September 21, 2016

MAC Skin of Evil

*Purchased by me*

Some of you may already know that my makeup collection and passion for makeup is equal to my love of nail polish. So I was super excited when MAC announced their Star Trek collection! I ordered a couple of items from the collection, including MAC Skin of Evil nail polish! Skin of Evil is really unique yellow-green shimmer with large black glitter. In some lighting the shimmer looks more golden, and more green in others. The shimmer is gorgeous, it glows! This polish is probably not for everyone, but I'm glad I got it. It's very unique and it will be perfect around Halloween!

 This is two coats. It built up pretty nicely. In person, I could not see any VNL, but my camera picked up on a bit. To the naked eye, the shimmer makes this look more opaque and also it makes the black glitter look smoother, so the overall effect in person is nicer. It was fairly easy to apply. Sometimes the black glitters clumped up a bit, but they were easy enough to separate.

MAC Skin of Evil is available now at MAC counters and stores, as well as There are also two other nail polishes in the Star Trek collection, a silver and a gold sparkle. I might want to grab the gold sparkle too!!

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