May 16, 2016

Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots

*Purchased by me*

Happy Monday everybody *grumble grumble*. If it has to be Monday, at least I'm wearing this stunner- Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots. Pegasus Poots is a pastel lavender linear holo. It's so soft looking and gorgeous, and the holo is nicely prominent in brighter lighting. I bought this and the pastel turquoise holo Twerk-quoise at the same time back in the winter and have been saving them for spring sunshine! Krys's description of this polish cracks me up. She says " Sweet, light violet... with rainbows, marshmallows and butter creme frosting. Right? That's what it would smell like... I mean think about it. Pegasus eat cotton candy ...". I had the matching Nail Sauce (just used it up last week!) and it definitely smelled like rainbow candy, marshmallows and butter creme frosting! I love how she's making polishes and then Nail Sauce scents to match, so cute!!

This is two easy coats. The application was flawless, no patchiness and no clean up needed! Perfection!

I believe Vapid Pegasus Poots will be restocked in the shop this coming Saturday, May 21. There are lots of new goodies coming out then too, can't wait! For more restock info, check out Vapid's Facebook page.

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