

 This is one thicker coat over two coats of Zoya Paloma. You could definitely wear Jammy is My Jam alone in 2-3 coats. It is a tad on the thicker side, so I think dabbing is the best way to apply. I used two coats of top coat for a really smooth glassy finish.

*Sent for review*

Jammy is My Jam is a limited edition Lynnderella. There is one listed on right now, ending tomorrow night! Check out and Lynnderella's blog for more pretties!

Barielle Tiki Bar Collection Preview!

Limited edition white capped bottles and 5 vibrant shades
inspired by some of our favorite summer tropical drinks.

This collection looks so cute!!! Plus Barielle has free shipping on all orders today only!

May 21, 2015

SinfulColors Street Fusion Summer 2015 Preview!

Street Fusion

This summer, SinfulColors transports you across the globe with an on-trend collection of 29 hues that reflect the vibrant and eclectic chaos from around the world.  The fusion of saturated cream shades and dazzling neon appliqués channel the pulsating energy of a summer evening.  The offbeat blend of spicy reds, oranges and cooling blues are perfectly paired with henna appliqués and foil tips.  Juicy purples and pinks complement new matte glitter toppers that add a fashion-forward flair while graffiti-inspired splatter glitter topcoats capture the diverse and rebellious vibe of street art.

Let these 29 vibrant shades, 6 glitter topcoats and 5 appliqués fromSinfulColors express your individuality this summer with an electrifying mani to remember: 
24/7: Our hottest pink                             Black On Black: Dark-as-night black               
Boom BoomA pop of hot pink                   Cherry Blossom: Metallic petal pink
CinderellaAn illuminating pastel blue            Copper PotGlistening gold                         
Courtney OrangeOpalescent tangerine         Curry UpIridescent lime                    
DaredevilA pop of neon pink                     Dream OnA brilliantly induced boysenberry     
Endless BlueA deep wave of cobalt             Fuji FijiHolographic silver glitter
GoGo Girl: Sleek & sexy candy-apple red        Hazard: The creamiest of corals               
HottieClear azure blue twinkling with silver      Island CoralA tropical burst of clementine           
Keira Blu: Dazzling indigo                        Lavender: The perfect purple-y gray
Let's Meet: Luxe lemon yellow                    Love NailsA gleaming turquoise            
Maroon Fine: High-shine metallic copper         Mint AppleA creamy teal with a touch of shimmer
Otaku Anime: Bright yellow with extra sheen     Pink Ansen: Jagged glitter in punchy pink
SkylarkOpaque peach                                          Sky Tree: Sparkling teal                        
Snow Me White: Bright white                                Sugar SugarRed-hot red                                                                                       Why Not: A clear sky blue

Baila Baila: Clear based peach & royal blue confetti flecks  
Fierce FiestaMulti-hued red, pink & yellow confetti          
MamasitaIndigo splashed with ruby & white glitter

Color TagRich navy with pastel glitter    
Paste-erdNight-sky navy with periwinkle glitter                                                         
Writing On The WallShimmery black with ruby flakes

Foiled AgainLustrous rose gold appliques                                   
Henna I DoTribal-inspired delicate 

Hot TipsPop-art pink and vibrant purple appliques                        
Neon SplatA graffiti-style blend of electric neon appliques
SwirlColor-blocked bright yellow, pink & violet appliqués

$1.99 each, nail polish and appliques, at Walgreens and other mass retailers for Summer 2015.

May 20, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Summer 2015 Swatches, Part 3!

*Purchased by me*

Today I have swatches of the rest of the China Glaze Electric Nights polishes that I got (for now...). I say "for now" because there are only two more neon cremes in the collection, a pink and a yellow, and I think I might just have to get them too! China Glaze Violet Vibes is a fantastic red-toned neon purple creme. This is definitely a true violet, because it does have the more pinky red tone to it, rather than blue tones. It is much more vibrant and bright than my pictures show. I LOVE this one! It's really like a neon purple-y fuchsia. Definitely different than other bright or neon purples I own.

This is three thin coats of Violet Vibes. Two thicker coats coat probably do as well. The formula was pretty good for this one, not streaky and a good consistency.

China Glaze Treble Maker is another beast to photograph, but such a great color! Treble Maker is a neon spearmint green creme. It's less pastel and sea foam green than my pictures make it look, more like a really glowing light grassy green. This is an attention getting shade for sure. Being the green and neon polish lover that I am, this is a win for me!

This is three thin coats of Treble Maker. I think it needed the third coat for evening out any streaks and for opacity. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but evened out in the end. The consistency was good, not too think nor too thin.

