August 8, 2020

My Picks from OPI Mexico City Spring/Summer 2020!

Today I have my picks from the OPI Mexico City collection for you! My OPI purchases have definitely dwindled in the last few years. The collections seem repetitive sometimes when you have a very large polish collection. However, they are still my favorite mainstream brand and as the brand that got me into nail polish, I always check out their latest releases and grab any I am interested in. I picked up three polishes from Mexico City and I really love them! First up we have OPI Don't Tell a Sol, a bright canary yellow creme. I love this one, it packs a bright punch, but also has a touch of softness to it. It somehow reminds me of banana pudding, or maybe lemon creme pie. Something delicious for sure! Bright yellow is always a perfect cheery color for spring and summer, so this was a must have for me.
This was three coats of Don't Tell a Sol. I don't think it's OPI's best formula in a yellow creme, but it wasn't bad. It was a bit streaky, so definitely wait in between coats to avoid that. I did need the third coat to cover any VNL, but if you do thicker coats or have shorter nails, you may be fine with two carefully applied coats. All swatches in this post have one layer of quick drying top coat for shine.
I'll be honest with you, I really only bought OPI My Chihuahua Doesn't Bite Anymore because I thought the name was cute. I like how they took the old name (My Chihuahua Bites) and gave it a twist for a new collection. OPI calls this an orange, but it's a bright coral orange-y red creme. It has a lot of red in it, not a straight orange at all. I love corals- any variety of coral. Orange corals, pink corals, red corals, you name it, I love it. I'm really happy I picked this up and it makes the most perfect summer pedicure color (it's on my toes right now!).
This is two easy coats. The formula was great, perfect to apply and nicely opaque. The formula is that perfect OPI consistency that has made the brand a favorite of mine for SO many years.
OPI Verde Nice to Meet You is probably the star of the collection for me personally. This is a beautiful sea green creme that just screams summer. It reminds me of tropical turquoise waters, the kind I won't be seeing this summer, thank you Coronavirus.

This is two coats and the formula was very nice. Good pigmentation, no issues with application. If I had to recommend one polish from Mexico City, it would be this one.

Did you pick up any polishes from the Mexico City collection or do you plan on getting any? I am really happy with these three. I have my eye on about 5 or 6 from the fall Milan collection as well. I'm not quite ready for fall yet, but I'll be ordering them soon! 

OPI Mexico City is available now on and wherever OPI is sold near you.

August 6, 2020

Zoya Tobey Available Now!


We are so thrilled to share the return of Zoya in Tobey for a limited time! This popular bright pink, wearable neon shade was on vacation, and while she was gone, we wanted to be sure to bring her back with an even smoother application and brighter than ever! 




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Offer valid 8/6/20 - 8/31/20 (11:00pm EST) 


Hurry! She will be leaving again after August, and won’t be back until next Summer! Be sure to stock up on this fun favorite while you can! 


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August 3, 2020

Zoya Luscious Fall 2020 Preview!





Luscious is here for Fall 2020 with a beautiful arrangement of mixed finishes and sultry dark creams. Whether you enjoy a classic deep red, or sparkling earthy shades – this collection evokes the alluring season of Autumn. 


ZP 1046 Wanda – Zoya in Wanda can best be described as a cool-toned rouge pink with a gold and rainbow micro-shimmer. 

ZP1047 Patrice – Zoya in Patrice can best be described as a neutral blush with a rainbow and gold micro-shimmer. 

ZP1048 Teresa – Zoya in Teresa can best be described as a deep purple toned ruby metallic.

ZP1049 Andrea – Zoya in Andrea can best be described as a cool-toned, duo-chrome metallic with a purple and green shift. 

ZP1050 Bentley – Zoya in Bentley can best be described as a deepened grape cream. 

ZP1051 Sharon – Zoya in Sharon can best be described as a red-toned wild berry cream. 

ZP1052 Lisa – Zoya in Lisa can best be described as a rich garnet red cream. 

ZP1053 Soleil – Zoya in Soleil can best be described as a warm sparkling cider metallic. 

ZP1054 Tasha – Zoya in Tasha can best be described as a sensual brunette brown metallic.

ZP1055 Mel – Zoya in Mel can best be described as a slightly muted forest green cream. 

ZP1056 Lou – Zoya in Lou can best be described as a deep spruce blue cream with a kiss of green. 

ZP1057 Tommy – Zoya in Tommy can best be described as a blue toned slate grey cream.

The most wonderful nail polish season of all is coming! FALL!!! Zoya Luscious is available on on August 10th! Which ones are you eyeing?

July 26, 2020

Zoya Splash Summer 2020 Swatches & Review!

*PR Sample*

Are you ready for the beautiful summer colors in the Zoya Splash Summer 2020 collection? Even if some activities are cancelled this summer or maybe you had to cancel a summer vacation, wearing gorgeous bright nail polish is something we can definitely all do safely! Zoya Splash offers a great variety of summery shades and something for everyone to love. First up, I have this juicy pink creme, Zoya Kristie. Kristie is a deep magenta pink that is bold, but not neon. It's a classic summer pink that should be in every polish collection.

This was two easy coats. Kristie applied smoothly and was very opaque. All swatches in this post also have one layer of top coat for added shine.

Zoya Jessica is a violet creme. Like Kristie, this is bold and saturated, but not neon. If you like bright punchy colors, but aren't a fan of neons, these are for you. They are versatile enough to be worn year round and will make fantastic base colors for nail art as well.

