May 3, 2014

Nicole by OPI Special K Lacquers!

 *Sent for review*

I seem to be having a rough time getting back into a regular daily schedule (blogging included) since coming home from London. I'm not sure why, but I am trying to get all caught up with various things, so hopefully things will be back to normal soon. Nicole by OPI has once again collaborated with Special K cereal to offer three free polishes to Special K fans! To get these polishes, just purchase a specially marked Special K product (see below) and enter the code inside the package at If you collect and enter 3 codes, you get Nicole by OPI Challenge Red-y free!

Challenge Red-y is a squishy true red creme. It's a classic shade that will flatter all skin tones and is perfect for every season. The finish is kind of an update on the classic creme, it's juicier and less opaque, but still buildable to an opaque finish.

This is three thin coats. If you leave it at two coats, there will be some VNL due to the crelly-ish nature of this polish. Application was a breeze.

If you redeem 5 Special K product codes, you get Nicole by OPI Live in the Momentum and the coral below, Nicole by OPI My Sol Shines Brighter. Live in the Momentum is a gorgeous saturated royal blue creme, not too dark or too light. I am always a big fan of blues, so I really love this one. It's brighter and more interesting on the nails than it was in the bottle too, so that was exciting!

This is two coats and the formula was great. Easy control and application, no troubles at all! DEFINITELY wear base coat with this one! Maybe two coats. I didn't bother with base coat (I sometimes don't when I am swatching) and could see real staining possibility. That is pretty typical of this kind of saturated blue though.

Nicole by OPI My Sol Shines Brighter is a gorgeous coral creme. It's a slightly darker coral, not a pastel version. I was looking for a coral like this last summer and realized I didn't have one! All of my corals were too... something. Too red or too pink, etc. This is a great mix of red, orange and pink.

This is three coats. Application was nice and easy. You might be able to do two coats here, I had some left over blue pigment on my nails from Live in the Momentum, so I needed three to hide that!

*Sent for review*

All three of these shades are lovely and 100% worth getting (for free!), especially if you eat Special K cereal already. I personally love Special K anyway. This was my first time trying the Special K Fruit and Yogurt and it is SO delicious! I like cereals that have a lot of crunch, and this one has oat and fruit clusters and yogurt-coated clusters as well. This box won't last me long, so I'll be buying another soon! Special K is available at a grocery store near you.

Here's bonus picture of someone interrupting my photo shoot!


Ananka said...

Hehe typical cat! What a lovely looking cat :-)

The nail polishes look nice. Pity I don't eat Special K :-(

Never Enough Nails said...

Haha Ananka, he has to be a part of everything! He's so nosy! The polishes are very nice. I tend not to eat cereal all that much, but I do like it occasionally and this new flavor of Special K is delicious.