January 28, 2010

New Sally Hansen Salon Polishes

I picked up this brochure showing the new Sally Hansen Salon colors and thought I'd scan it in for you. Not all of these colors are new, but these are all in the new bottle shape. Ulta didn't have a whole lot of these, maybe the stores are still getting them in. Some of the Metallics/Stones look interesting, like Gilty Pleasure, but Ulta didn't have any of those! Please click on the pictures for a nice large image.

Sheers, Nudes, and Metallics/Stones

Brights and Vibrants, Classics, and Deeps

Which ones are you interested in?

Just an update on the China Glaze Up and Away Fail Festival- I will have Part One of the Up and Away posts (including comparisons!!) up later tonight. I had to have my boyfriend take the pictures with his $4000 camera set-up because I couldn't capture the colors properly. Even he had trouble with Four Leaf Clover! I guess it's just a very tricky color to photograph! So, later tonight I'll have a post with Four Leaf Clover, Happy Go Lucky, Light as Air, and Sugar High, including comparisons/dupes of the last three.


Anonymous said...

fairy teal and purple pulse look interesting to me :)

Never Enough Nails said...

I think those are the two I am most interested in too! Sooner or later I'll probably pick them up!