May 13, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 42!

 *Sent for review*

Happy Friday!!!!! I have had a crazy week so I am especially glad it's Friday! And I absolutely LOVE every polish I'm showing you today, they make me so happy! Lynnderella We'd Love the Weeds is a bright grass green with chartreuse holo microglitter. It is a great yellow-leaning green and perfect for warm sunny days ahead! I love chartreuse polishes and this vivid holo glitter one is unique in my collection for sure.

This is two easy coats, although it was nearly opaque in one coat! It was a little thicker, but not hard to apply. I'm finding Lynnderella's newer polishes to be very opaque like this one, but a little thicker than older ones (but again, it applied quite nicely!).

This photo below is not color accurate at all, but I wanted to post it so you can see the holo glitter!

Lynnderella Vamp Stamp is a sultry black shimmer filled with red sparkles and tiny silver micro flakes. The little red nanoglitters make this one so special, they really pop out of the blackened base. This is a great edgy looking glitter!

This was two easy coats again! I did use two coats of top coat here to make it glossy and smooth.

 Different lighting to show the sparkles:

Lynnderella All At Sea with Amphitrite is a special edition polish from the Goddess series. If you remember, last year, Lynn had a zodiac series. This year she is making a polish every month inspired by a goddess. Amphitrite is a Greek goddess, the wife of Poseidon and the queen of the sea. Amphitrite the nail polish is an "intensely holographic pastel aqua with assorted holographic accents—starfish, nano starfish babies, lightening bolts and mini hearts". This polish is INSANELY holo in good lighting. Unfortunately, I took these pictures during the two weeks of gross rainy days we just had, so it's hard to see here. I got so many compliments when I wore this!

This is two coats and it was nicely opaque. Good formula too!

 Lynnderella A Dore La Rose is a beautiful rose gold shimmer with gold holo microglitter. It's a warm wash of golden pinky/almost peachy shimmer on your nails and the holo glitter pops out nicely too.

This is two coats of this one as well! I thought it would need more than that, since it is a shimmer, but it had nice coverage.

Most of these are available right now on If you're looking for All At Sea with Amphitrite, email to check on the availability of that or anything else!

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