September 16, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 54!

 *Sent for review*

OK this time I'm actually going to do Lynnderella Friday on a Friday and get back on track here. This was my first full week back to our regular class schedule and I am exhausted!! It's quite an adjustment to get back on a schedule from the carefree summer days. But Lynnderella Orchid Child reminds me a bit of my carefree summer afternoons. It's a beautiful orchid "shimmerella" with some matching holo microglitter accents. It's a nice medium purple with some reddish undertones, but it's well balanced so it will flatter a variety of skin tones.

This is two coats and it was lovely to apply. The shimmerellas are very easy to work with and hardly need any clean-up, so it's a quick and simple mani.

Ahhhh look at the cute shoe glitters!!! Lynnderella Always a Bride has a mixture of soft white and pink satin shoe glitter, mini hearts and stars, and blue satin diamonds. It has a nicely shimmered base with hints of pink. I am just super excited about the shoe glitter, it's adorable!! Despite having small nails, I was able to angle these a little and have them lay perfectly flat, so that was great news too!

This is one dabbed coat over Lynnderella Orchid Child. Always a Bride was surprisingly easy to apply and I just had to nudge the shoes a bit to angle them.

For a nice soft look, I used one dabbed coat of Always a Bride over OPI It's a Boy!. Very Cinderella feeling!

Orchid Child and Always a Bride are available now at For more beautiful polishes, check out

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