September 7, 2016

Zoya Urban Grunge Metallics & Holos Fall/Winter 2016 Swatches!

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Today I have the Zoya Urban Grunge Metallics & Holos for your enjoyment! We've had a couple of days that felt sort of like fall here, so I am definitely getting more in the mood for the season. Nail polish is a big part of feeling the season for me and this gorgeous Zoya collection is definitely helping me feel ready for fall! Zoya Merida is probably my favorite of the whole collection! It's a gorgeous deep green scattered holo. The scattered holo look is similar to some past Zoya fan favorites like Dream, Blaze and Storm. I think the holo effect is stronger this time though, with more holo particles in the polish. Zoya describes the color as a "lush evergreen" and it really does feel rich and lush.

This is three thin coats. You might be able to do two, but I found three to look a bit better and not have any remnants of VNL. The formula was great, very easy to apply and had that gel-like consistency that I love.

Zoya Troy is a dark gunmetal metallic shimmer. It's highly reflective, yet deep and sultry too. Zoya describes it as "liquid pewter with a foil finish and an edgy touch of black and gold". I can see a touch of gold sometimes (see below, right in the center of the nail), depending on the lighting, and that definitely makes this polish more unique than other dark gray metallics I own. 

This is two coats, but it really could be a one-coater! I would actually wear this in one coat, it was perfectly opaque. I only did the second for the camera. The formula is perfect too, nice and buttery smooth.

Next up we have a pinky red metallic foil, Zoya Britta. Britta is a berry red, with purple and fuchsia touches. It's right on the line between red and pink, sort of hard to pick which one it is! But if you like jewel-toned reds with tons of pink undertones, I think you will like Britta.

In the picture below, you can see that lower lighting/shade really brings out the purple tones in Britta. I did two coats for these pictures and the polish was very pigmented. Great formula and easy to apply too!

Oh man, look at this beauty!! Zoya Finley is a majestic purple scattered holo that I want to wear pretty much all fall. This one definitely has way more scattered holo pigments packed in there than Zoya scattered holos of the past, and I love the effect it gives! I hope Zoya does more scattered holos like Finley and Merida in every color of the rainbow.

This is three coats of Finley. I would really wear just two coats, as it looked perfect to my naked eye, but I did a third for my fussy camera lens. It is more pigmented than some of the older scattered holos  too, and the formula is just a dream. I took a billion pictures of this because it is so gorgeous!

Zoya Ash is a bright cherry red metallic shimmer. This one feels very much like a holiday color to me, especially when I had it sitting next to Merida! Whether it's a holiday or fall nail polish, it pretty all the time. It has some red and gold shimmer, so it's very vibrant.

Ash was nicely opaque in two coats and has a lovely formula. No complaints here!

Ahhhhhhh, let's all stare at Zoya Alicia for a minute.

OK, now that we got that out of the way, I was SO excited to hear that Zoya was going to release a linear holo polish. Besides Color Club, there aren't a lot of mainstream companies doing linear holos right now. To me, that's kind of mind-blowing, considering the intense popularity that linear holos have in the indie polish world and the fame of the old OPI holos. So let's have a round of applause for Zoya right now! On top of just releasing a linear holo, they also made it insanely gorgeous and unique! It is this really cool mix of silver, white and gold. Somehow I manage to see all of those colors together when I look at Alicia. It's mostly white gold, but it doesn't lean too warm, so you do get that silver flash in there too. And the linear flame is nice and strong!!

This is three coats of Alicia. It is a bit on the sheerer side, but buildable in three coats. The formula was a little thicker than the others in this collection, but it was still very easy to apply. Like the creme half of the fall Zoya nail polishes, the metallics and holos all had fantastic formulas. You just can't go wrong with these!

*Sent for review*

This half of the Urban Grunge fall collection is my favorite Zoya collection in a long time. I am thrilled with Alicia, and really love Merida and Finley as well. The three metallics are also beautiful and so easy to apply, so I know I will wear them a lot in the coming months. A+ on this collection, Zoya!

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