China Glaze UV Meant To Be is a gorgeous bright blue creme. I'm not sure it's really a neon, it looks more like just a very bright blue, but it is insanely gorgeous. At first I thought this might be close to my beloved China Glaze Bahamian Escape, but it is greener and less pastel/white-based than Bahamian Escape. They are both really great blues, so I am happy to own them and I may start to use UV Meant To Be instead of BE sometimes so I can make BE last longer!

This is two coats of UV Meant To Be. The formula seemed a bit thicker than the others in this collection, but it was still pretty easy to use. Just remember to let each coat dry before applying the next to avoid streaking.

 *Purchased by me*

My personal top favorites from the seven Electric Nights polishes I have are Treble Maker, Red-y to Rave and UV Meant to Be. However, I really love all seven and I think I'm going to get the other two neons in the collection. They are the best neons that I have tried since wayyyy back when China Glaze first came out with Pool Party and Flip Flop Fantasy, and the formula of all of these is WAY better than Pool Party and FFF. The fact that these don't need a white base to really pop is amazing. I hope this is the start of China Glaze rocking hard again!!

The China Glaze Electric Nights collection is available now at Ulta, Sally Beauty and other salons. I got mine at

May 17, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Summer 2015 Swatches, Part 2!

*Purchased by me*

Continuing on with my China Glaze Electric Nights swatches, today we have the neon pool blue China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind. This is a super bright happy blue creme. It's not as neon as some of the others in this collection, it's not what I would call "eye-searing". But it's definitely a nice bright for summer and one I will wear a lot!

This is three coats of DJ Blue My Mind. The formula was good, I probably could have done two thicker coats. It wasn't streaky, so that's a definite plus. As with all true neons, these dry semi-matte, so I did use a shiny top coat to finish it off.

OK I am sorry about the strange color of my skin in these photos. China Glaze Red-y to Rave was very difficult to photograph. The color of the polish was way off in photos in normal lighting, so I had to do these in very shady areas and it makes my skin color look strange. The polish color though is fairly accurate in the pictures. Red-y to Rave is an amazing neon red-orange-pink mashup. It definitely has a good amount of red in it and that's pretty cool, because neon reds are few and fair between. But you can also see some hits of pinkyness and maybe some orange too.

This is three coats of Red-y to Rave and I was happy with the coverage and the streak-free finish. Two coats left it looking a little streaky and there was still some VNL. I LOVE how bright this is!! So bright it made my camera flip out, haha!

 *Purchased by me*

Both of these neons are going to become fast summer favorites for me, especially Red-y to Rave. That will be on my toes non-stop! 

The China Glaze Electric Nights collection is available now at Sally Beauty, Ulta and online at e-tailers such as

May 15, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Summer 2015 Swatches, Part 1!

 *Purchased by me*

It's the most wonderful time of the year- China Glaze neon collection time!!! China Glaze neons are always my favorite neon polishes and I basically live in neon polish during the summer months. They're just so bright and happy in the summer! This year, China Glaze was inspired by the electronic music festival scene and apparently the nine neons in this collection all glow under black light. There are also three glitter top coats in the collection, but I skipped those for now. China Glaze Home Sweet House Music is a neon mango creme. It's an orange with a healthy does of yellow. I love orange polish in the summer and this is just perfect! It's a little different from other neon oranges, as it leans more towards the peachy/yellow spectrum, rather than the red end of orange. 

This is three thin coats of Home Sweet House Music. I love that a lot of China Glaze's neons do not require a white base to be vivid, cause ain't nobody got time for that in the summer! The formula of this was good. I let each coat dry completely before applying the next one to avoid streaks. It was pretty opaque in two coats, but I did a third to really smooth it out. Like all neons, these dry to a semi-matte finish, so I finished it off with a coat of Essie Good to Go.

China Glaze Plur-ple is a bright playful blue-purple neon creme. I think it looks a little brighter in my pictures than it did in person and it also looks brighter outside than it does inside. This is a really great purple for summer and I think it's good for people who want to wear a bright without it being radioactive-looking (although I myself love a good radioactive-looking neon, haha).

This is two coats of Plur-ple. I did a have a little trouble with applying this one. I wiped the brush off as I usually do, but on my first two nails, the polish came pooling off the brush very quickly and flooded my nails. You can actually see the difference between my first two nails and the second two in the picture below (I couldn't see it until I put the pictures on the computer though). So the first two have two very thick coats and the second two I managed to control it better. Just be aware that you may have to wipe the brush off a lot more than usual.

*Purchased by me*

I have some more of the Electric Nights neons coming up for you soon! I love these two and can't wait to wear them to the beach! 

I purchased my Electric Nights polishes from, but they are also available now at Ulta and Sally Beauty.