Two coats for this one too. It was easy to apply and nicely opaque. It felt a tad thinner than some recent Zoya cremes, but that didn't cause any issues for me.

I am a HUGE fan of blue polish, so it's no surprise that I LOVE Zoya Maren. This is such a rich, fun blue with some almost periwinkle hints. If you like polishes in the Essie Butler Please family, you will love this too. It punches Butler Please out of the water in terms of richness and color saturation. This is one to get from this collection for sure!

Happily, this is two perfect coats. I didn't even need to do any clean-up. Great formula!

Another clear winner in the Splash collection, Zoya Harbor is a stunning ocean blue-green creme. Zoya describes it as "tropical emerald sea green cream". Ahhhh, doesn't that description just make you want to head to the Bahamas with this on your toes? Just a perfect color for summer!

This was two coats too! Yayyyyy! I was very pleased to see that this was nicely opaque and applied well. I have other polishes in this color family, but none as easy to work with or opaque as Harbor. I have heard this can stain, just as a warning. I did not experience any staining while swatching it, I will report back after I actually wear it.

Zoya Fisher is a very cool and different polish. Fisher is a pale ice blue with golden shimmer, a unique color combination in my opinion. Zoya describes it as a "sun-kissed seafoam", but I think this is more blue than seafoam would be. Either way, it is unique and gorgeous. Look at all the beautiful golden shimmer!

This was three thin coats. You could probably do two thicker ones, it was pretty well pigmented. I think the third coat brought out the shimmer a little more. The formula is lovely and easy to work with.

I really did not expect to like Zoya Corinna that much. It's just not the kind of shade I gravitate towards. But, WOW, I love it!! Corinna is a whitened blush packed with the same beautiful golden shimmer as Fisher. It's very delicate looking, but not boring at all. I like that the pink isn't too cool toned, so you avoid that dead hands looking thing. The shimmer in this and Fisher packs a visual punch, but is very smooth in texture. It add such dimension to these two colors.

This is just two coats. I have a bit of VNL going on, but in this case I feel like it belongs there and looks good. If you wanted more opacity, I'm sure a third layer would do the trick. Fantastic formula!

Zoya Jodi is likely going to replace my old mod stark-looking baby pink, OPI Mod About You. Zoya describes this as a " pale ice-cream pink cream". It's pale, but the amount of white in this pink really makes it pop and look bright in contrast with skin. I do like colors like this in the summer when (if?) I am a bit more tan!

This was two coats! That's why this will replace Mod About You for me. That one can end up looking streaky and uneven. Look at this beautiful smooth coverage in just two coats! Impressive formula Zoya!

Zoya included a beautiful topper in this collection, one that will look stunning over just about any polish, either from this collection or otherwise. Zoya Eclipse is a silvery sparkle mixed with iridescent and holo glitters in a clear base. This is so pretty and catches the sunlight beautifully.

This is one layer of Eclipse over Jodi. I love this combo! I put Eclipse over a few of the other colors too, as you will see, but this might be my favorite look. With top coat over it, Eclipse was perfectly smooth and not textured. 

After blue, my next favorite summer polish color is coral, so I was thrilled to see Zoya Emma in this collection! I love Zoya's description of this color- "starfish coral cream with a touch of pink undertone". Starfish coral, sounds so cute! This is definitely a softer creamsicle and pink kind of coral, not a red or neon coral.  Emma looks pretty unique to me, even in my vast collection of coral polish.

This was three thin coats. I probably could have done two, but I wanted the extra opacity from the third coat. It was a great formula, nicely self-leveling, which is useful to prevent any streaks.

I love Emma topped with Eclipse! Gorgeous combo here too! 

As good as Zoya's cremes are, their shimmers are what stole my heart when I first started buying Zoya and they continue to wow me now. Zoya Leilani is a perfect example of why. Look at the incredible golden bursts of shimmer in this hot pink! This is the ultimate summer color- juicy pink grapefruit glowing with all the golden micro-shimmer.

Two coats and you're done with this one! Leilani had an excellent formula and will be going on my toes ASAP. This is a vacation in a bottle 🏖.

Zoya Celi is a gorgeous shimmer as well. Celi is a maraschino cherry red with golden micro-shimmer. I usually wear reds mostly around the holidays, but this one might make me change my tune. With all the golden sparkles, it looks like a beachy summer red. I think it has some orange hints to it as well. If you are a red polish fan, I think this is a must have for your collection.

Two flawless coats of Celi and you're ready to go. This had great pigmentation and an easy to apply formula.

Zoya Greta is a juicy tomato creme. A perfect classic bright red, great for both summer and year round wear and when you want to feel like a full on vixen. 

This is two coats of Greta and the formula was excellent. 

I'll be coming back to wear this mani for the holidays for sure. This is Eclipse over Greta with a matte top coat. I LOVE this combination. The matte top coat makes the iridescent glitters stand out even better and the silvery shimmer looks like snow. Basically, I'll just be over here layering Eclipse on top of everything from now on!

Picking favorites from the Splash collection is really tough for me! There are a lot of beauties and I think it just depends on what you are looking to add to your collection. Maren and Harbor are fabulous for blue polish lovers like me, Greta and Celi are must haves for my red fans out there, Emma is necessary for any coral fans, Leilani is the most perfect shimmering pink, and Eclipse is a stunning topper for anything and everything! Love this collection and I think Zoya really brought something for every style and taste with this one!

Zoya Splash is available now on!