July 9, 2011

A Post Filled With Random News and Events

One of the smaller waterfalls in the hotel

I have a few things I want to post, two that you may have already seen, and I think I'm just going to put them all in one random post!

The view from our room

First, you may not have noticed, but I took a week-long trip to Nashville, Tennessee for the North American Irish Dance Championships. I do not ever like to announce that I am going away, I don't think it's safe. Even though my dad always stays at my house when I'm away, I don't think you should announce when you won't be home! But now that I'm back, I wanted to post a few quick pics of the hotel, because I love it and it's gorgeous! The competition was held at the Gaylord Opryland hotel for the 5th time. I have been all 5 times and I still love it there!

The river inside the hotel. Yes, inside the hotel.

Funny story from the trip: EK (former co-author of Never Enough Nails) also went on this trip. Between EK, my mom, and myself, we brought a grand total of 27 nail polishes for a 6 day trip. RIDICULOUS!!!! Anyway, if you're ever in Nashville, check this hotel out.

OK now on to more conventional blog material. If you are a Hello Kitty for Sephora fan, here is some news for you!

"Calling all Hello Kitty Collectors and Beauty Enthusiasts!

Tune in to Sephora’s Facebook page on July 14th!

WHO: Sephora invites you to join the party as we debut the new limited edition Hello Kitty Graffiti to you – from the comfort of your own home!

WHAT: We’re rolling out the pink carpet to formally invite you to Sephora’s Facebook page where we will be livestreaming Sephora’s exclusive Hello Kitty Graffiti Beauty Event from Sephora Hollywood & Highland!

Join in on all of the Hello Kitty fun on July 14th by logging onto Sephora’s Facebook page to preview the launch of the new Hello Kitty Graffiti Collection and exclusive interviews with Hello Kitty designer from Tokyo, Ms. Yuko Yamaguchi, world renowned graffiti artist POSE, and Hello Kitty herself, along with her entourage of Lolita Girls!

That’s not all! Be the first to see a new custom Hello Kitty graffiti mural created by Graffiti artist, POSE. For more information, visit Sephora's Facebook.

WHEN: Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST

WHERE: Tune in to Sephora's Facebook page for a once-in-a-lifetime event with plenty of beauty benefits! "

Hello Kitty + Sephora + Graffiti? Count me in!!!!

This news I KNOW you've already seen because my Google Reader was filled with it! I'm just posting these two pics and the color names, although I do have individual bottle shots. China Glaze Metro collection for Fall 2011 will include:
· Skyscraper: A sparkling, glitter blue reminiscent of the sky over the city.
· CG in the City: Glittering dusty purple, bronze and silver multi-tonal glitter, perfect for a pop of edge from West side to East side.
· Urban-Night: Exactly what you need for a night on the town – rich purple crème.
· Traffic Jam: Stop traffic with a breathtaking, raspberry pink crème.
· City Siren: The perfect deep, red crème to match any outfit.
· Loft-y Ambitions: Burgundy shimmer and cocktail hour – nothing better.
· Brownstone: Burnt terracotta crème mirrors the quaint townhouses of the city.
· Midtown Magic: Burgundy base with flecks of gold shimmer captures the latest fashion trend.
· Street Chic: This gorgeous beige crème is the perfect go to shade letting your clothes do the talking.
· Concrete Catwalk: Steel grey crème is amazing for a chic mani.
· Westside Warrior: For the trendsetting woman this camo green crème is to die for.
· Trendsetter: Mustard yellow shimmer translates beautifully from hot dogs to nails.

These sound nice. I'm pretty pumped for Skyscraper and CG in the City. Trendsetter sounds cool too, I have mustard yellows, but they are cremes, not shimmers. I do wish there would be a duochrome or holo in sight for fall, but I guess that's not happening. Boo hiss.

Alright, that's all I have for today! My hands and nails are still recovering from airport soap and neglect, so I'll hopefully have a polish post soon. I have to post Chanel Peridot!!!


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I used to live in Nashville. When friends and family came to visit, we always took them to the 'Hotel'. The last time we were there, someone was getting married. It was huge!

Did you see the bonsai tree store? They have a tree there was was started in something like 1904!

Never Enough Nails said...

I didn't see the bonsai tree store! Wow, I can't believe a bonsai tree from 1904, that's crazy! I would have liked to see that!