January 24, 2010

Up and Away Fail Festival

Dear Connecticut,

You are ruining my blog.

love always,

I got the China Glaze Up and Away collection late in the day yesterday and have been dying to start swatching it ever since then. So I wake this morning and starting swatching right away first thing. I did Grape Pop first, and got semi-decent (a.k.a. still not great) pictures of that. Then, I moved on to Four Leaf Clover.
Here's where the Fail Festival began.

The weather here is super cloudy (again, thanks Connecticut), and the clouds are making the light really weird. My pictures of Four Leaf Clover were either so blurry that they looked like an ad for buzzed driving, or the color looked like a light mint green. The color is not a light mint green at all whatsoever. So, I have no pics of Four Leaf Clover to show you today.
Next, I moved on to Light as Air. I had a few comparisons planned for this one too, so I thought it would be a good one. I proceeded to paint tiny pieces of the brush onto my nails along with the color. Very attractive. Then, I waited an appropriate amount of time for my nails to be dry before taking pictures, and promptly ruined two nails because the polish was apparently not dry at all! To top it all off, the color in these pictures didn't come out right either!
So, needless to say, I quit. I can't take good pictures of Up and Away with these clouds. I do have two pictures of Grape Pop for you though!!

Grape Pop, two coats, no flash

Grape Pop is a gorgeous dark purple creme. It's dark enough that it can definitely be called grape, but it's light enough that it never looks black. I don't own anything like this, so no comparisons. I feel like the polish world has been missing this kind of purple. This is NOT blurple. It is straight up purple and I love it! The color of my pictures is pretty close. It's maybe a little darker in person, I guess the clouds washed it out a tiny bit. Application was nice and even, I did two coats. The first coat wasn't even streaky either! I'll be wearing this one a lot!

Grape Pop, two coats, no flash

LOL and now you know that I don't do my thumb nails when I swatch!
I'm going to try some of these again a little later, but it's not looking good for these today. Boooooooooo!
Grape Pop is available on 8ty8Beauty.


Paige said...

That color is lovely!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I don't my thumb for swatching either! :D
It's not going to be in the pics most of the time so why bother.

Grape Pop is definitely my favourite from this collection. Perfect purple!

Never Enough Nails said...

It really is gildedangel!

Kirsten- I figure skipping the thumb saves time! Grape Pop is I think my second favorite. I am leaning toward Four Leaf Clover as my fave. If I could only get one pic today tho, i'm glad it was Grape Pop!!!