May 1, 2014

A Special Polish- Lynnderella Gold is Going to Get You!

*Purchased by me*

Today's post is really special to me because it's all about my first custom nail polish ever- Lynnderella Gold is Going to Get You! Recently I competed in my final World Irish Dancing Championship. I've been qualifying for and attending the Worlds for 13 years and have devoted so much of my life to training for these competitions. It's pretty common for Irish dancers to wear clothing, jewelry, and of course, nail polish, that matches their costume on the day of a competition. So I decided to ask Lynnderella to make me a special polish to match my dancing dress! Here is the picture I sent her of me on stage at last year's World Championships-

I asked her for a polish that incorporated the colors of my dress- yellow, black, gold and copper, with a mostly gold look (because I was "going for the gold" haha). She came up with this GORGEOUS gold holographic microglitter polish with holo black, copper, and yellow glitter, and some scattered moons and stars. She added the moons and stars because one of my all time favorite Lynnderellas is When the Moon Was a Star and I really love moon and star glitter! It was pretty overcast when I took these photos, so the holographic nature of the gold microglitter was not coming out. In person, this is so incredibly sparkly and rainbowy!

Now, Lynn is SO awesome that she also made me an extra glitter topper in case I "wanted more bling" haha. I responded "who doesn't love more bling?"! So here is one coat of my glitter topper over two coats of Gold is Going to Get You!. The glitter topper has tons of black holo glitter, yellow, copper and gold glitter, moons, stars and even large silver holo hearts (as you can see on my ring finger), all in a clear base. Adding this over the microglitter really takes it to the next level. I am in love with both of these polishes, together and separately.

*Purchased by me*

And here's a close-up shot of the pattern on my dress. I sent this picture to Lynn so she could see all the sparkles and crystals (the copper sequin fabric is holographic!). The yellow color on my dress is prettier in person than it is in this picture.

I am thrilled with how these custom polishes came out. Lynn did an amazing job and I feel like she really put a lot of thought and creativity into it! Lynnderella polishes are available at


Ananka said...

Both look really nice and she's done really well with the polishes :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Ananka! They're definitely what I was looking for!