May 1, 2016

OPI Infinite Shine Spring 2016 Swatches and Review!!

 *Sent for review*

I have a great collection for you today- the OPI Spring 2016 Infinite Shine shades!! I am really feeling this collection and I think it has something for everyone to enjoy. OPI Reach for the Sky is a dusty grayed out blue creme. It's a light blue, but with the dustiness, I wouldn't call it a pastel, it's edgier feeling than a pastel blue. Kind of like a grungy version of a pale blue for spring and I love it! It's like a summer sky right before a thunderstorm hits, cloudy and murky!

This was two easy coats, topped with the Infinite Shine Gloss top coat. This will probably start to sound repetitive, as most of the shades in this collection were two coats with a wonderfully easy application. They have a great, gel-like consistency that applies really nicely.

OPI Half Past Nude is a pretty nude pink creme. It seems to have pretty equal portions of pink and beige, so I'd imagine it would flatter a good variety of skin tones. It doesn't seem to lean too cool either, so that is nice to see in a pinky nude.

This is three thin coats and the formula was my least favorite in the collection. It's not bad, but I found it to be thicker than the others and not as buttery smooth when applying.

Between this and the New Orleans collection, OPI has churned out some really stunning purples this spring!! OPI Don't Provoke the Plum! is a rich, warm-toned red grape creme. It's jewel-toned, but bright enough to feel like a spring color. I love warm-toned purples, they seem so much more vibrant than cool blue purples. In brighter lighting, this almost has elements of fuchsia/pink too (see the last picture). The fuchsia tones make this one different from OPI Spare Me a French Quarter (which happens to be on my toes right now!). That one has more berry undertones and looks darker.

 This is two flawless coats. So easy to apply!!

When I need a break from wearing neons in the summer, I like to hit up a really stark, mod-looking white or white pink. OPI It's Pink P.M. will definitely be my go-to this summer. It's Pink P.M. is a super pale pink with a ton of white in the base. It's almost a white with a tinge of pink. It has that almost chalky look that is fun sometimes with a summer tan (just kidding, I never get tan!).

This is three thin coats. The formula was very good. I thought the first coat was a little sheer and streaky, but it built up nicely in three coats and any streaks were eliminated with the third coat. Same great consistency as the others!

NEW FAVE ALERT---- OPI Olive for Green!! As you already know, I do live for green polish, so this one was probably destined to be my favorite. I LOVE the idea of having an olive green in a spring collection. It's fresh, but murky at the same time. This is really the perfect olive green too, not so yellow-toned that you think of baby poop. It has a more sophisticated feel than some olives we've seen, and it's perfect for spring! When you get tired of pastel mania, check out this great dirty green!

Two perfect coats, no clean-up!

It wouldn't be spring without a good coral polish and OPI In Familiar Terra-Tory is a great coral. It's a rich, brick red toned coral with some burnt orange tones. It's not a crisp, fresh coral, more like a coral with a sunburn. Like Olive for Green and Reach for the Sky, it has some of that grungy, murky feeling, while also being bright. I have plans to wear this as my next pedi color!

This is two easy peasy coats! Lovely application!

OPI Rose Against Time is a bright bubblegum pink, a real classic spring shade! Rose Against Time is the perfect balance of brightness and softness, it's not at all neon or chalky, but it's not a super soft pastel either. Very nice blue-leaning pink creme. 

This is two coats of Rose Against Time. It was fairly easy to work with, maybe a little streakier than I was expecting based on my experience with the others. I had some streaks on my ring nail and middle in particular, plus some strange bubbling on the ring nail. But I didn't have any of this bubbling with the others in the collection, so it may have been user error.

OPI Sunrise to Sunset is a nice cantaloupe melon creme. It's a nice mix of orange with softer peach. Like Rose Against Time, it's not too bright, nor too pastel. Just a great balance of color and softness!

This is two coats and the application was great! I love this shade, so I was happy the formula was lovely too!

*Sent for review*

My favorites in this collection were Olive for Green, In Familiar Terra-tory, and Don't Provoke the Plum!. If you are a fan of the Infinite Shine line, I think you will really love these. If you haven't tried the line, this is a great place to start! Hope you are all having a relaxing and fun weekend!

The OPI Infinite Shine Spring 2016 collection is available now at Ulta,, and other fine salons.

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