July 25, 2011

Houston, We Have A Sandwich.

I originally passed on all of the jelly "sorbet" finish polishes from the OPI Texas collection. I'm not a big fan of jelly/sorbet, as I can't stand VNL. VNL on purpose... really not my thing. BUT... when I did my first ever jelly sandwich, I was hooked! I needed more jelly!!!! So I picked up OPI Houston We Have a Purple for sandwiching purposes.

This is one coat of OPI Houston We Have a Purple, two coats of Sinful Colors I Miss You, followed by one more coat of Houston We Have a Purple and a coat of CND Shiney top coat to finish it all off. This look doesn't look as much like a sandwich as my last jelly sandwich. This kind of looks like it could just be glitter on top of Houston We Have a Purple. I didn't want to put two coats of Houston on top and eclipse the glitter though. I like the way it looks regardless!

I'm contemplating picking up the other sorbets from the Texas collection now. Do you own any of them? Have you tried "sandwiching" them? I want to try a shatter sandwich next!


Ali'sNailNews said...

Wow! I love this! I might have to copy it....if you don't mind? ;-) I already have Houston We Have a Purple, but not the Sinful. I'll have to pick that up next time I'm at Walgreens. I didn't realize it had square glitter!

Unknown said...

I have 'Do You Think I'm Tex-y', a super-hot pink. I like my pinks obnoxious and it's definitely that! The finish is a little different from jellies--it can get opaque in 3 coats. I can't wait to try this idea! I love it!

Becky said...

At this moment, I'm doing a jelly sandwich with Guy Meets Gal-veston and Sally Hansen In The Spotlight. I really love Guy Loves Gal-veston! My sister has Y'all Come Back... whatever the name of the orange sorbet it. That one is beautiful, as well!

Never Enough Nails said...

Go right ahead and copy away Ali! The Sinful is really pretty by itself, it has near full coverage in three coats.

ANA- the pink was the next one I was going to try to get! That's good to hear that it can be opaque as well!

Becky- that sounds pretty! I thought about that orange sorbet, I still might get it. I think it would be cool with black glitter!

Pretty said...

jelly sandwich. ooh still have to perfect this. mine always look yuck

polishloving said...

it always makes me hungry when people talk about these :) looks good!

Never Enough Nails said...

Pretty- some of these definitely come out better than others! I think it's all about which jelly you use.

Jenna- I know, right? Especially this color since it reminds me of grape jelly!

Elizabeth Sanchez said...

I like this color and that covering of that glitties. Looking really awesome. Thanks for sharing

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