May 12, 2014

Zoya Tickled Collection Swatches!

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The last few days have finally started to feel like summer might come to CT this year after all, and I got to swatch the Zoya Tickled Summer collection. I've been dying to swatch these but it rained for I think three days straight last week and I felt these bright summer cremes needed some sunlight for their portraits! This delicious bright coral creme is Zoya Wendy. Zoya calls this a "juicy summer melon". Wendy is a great mixture of lots of pink with a healthy dose of peachy orange to make this stand out from a sea of regular pinks. It really is a melon color and I don't think I have anything exactly like this in my collection. It's bright, but also soft somehow.

I used three coats of Wendy for even coverage. With bright cremes, I sometimes find it's best to do slightly thicker coats than you normally do to avoid streaking. Unfortunately, I forgot that when I began swatching these, so I ended up doing three thin coats. With medium coats, this would most likely be a two-coater. The formula had a nice consistency and was easy to control while applying.

This next polish was super hard to photograph. Zoya Kitridge (my bottle says "Kirtridge", btw, but says Kitridge) is a bright semi-neon whitened bubblegum pink. Zoya says it has "enough white to make it pop against a tan" and I definitely think it's whiter and brighter than any typical bubblegum pink in my collection. I say it's a semi-neon because the first coat dried kind of semi-matte, so it clearly has a touch of neon pigment in it. It's a LOT brighter than these pictures (or other pictures I've seen) show. The most accurate picture is the macro shot below. I really love this color! It's a pink for those who don't like boring pink, but also don't want a true neon. 

This is three coats of Kitridge. Again, I did thin coats. The formula was good, it had a slight propensity for streaking, so make sure you let it dry in between coats. This polish actually made me look tan in person, so I'm pretty sure it should get an award just for that.

Zoya Tilda is an awesome offbeat kinda green. I love slightly weird greens and this looked promising from the promo pics. Luckily, it is totally awesome. It's a bright, yet also muddy looking yellow-tinged green. Zoya says it's a "warm mantis green cream that is a great alternative to a summer lime". I love that description- mantis green... fantastic. I think Tilda is maybe a bit darker than the last praying mantis I saw, but the same kind of poisonous green color.

Tilda has a lovely formula and is richly pigmented. Two coats to creamy full coverage goodness. I was having a top coat issue in these pictures and assure you any bubbles are the top coat's fault. I promptly used a different top coat for the rest of my swatches.

Zoya Rocha is a bright warm red orange creme. I see some very hidden shimmer in this and in the bottle, even though Zoya's description does not include shimmer. I think it enhances the beauty of this polish, without the shimmer it would be more average. "Warm red orange creme" is a really average description, I know, but this polish is really gorgeous in person. It practically glows! Zoya calls this a "folly red", so naturally I had to look up exactly what that means (What? I'm a nerd!). Folly red, according to a Wikipedia article about the color Crimson, is a "color one-fourth of the way between crimson and rose, closer to crimson than to rose. The first recorded use of folly as a color name in English was in 1920". I do love to learn new color names!

Folly or no folly, Zoya Rocha practically painted itself on my nails. This is two coats and it was completely opaque. I barely needed the second coat. Really excellent formula on this one. I was wondering whether they maybe had model and former Irish dancer Coco Rocha in mind when naming this one. I love her (mostly because she was an Irish dancer).

Zoya Rooney is a bright magenta creme. It almost leans a little on the purple side in some lights, making me think "radiant orchid". I know some of you are probably tired of radiant orchid already, but I am really kind of obsessing over it in an unhealthy manner. I typically am not even a big fan of pink, so this is weird for me, but I just want all the radiant orchid polishes, lipsticks and blush I can find.

This is two coats of Rooney. This had a great formula too- easy to control with nice pigmentation.

I just can't even tell you how much I love Zoya Ling in person. It's pretty in these pictures, but man, in person, I just drool. Ling is a bright royal blue creme. I haven't done any comparisons, but I think it has more white in it than other bright royal blue cremes we've seen in the past. I keep trying to think of why some of the polishes in this collection seem different from others I own, and I do think it's that they are whitened, brightened up versions of past colors. They feel fresher and happier.

This is two coats of Ling and it has a fantastic formula. Richly pigmented and easy to apply! Gotta love that!

 *Sent for review*

I really love this collection and I'm excited about it. I personally wear neons almost exclusively during the summer, so sometimes my Zoyas get left out of the fun (except for the couple Zoya neons I have). The Tickled collection is bright enough for me to wear all the way through the summer, but more versatile than a neon. I'll end up wearing these any time of the year, not just summer. For those of you who dislike neons, but still want bright polish for summer, I think you will find a lot to love here!

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Ananka said...

Tilda and Rocha look really good :-) And I think I like Ling too! hehe nice collection and photos :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Those are probably my 3 favorites too Ananka, they are really nice! I like this collection a lot!