May 29, 2014

China Glaze At Vase Value

 *Purchased by me*

I'm behind with China Glaze collections! I haven't even swatched all of my picks from the spring City Flourish collection and the summer Off Shore collection is out in some places already! I better hurry up, haha. My NOTD today is China Glaze At Vase Value from the City Flourish collection. This was one of those polishes I knew immediately I had to have. At Vase Value is a gorgeous pastel blue creme. It is a bit brighter than my pictures show, my pictures make it look a little washed out. It's pastel, but it manages to be bright at the same time. It gives me lobster hands in the pictures, but in person it's actually very flattering.

At Vase Value doesn't have the greatest formula in the universe. It has a tendency to streak, so definitely use the absolute minimum number of brushstrokes you can and wait for each coat to dry completely before doing the next coat. I used three coats for these pictures, one thinner first coat and two thicker coats. The end result is pretty streak-free, so that's good news!

*Purchased by me*

Overall, I love this color! It's gorgeous and different from other pastel blues I own. I am willing to work with the slightly streak prone formula and will definitely be wearing this a lot. The China Glaze City Flourish collection is available now.


Ananka said...

It's a pretty colour - shame about the formula.

Never Enough Nails said...

Yea unfortunately I find this to be the case with a lot of these bright, yet slightly pastel type colors. But I really enjoyed wearing this one, so I think I'll suffer through the application!