January 17, 2010

Zoya Reverie Collection

Zoya's Spring 2010 collection, Reverie, features six metallic, duochrome-y polishes. Some of the six are true duochrome polishes, while others only have a very slight duochrome flash.
The six polishes are:
Laney - moonlit silver metallic
Adina - duochrome violet metallic
Reece - gilded rose metallic
Happi - pink blush metallic
Gwin - sunny melon metallic
Lana - rich red metallic

All of my swatches are three coats. Except for Happi and Laney, if I were wearing these out, I'd probably only do two coats. Three coats just looks better on camera. The formula on these was a dream- not streaky, good drying time, easy to work with. Just total excellence, as is usual for Zoya.

Zoya Laney, no flash
Laney is a light silver metallic with a tiny bit of a green flash in some lights. I didn't see much of the green, but I read one review where the author found Laney to be very unflattering to her skin because of the green. On me, this was a pretty straightforward, light and bright silver. I think it'll be a nice alternative to white in the spring. It's super crisp looking, but not quite as bold as white.

Zoya Happi, with flashHappi is a medium/light (I say medium/light because it's not super pale, but it's still light) pink with a very strong gold duochrome effect. This is the kind of pink polish that I just LOVE. The gold flash really makes it something special. The gold is noticeable in just about every light. Duochromes are really hard to capture on camera. The gold in this kept making it look much lighter than it really is.

Zoya Reece, no flash
Reece is a medium rasberry pink with strong gold duochrome. This was another one that was very difficult to capture. My pictures show you the amount of gold in this one, but the color is deeper than any of my pictures show. It really is more of a rasberry pink. I love duochrome polish, but man I hate taking pictures of it. This is another gorgeous polish that I can't wait to wear all spring and summer!

Zoya Lana, no flash
Lana is a stunning orange-y red with, you guessed it!, gold duochrome flash! LOL. I am really loving this one, and I'm not usually a big red fan. This one is very flattering to my skin though. My pictures came out pretty good for Lana. You can see the gold flash, but if you look at my pinkie in that first picture, you get a good idea of how red it actually is. Another winner from this collection!
Zoya Lana, no flash

Zoya Gwin, no flash
Gwin (my second favorite of this collection) is a reddish orange with gold flash. I own a lot of orange polish, I happen to really like it all year 'round. The combination of this shade of orange with the gold shimmer makes this one different than anything else I own. It is now officially my new favorite orange! SO HOT!!! My pictures for this one also came out pretty good. It might look a tad more copper than it really is, but otherwise the pictures are pretty close.

Zoya Adina, no flash
And my favorite favorite of Reverie is Adina! Adina is a medium purple with green-gold duochrome, named after a beauty blogger and fellow Specktra member (Specktra is the greatest blog/forum about MAC make-up. If you like MAC, you should join NOW. But beware- you will then go broke buying MAC make-up LOL). I definitely saw the green flash in this polish. I took a lot of pictures of this one and none of them quite capture the exact look of the polish. Adina does not look the same in any of these pictures either, but that just shows you how it changes with the light. This is a real must-have in any polish addict's collection!
Zoya Adina, no flash

Overall, I love this collection so much more than I thought I would. Every polish I put on became "my new favorite" only to have the next one be even better. There isn't a bad color in this bunch. If silver looks bad on you, Laney might not be your thing, but it's a very well-done silver for those of us who like silver polish. If you've never tried Zoya, these are a fabulous introduction into the company. Definitely order Adina and Gwin at the very least. If you are a big Zoya fan already, BUY THEM ALL!

The Zoya Reverie collection is available online at Zoya.


Paige said...

Great swatches!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks gildedangel! This was a tricky bunch because of the duochrome finish!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

Good job on the swatches and pics!
As much as I love to wear duochromes, I hate to photograph them with a passion. It's so hard to get the duochrome to show up!

Michèle said...

Really love Adina and Reece, they look great on you too. thanks for swatching these!

Jamie (the amazing) said...

My favorite one is probaly the Happi because it is totaly awesome..... but not cooler than Bad Kitty... hahah lol

Never Enough Nails said...

Kirsten- Duochromes really are impossible to capture perfectly! If you get the duochrome to show up, the base color usually looks all washed out! These came out pretty good, except Reece is deeper and prettier than you see here.
Michele- Adina is definitely a must-have and I can't wait to wear Reece on my toes! It's so juicy looking in real life, perfect for spring and summer!
Jamie- You will love Happi, I'm sure! It's my new favorite pink polish!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Unknown said...

oooooo!!!!! I think I now HAVE to have Adina and Reece! I don't usually like pink polish, more of a vampy color kind of girl, but Reece is speaking to me. :) And not only b/c that's my nickname. :)

Never Enough Nails said...

You defintely need Adina and Reece Teresa! I really love this collection and Adina is my fav!!!