July 28, 2011

Nicole by OPI Fall 2011 Target Exclusives!! (Part One)

I have to say... I have a few Nicole by OPI polishes and love all of them. I'm not sure why I don't own more of them! But, thankfully, that changed a little bit this week when I received the Nicole by OPI Target exclusives for fall! I love the slightly edgy take they did for fall, and I think you will too!

The first polish I tried from this set was Green Up Your Act. You might be thinking, "this looks like some of the gray polishes we've been seeing lately". But, no!! Green Up Your Act is FINALLY the green with gray tones that I've been looking for. The other grays I've tried have been just that, gray. Some of them contained some green, but not nearly as much as Green Up Your Act! If you are looking for a grayed out green that still actually looks green, grab this baby.

Now, the formula. I had a weird problem on two nails (you can see in the pictures, my ring finger and pinky) with some bald patches. My other two nails applied beautifully. It's possibly that I didn't fully clean my nails before applying this, so I will definitely test this again with clean nails. It did apply perfectly on my first two nails. In any case, I really love this color!

Next I tried Sounds Grape To Me. When I was swatching indoors, I totally missed the "grape" in this polish. Indoors, it looks like an amazing chocolate shimmer with a little red undertone. Really gorgeous chocolate. And yummy looking. But, when I moved outside to take some outdoor pictures, I saw the grape! It does look like a deep red grape color outside. The shimmer particles in this are really cool. They are extra prominent.

I thought the formula on this one was great. This is only two coats and in real life it looked nice and even. I am now noticing in the pictures that it looks a little uneven in parts, but I'm going to blame the macro setting for that one. I will definitely be wearing this all fall. Can you imagine how this will look with the Gold Texture Coat from Nicole by OPI??!!?? Gahhhh!

I also received the other two polishes in this Target exclusive release and will have those for you tomorrow. They look really pretty as well! My mom already stole one and is wearing it haha! That's how you know it's good. Edited to add: The press release states that these will start to appear in Target stores in August. So no worries if you haven't seen them yet!

Check out this GIANT hibiscus flower in my yard! This is the coolest plant to have. The whole bush gets filled with these massive flowers. I took a picture with my hand in it so you can see the size. These flowers are HUGE! My mom and I call them "dinner plate flowers" LOL.

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The polishes in this post were sent to me by a PR agent for Nicole by OPI. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


Ali'sNailNews said...

These are really pretty! I can't find them anywhere! We have a lot of Targets near by, and I've checked them all!

Never Enough Nails said...

They might not be in stores quite yet! They should be there soon though!

mubynicolelocke said...

I love that green!

Never Enough Nails said...

nicnacksnails- Me too! Would believe I don't own anything like it? with all the greens I own, that's amazing!