May 16, 2014

Lynnderella Manis, Vol. VII

 *Lynnderella polishes purchased by me, all others sent for review*

Today I have three of my most recent Lynnderella manis for your enjoyment! This lovely polish is Lynnderella DaffoDahlia over OPI Live. Love. Carnaval. DaffoDahlia is a LE Lynnderella from spring 2013. It has satin yellow, pink and light orange glitters in a very shimmery base.

I've seen DaffoDahlia over lots of different base colors and it really looks excellent over pink and coral. The pink glitters don't stand out much in the pictures, but you could see them better in person. The shimmer is so gorgeous in this one!

I actually just took this next mani off this morning, and I was so sad to see it go. This is Lynnderella The Full Minty (a core polish from the summer 2013 collection) over Zoya Dillon. The accent nail is Zoya Wendy with one coat of Zoya Alma on top, remember I said you'd see that combo soon? Isn't it pretty? My thumb was also the Wendy/Alma combo, it was too beautiful to only do one accent nail!

By the way, Dillon and Wendy make a fantastic mint/coral combo, even without the toppers! But of course, I love my toppers. The Full Minty is a fabulous glitter to layer over any mint base. It has a few different shades of mint glitters, white satin glitters and smaller shiny teal glitters in a shimmery base.

Lynnderella Heart Spoken is one half of the Valentine's Day 2014 duo. Heart Spoken is a purple microglitter with red hex glitters. You could wear Heart Spoken all by itself with three coats, but I am wearing one coat over Zoya Mira here.

I'm really into the microglitters Lynn has been releasing lately. I love that you can usually wear them alone in 2-3 coats or layer them. It gives you more versatility. I'll be wearing some of the spring polishes soon, and I got the two core microglitters, so hang on to your hats for that one!

*Lynnderella polishes purchased by me, all others sent for review*

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Ananka said...

The Full Minty is so pretty. I like the others too - but that one is my favourite :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I love that one too Ananka! I can't believe I had it untried since last summer :/