July 23, 2011

OPI Electric Eel Over Black Rocks My Socks

Feel free to take a few minutes to ogle these pictures. Definitely enlarge them to see the wonder in full force. Especially the first picture, that one needs to be clicked on. This masterpiece is OPI Electric Eel over two coats of KnockOut Cosmetics Flatte Black, although any black polish would do the trick.

I thought this polish would work well over black, and I was SO right. This is amazingly beautiful in person. It changes every time you move your hand, and looks different in all kinds of lighting. Sometimes it looks very very green. Other times, it looks almost pinkish gold, or even a purple color! Electric Eel is pretty alone, but putting it over black makes it a total standout. This is one polish I will not mind layering. I imagine it would look fantastic over navy blue as well.

Oh P.S., I added a blogroll finally! It's small now, but please email me if you'd like to be added to my blogroll. I only ask that you add me to yours in return, and I will only add blogs that are updated reasonably frequently.


Unknown said...

wow this is so pretty! love love love it!

Nailderella said...

I looooooooooooove this color! I just saw it on aveyou and wanted to grab it! It looks gorge over black!!

would you mind adding me blog to your blogroll? I added yours to mine!


Never Enough Nails said...

I love it too Manicured Monkey! Last time I checked, it was pretty cheap on EBay.

Nailderella- isn't it pretty? You should def pick it up! I will add you to the blogroll right now! Thanks for adding me!

Veronica said...

This is a fantastic combo!

peripatetic33 said...

ooooh aaaaaah

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks ladies. Wouldn't it be cool of someone came out with just one polish that looked like this? I would buy it!