May 5, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Summer 2014 Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

Today I have swatches of the sparkly Zoya Bubbly collection for Summer 2014. Before we begin, I have just a quick note about the pictures in this post. I take all of my pictures outdoors in natural light, but these Bubbly polishes have tons of iridescent glitter in them, which basically disappears in sunlight. I took this pictures mostly indoors or in the shade, so if you notice they are a bit darker and less sharp than usual, that's why! Now, on to the fun part! Zoya describes the Bubbly polishes as "six dazzling hues loaded with holographic glitter particles" and says they have a "buildable formula- great for layering". I would describe these as having a buildable jelly base packed with iridescent shimmer and tons of iridescent small hex glitters (bubbles!). Zoya Jesy is a juicy orange juice color with iridescent shimmer and glitter.

What's really cool about these polishes is that they look like you had to use two polishes to get this effect (a jelly base color and a glitter topper), but it's all rolled into one convenient polish. I will take a little more about the formula at the end of the post, as they were all very similar. I used three coats for all of these, followed by a layer of top coat.

Next up we have my favorite, for obvious reasons, Zoya Binx!! From the minute I saw the press release for these, I started freaking out because my precious kitty has a polish with his name!!!! And it happens to be my absolute favorite color of all time!!! Thank you Zoya for making a purple-y pink sparkly polish named Binx. I will now buy 8 back-up bottles. Zoya describes Binx as a purple orchid, and that's pretty accurate. I know people said this was pinker than they expected, but "orchid" purple is very pink-leaning. I love this one (even aside from the name), it's a gorgeous, very flattering color. The iridescent shimmer and glitter really pop in this color too. The macro shot below gives you a better idea of the shimmer and glitter in these Bubbly polishes.

Ugh, I'm sorry, I just want to marry this polish!! Look at this picture! YUM!!

Zoya Staasi (is this pronounced like Stacy or Stah-si?) is a yellow-y darkened celery green with iridescent shimmer and glitter. I am dying to try this layered over black or maybe a really dark green like Zoya Envy. I am planning to do a whole post of layering these Bubbly polishes over different colored bases, so please let me know if there are any combinations you'd like to see!

I think Staasi was the sheerest of the bunch of these. This is three coats and there was still some VNL in places. Although I think it's more visible here than it was in person. In person, your eye gets so blinded by all of the iridescent shininess!

Zoya Alma is described as a "golden peach". It's a yellow orange packed with iridescent magic. It's cool how the base color of each of these polishes affects what colors you see in the iridescent glitters. As you can see in the macro below, in Alma, you see a lot of yellow and peach in the iridescent bubbles, whereas in Staasi, you can see a lot of greens and blues. Zoya used the same iridescent glitters in all of these polishes, they are just reflecting their surrounding colors.

I always like orange polishes of all shades, so I quite enjoy this one!

I think Zoya Harper might be my second favorite of this collection. Harper is a barbie pink and the whole combination of barbie pink with the iridescent shimmer and glitter is really excellent. This formula seems to shine with pinks and purples. Zoya describes Harper as a "Mexican pink", I am not sure what Mexican pink is, but it sounds pretty!

Harper was very pigmented too. It's always nice when your favorites of the collection also have the best pigmentation! This is three coats here, but I think two would work for most people.

Finally we have the gorgeous Zoya Muse. Zoya describes this as "mermaid blue". PERFECT description. How can you look at this polish and not think of mermaids? The glitter is like the iridescent scales on their tails! Looking at Muse makes me feel relaxed, just like gazing out at the ocean does. I know I said the Bubbly formula is fantastic in pinks and purples, but it really is stunning in this blue as well!

The Zoya Bubbly formula was very nice to work with for all of these. I used three coats for all of the swatches, but you may find that Harper, Muse and Binx only need two, depending on the thickness of your coats. They were easy to apply and control. The glitter came out quite readily and was evenly spread about on the nail, not concentrated in one glob. When the press release for these first came out and I saw "buildable- great for layering", I was concerned that you wouldn't really be able to wear these alone, but as you can see, they are great alone! I will be posting lots of layering combos in the near future though, because I do think they'll be fun to layer!

 *Sent for review*

My top picks for the Zoya Bubbly collection are Binx, Harper and Muse! So... half of the collection LOL. I really like the other three as well, I don't think there's a bad shade in the bunch. Which Bubbly shades will you be picking up? The Zoya Bubbly collection is available now at


Ananka said...

These all look stunning - I really like this new collection :-) Tempted!

Never Enough Nails said...

They are stunning Ananka! Probably one of my favorite Zoya collections in awhile!