January 3, 2010

China Glaze Glitters Part Dos!

Finally. Part Two of these amaaaazing polishes! It only took me long enough...maybe I should just never get sick too many times in a row? That would be a nice treat. But anywho, let's get to the good stuff!!

Blue Hawaiian

This was the best picture out of what feels like thousands that I took of Blue Hawaiian. These glitters can be so hard to capture perfectly! First off, this color is b-e-a-UTIFUL! The light blue is just like a clear Hawaiian ocean; it's such a fun, cute color...that sparkles! Like diamonds in the water hahaha! I would definitely wear this all the time if it didn't take so long to take off...or maybe I just don't have enough patience..LOL


This is probably my favorite aside from Medallion, and we all know how often I wear THAT one! Green is my favorite color ever, and green + glitter or anything sparkly = best invention ever. This polish was mesmerizing; it had so much depth and sparkle that, once again, I kept getting distracted. I swear I don't have ADD! The base was a deep green, but thin enough that the small glitters were able to come through fully and sparkle, unlike Cosmic, but we'll get to that next.


When I first tried out Cosmic, I was a little disappointed. The black base was much more opaque than those of Atlantis or Blue Hawaiian so it both covered a lot of the glitter but also sunk behind it? Strange, yes, but after a little while I grew to like it much more. Rather than the rainbow reflections from the glitter like in the bottle, they almost look further away, like in outerspace, which definitely is fitting to the name Cosmic. Overall this was one of my least favorites of this collection, but still one of my faves.

Here is Cosmic and Nova. I wanted to add a litte extraterrestrial oomf hehe!


Dollhouse is hotness. This is such a perfect layering polish. The pink glitters are huuuge and uber shiny, but it would take too many layers to completely cover your nail. (This is only three coats). I did a mani with Dollhouse over Lancome's Indigo Paris and let me tell you, I could NOT stop staring at it! I'll post a pic later! So ultra gorgeous! Dollhouse is definitely one of my faves!

China Glaze, you've done it again. This glitters collection was fabulous, though very tiresome to take off LOL! They need to make a special remover JUST for glitters!

<3 EK!


EC said...

I don't know if anyone could tell, but glitter is our favorite LOL. Every glitter polish is "my fav" "one of my favs" LOL. Great review!

Never Enough Nails said...

Hahaha! Who doesn't love glitter?! Who ever invented it should probably be awarded a Man of the Universe trophy or something.

Tenns Reid said...

Love the Atlantis shade! So pretty!

Never Enough Nails said...

Tennsley, I can tell you that EK had Atlantis on tonight and I just stared at her nails for about an hour LOL! I'm not sure why I didn't buy that one too, but you can bet I'll be borrowing it!

Charis said...

Glitters, Glitters, Glitters....can't get enough of them!

Never Enough Nails said...

Obviously we can't get enough of them either Charis! Thanks for reading!