January 2, 2010

An Introduction to Zoya Polish, Part II

For Part II of my intro to Zoya polish, I have seven lovely colors- Colbie, Penny, Felicity, Katy, Vegas Freeze, South Beach Ice, and Manhattan. For more Zoya colors and more information about the company, see my post An Introduction to Zoya Polish, Part I. Application on all of these was a cinch. Zoya polish is very thin, so it never gets uneven or lumpy.

First up we have Colbie, a gorgeous shimmering dark red. This has a blackened look to it, but it never looks black. I don't wear red polish often, but I LOVE this one. This is two coats. I took one picture with flash to show the shimmer.
Colbie, with flash

Next we have Katy. This is a gorgeous blue-based deep pink shimmer. Katy was hard to capture on camera, it is more shimmery than in the pictures and the blue base doesn't show up as much in person. I have seen a lot of this color polish, but with a creme finish. The shimmer in this one definitely sets it apart. I love this on my nails and think it would also make a great pedi color! This is two coats.
Katy, with flash

South Beach Ice
Ahhh South Beach Ice. I definitely was not expecting this to be so sheer. The picture on the website and on the Zoya brochure I have made this look opaque. South Beach Ice is a basically clear base with lots of very fine greenish blue glitter. This is five coats (yes, five) and it is not opaque. However, I love the color and am wearing it over a plain old navy blue from Sally Hansen right now! The combo reminds me of oil in a puddle on black asphalt. If you are a two coat only person, this will be very sheer. It's perfect as a glittery top coat though!
South Beach Ice over Sally Hansen navy blue, with flash

Felicity, with flash
Normally I don't like colors like Felicity, but there's something about this one that I really do like. Felicity is a grayed-out pink with loads of shimmer and sparkle. This is definitely work appropriate, but interesting enough for me to wear often. Felicity definitely goes with the whole neutral skin-matching polish trend that seems to be emerging for spring. I think the dusty, gray look is what I like about this one. This is three coats.

Vegas Freeze
Vegas Freeze is another polish that I didn't expect to be so sheer. This polish is a violet-tinted clear base packed with iridescent violet shimmer. I had to do five coats with this one as well. I think I'll wear this when I have shorter nails, so there is less white showing. I had to angle the camera very oddly to capture the real color of this polish, so excuse the weird positioning of my fingers. Vegas Freeze would also look fantastic as a top coat. I'll wear this over blues, purples, black, white, etc. The iridescence is really beautiful.
Vegas Freeze- bottle in this picture is the real color of the polish

Manhattan is this totally odd yellow-green base filled with iridescent yellow-green shimmer that I'm sure some people would HATE. Naturally, I am completely in love with it. This is also five coats, but it is five coats of TOTALLY WORTH IT. Besides, Seche Vite dried all five coats in about two minutes. This is just such a weird color, I love it. The iridescent shimmer in this one is gorgeous!

Manhattan is a close second for my favorite of this bunch. My real favorite is Penny, a metallic, shimmery copper. It looks exactly like a shiny, brand new penny. Even though this is kind of a metallic finish, the added shimmer made brushstrokes disappear. I don't own anything else like this, and I do own quite a few copper polishes. It's the finish on this that is different. Even when it's completely dry, it's very liquid looking, if that makes sense. This is two coats. The light was going away when I took this picture, I'm going to try to get a better one soon.

That completes my current Zoya collection. When Reverie (the Zoya Spring 2010 collection- see my post here) comes out, I'll have a bunch more for you! I am really loving Zoya, it's creeping up on China Glaze as my favorite brand. Zoya polish is available online at Art of Beauty.

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GreenWoman said...

This last orange one looks awesome, I've been trying to find a nice orange for ages and ended up buying a shade which looked nice in the bottle, but on the nails it was so crazy it nearly hurt the eyes. Too bad Zoya is impossible to get in my country in normal shops.

Never Enough Nails said...

I LOVE that last one (Penny). It's like a burnt orange-y copper, just gorgeous. I haven't ever seen Zoya in shops near me either, I have to order online. The shipping wasn't too bad, but if you're not in the US, I imagine it would be pricey.

Vicky said...

Hi, cool blog. Come check out my blog if you want!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Makeup bargains, reviews and more! I'll definitely stop by your blog!

Unknown said...

Be sure to try Zoya's Vegas Freeze over black - it's a stunner.

Never Enough Nails said...

OOOOooooo good plan Chynna! I will definitely be doing that! I loved South Beach Ice over navy so much, the picture doesn't show it, but it was so iridescent!!