July 15, 2011

My Picks From MAC Semi-Precious

MAC Jade's Fortune Mineralize Eye Shadow

MAC Warmth of Coral Mineralize Blush

When I first saw the promo pictures for MAC's Semi-Precious collection, which was released on July 7, I thought I'd be buying a lot more than just two items. The eye shadows looked so unique and beautiful in their pans, I thought I wanted almost all of them! Unfortunately, they were not all that unique when swatched. I also was a little short in the cash department for this collection. Thanks to Pink Sith, I blew some cash on Chanel products (oopsies!).

MAC Warmth of Coral

MAC Jade's Fortune

Ultimately, I purchased Warmth of Coral mineralize blush and Jade's Fortune mineralize eye shadow. I am a big fan of MAC's mineralize products, they seem to work well with my skin chemistry, although many people can't stand them. Mineralize blushes are my go to blushes and I prefer them over any other brand/variety of blush. MAC's mineralize eye shadows can be annoying to apply with a brush, as they product tends to stray from your eyes. I personally recommend applying them with your finger. The pigment stays tightly packed and there is much less fall-out this way.

Jade's Fortune, with flash

As you can see, Jade's Fortune is GORGEOUS in the pan. It is a mix of yellow, lime green, sparkly navy blue, with a touch of white and maybe black thrown in. Depending on the marbling of colors in your pan of Jade's Fortune, your eye shadow may look totally different. I was fortunate enough to get a pan where the lime/yellow section is kind of separate from the navy section. So I can kind of pick up more lime and yellow for the inner part of my eyelid and then grab more of the navy for the outer 3rd and the crease.

Jade's Fortune

I mentioned that I prefer to apply MES (mineralize eye shadows) with my fingers. For these swatches, I sprayed a bit of MAC Fix+ on my finger, swirled in the pan, and applied to my hand. Water works well on MES as well. I will definitely be posting an eye look with Jade's Fortune and I will show you what I mean about being able to use the lime/yellow section and navy section separately.

Jade's Fortune

Warmth of Coral is quickly becoming a favorite every day blush for me. This picture shows it heavily swatched and unblended. Once blended into skin, it is just a lovely peachy/coral glow. If you've been to scared to try orange or coral blush, this is a nice, natural-looking one to try.

Warmth of Coral

Expect a post with a Jade's Fortune eye look soon! I also may go back and purchase Faux Gold MES as well. It is beautiful and the kind of gold/bronze I wear all the time!

MAC Semi-Precious is available online at MAC Cosmetics or at a MAC Counter near you for a limited time only!

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