May 18, 2014

From the Untrieds Drawer- Smitten Polish You're Turning Violet, Violet

*Purchased by me*

My untrieds drawer is out of control. Polishes seem to go in there and never ever come out. Part of it is because I feel bad posting gorgeous polishes that you can't readily buy anymore. However, given the fact that blog sales and nail polish Facebook groups are pretty widespread these days, I think I'm going to stop worrying about that and just show you the pretties. One such example is Smitten Polish You're Turning Violet, Violet. This is a juicy violet jelly base packed with small purple holo glitter and medium purple holo hex glitter. All this holographic-ness is so rainbow-y in person!

The macro above is a bit blurry to try to show off the holo glitter, but it's honestly about 1/10th of how rainbow-y it is in person. This is three thin coats of You're Turning Violet, Violet. It was pretty easy to apply and fairly opaque in just two coats. I really did the third coat because I had a patch or two that wasn't fully covered. The glitter comes out easily and there is plenty of it!

 *Purchased by me*

This one isn't available at Smitten's Big Cartel store anymore, but I have seen it in blog sales and the like, so you may be able to grab it. If you are a fan of purple and holo glitter, this is a must have! I'm super excited for my newest Smittens to arrive, by the way. I ordered Tornado Skies, Radiant Orchid, Frangipani, and Himalayan Blue Poppy. For restock info, check out Smitten Polish on Facebook.


Ananka said...

This is so pretty! I like the holo glitter :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

It's even more holo in person! It was so rainbow-y, it's really spectacular!