April 29, 2014

More Polish from London- MaxFactor Fantasy Fire!

*Purchased by me*

I am so glad I finally got MaxFactor Fantasy Fire!!! By all reports, it's "widely available" in the UK, but the last time I was there, I went to 4 different Boots and they were all out of it! Must have been a run on it, I guess, because this time I found it every time I went into a Boots! I ended up getting two bottles so that I can wear it with abandon. I'm sure I don't really need to describe this famed polish to you, but Fantasy Fire is a near dupe of the Almighty Clarins 230... a.k.a. Unicorn Pee. Fantasy Fire is a shimmering color shifting chameleon-like polish that changes all the way from flaming orange-red to green. For these pictures, I used one coat of Fantasy Fire over two coats of OPI Roadhouse Blues. 

Fantasy Fire was a breeze to apply and one coat offered tons of color changing shimmer. It's not very opaque on it's own, I've heard that it needs four coats to look decent. But that's fine because I think it looks best layered over a dark or saturated color anyway. Plus, these are little bottles! Four coats would probably use up half the bottle LOL.

 *Purchased by me*

I'm happy I finally found Fantasy Fire and I'll be wearing it a ton for sure. It's one of those really entertaining polishes.


Ananka said...

This looks good! You've caught it well.

I'm in Scotland and it is really easy to get over here!

I'm glad you managed to get it :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Ananka! My last trip was so frustrating because everyone had told me how easy it is to get in the UK, yet I couldn't find it! But this time it was everywhere, so no worries!