May 6, 2016

Lynnderella Friday Vol. 41, PLEASE Pass the Mints and more!!!

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Happy Friday everyone!! Anything fun planned for the weekend? My mom and I are going to see Riverdance tomorrow and then of course, Sunday is Mother's Day here in the U.S., so I have some nice plans for her that day. Let's start Lynnderella Friday off with a bang- Lynnderella Please Pass the Mints! Please Pass the Mints is the most gorgeous minty aqua concoction I have ever seen! It's not really mint, but more of a turquoise with a hint of mint. Lynnderella describes it as "a multishimmered dark mint green shimmerella that features aqua holographic microglitter and a turquoise glow". 

This is two super easy coats of Please Pass the Mints. While it looks very glittery, it is smoother than a regular microglitter. With one layer of top coat, it is totally smooth to the touch and very shiny. The formula is excellent, like A+ material!

One more shot because it's so pretty!!!

Lynnderella Golden Girl is a light caramel brown shimmer with iridescent flakes and gold holo microglitter. The flakes are really pretty in this, they pop out at you when you're moving your fingers around. They were hard to catch in the photos though! Golden Girl has a really nice warm golden glow to it, with all the shimmer in the base.

This is three thin coats. The formula was good, you could probably do two thicker coats and get full coverage. It is pretty smooth with one layer of top coat.

Lynnderella Pinksie Dust is a gorgeous new pink shimmer with hints of purple and teeny tiny pink iridescent flakes. There is also some very delicate holographic glitter in here. I love the color of this pink, it's like pink, lavender, purple, and orchid all mixed together. I'm not usually super crazy about pinks, but I do like this a lot!!

This is two easy coats of Pinksie Dust. It was easy to apply. The formula was maybe a tad thicker than some Lynnderellas, but not hard to work with. It's perfectly smooth and very shiny after one layer of top coat.

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