May 20, 2014

FingerPaints Vermillion Dollar Painting

 *Purchased by me*

FingerPaints Vermillion Dollar Painting is another polish that has been languishing in my untrieds tomb drawer. Vermillion Dollar Painting is a lovely tomato red with very teeny golden glass fleck shimmer. I might even call it micro glass fleck. I always forget to wear red polish because I somehow equate it with "boring" or "traditional", but this red orange shimmery treat is definitely not boring. I should wear this more often, it really is flattering on my skin tone. I think it would actually be pretty flattering on a variety of skin tones. The warmth would compliment warmer tones and bring brightness to cooler skin tones.

The formula was a little on the thin side, so you have to be slightly careful that it doesn't go pooling in your cuticles. This is three thin coats, I think two thicker ones would also suffice. It's so juicy looking, isn't it?

*Purchased by me*

At the time I'm writing this, FingerPaints polishes, including Vermillion Dollar Painting, are on sale for $3.99 on Sally Beauty's website. I think they have pretty frequent deals on these and this one is definitely worth picking up, especially for summer!


Ananka said...

This is pretty I really like the flecks! They really add to it.

Finger Paints aren't available over here in Scotland - I've seen so many nice ones of theirs!

Never Enough Nails said...

They definitely have some great stuff, my favorite silver is from them too. I've seen FingerPaints on blogsales, maybe you could nab some!