May 14, 2014

Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Layerings!

 *Sent for review*

I wanted to show you the Zoya Bubbly shades over their kind of corresponding Tickled shade for this post. I've included all of the Tickled and Bubbly polishes except Alma and Wendy, but I used them as an accent nail in a mani you'll see later this week (they make an EXCELLENT combo!). I loved the Tickled and Bubbly shades by themselves, but I am completely obsessed with using them together! In all of these pictures, I used just one coat of the Bubbly shade over the Tickled base color. For a full description of each polish and review of their application, please see my Bubbly review here and Tickled review here. This lovely green combo is Zoya Staasi over two coats of Zoya Tilda.

This sparkling ball of fire is Zoya Jesy over two coats of Zoya Rocha. This combo really shows of the gold sparkle in Jesy.

Zoya Binx over two coats of Zoya Rooney makes a lovely sparkling radiant orchid mani.

This one was absolutely stunning in person. I was drooling! This is Zoya Muse over two coats of Zoya Ling. Ahhhhmazing!

And finally, this Barbie paradise is Zoya Harper over three coats of Zoya Kitridge. The picture above is more accurate. The lighting in the picture below is off. This combo is bright and cheery!

*Sent for review*

The Zoya Bubbly shades really look fantastic when layered. You can come up with endless layering options, which is a nice way to refresh some polishes already in your stash. I want to try these over black, navy blue and white as well. I think the fact that the Bubbly polishes look great alone as well as layered make them a great buy. Well done on these two collections Zoya!

The Zoya Tickled and Bubbly collections are available now at


Ananka said...

Amazing combos!

Muse/Ling and Binx/Rooney are my favourites!

Nice idea and nice pictures :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Muse/Ling looks CRAZY gorgeous in person Ananka! Those two are so pretty!